Chipotle Mexican Grill

625 Monroe St NE Ste A8, Washington
(202) 636-4213

Recent Reviews

Kimberly L.

No line but I had to wait for 3 online orders to be made, then had to wait the cashier to come back to her station , I guess customers that are present aren't a priority , very poor service!!

Michelle B.

Get no rating! They are always out of food, it's either cold and chicken is uncooked... and service is HORRIBLE!!

Paola Martinez

I came in today around 7:40 and found that it was understaffed and i didn’t get out of there until 8:05. online orders were back tracked and there were about 3 people behind me waiting , one of the employees was catching an attitude with customers that had an online order. Due to them waiting for the white rice and black beans to be ready , then one of the other employees took charge and completed all the online orders in no more than 5 minutes , which is a good thing , and he got to all the customers waiting in line as well. Now that’s what you call an excellent employee!

Jordan M.

I hate this chipotle. I'm not sure what type of training they receive but they should definitely take some tips from some of the other chipotles in the area. The employees are always very rude and are never welcoming. Since they are the closest chipotle to me, they are the ones who make my online orders. I have done online orders twice and somehow they have gotten it wrong both times.

Wanda Michelle Ealy

Ordered through doordash, paid 3.65 for extra steak and I got chicken, just barely, and no steak, no rice, no salad dressing for my salad that was swimming in juices cuz the trifling people won't drain the beans and tomato salsa. I will never give this location another dime. If you don't care what you put out, then I care not to patronize you.

Wanda E.

Ordered through doordash, paid $3.65 for extra steak and I got chicken, just barely, and no steak, no rice, no salad dressing for my salad that was swimming in juices cuz the trifling people won't drain the beans and tomato salsa. I will never give this location another dime. If you don't care what you put out, then I care not to patronize you. Same day update: I called, talk to the manager, she basically said, sorry we made a mistake and come by I'll give you food on the house. I declined THE FREE FOOD with explanation and she hung up on me in mid-sentence! Now that was funnier than this nasty salad they sent me. SMH!

Malik Ali

Foos was fresh and hot and my service came with a smile. Thanks Guys

Joanna W.

This place is a joke one they ripping people off with the price for one thing 8.75 for a chicken bowl but they do not put much in at all like the got a problem with extra rice or something they do not put more the 12 pieces of chicken in the the bowl like wtf really I been to other chipotle and they charge like 7.50 with more food in it but anyway never again coming to this tight wad place and the worst customer service :)

Elizabeth B.

... it's Chipotle! Have you been to one? Then you've been to this one. You'll have a remarkably neutral experience, and then maybe have a tummy ache in a few hours.

Taylor G.

This is literally the worst chipotle I have ever been to. They are incredibly rude every time I come here. I assume that management treats the staff poorly which the staff then take out on the guests. The only reason this place continues to make money is the name of chipotle and convenient location because the customer service makes me hate coming here. My food always tastes like they made it yesterday and the staff members skimp like they are being Hawkeyed by management for portion size control. They literally made me stand outside until the minute they opened while they all sat on the table in front of me like I didn't exist. It was super uncomfortable and awkward--like am I not a paying customer? The last time I came here the staff member said I couldn't have a water cup with the steak bowl I purchased. What? This location has so much work to do. I live next door, I've spent a lot of money here, and finally I've had enough. I won't be back.

Sheena W.

I have never written a review before. I can't believe I am doing it now and for something so regular as Chipotle seems a waste. This location isn't regular however, it may be the worst Chipotle I have ever been to. I keep going to it despite the stale chips and subpar service because of it's close proximity to my house. This time I thought I would save myself a whole lot of time and trouble by using the online ordering so I would just have to run in and grab it. Even that was a problem! I'm not sure how it is possible that I ordered for a time (and didn't show up until five minutes passed that time) and I still had to wait for 15 minutes!!! When I finally got my food, the guy at the register put my salads in side ways so everything shifted.

Maria Glover

I hope management reads these because this review isn't for the food.


Friendly staff. Good seating area. Bathroom was out of order.

Eric Hope

Just okay. Barbacoa was salty but didn't figure that out until I returned home. Prices went up on extra meat and they still act like each scoop comes out their check. Becoming less and less worth it. I mean I could see if it were chicken breast they started using but nope, still thighs. I could see if they started having service with a smile but nope, still the same attitudes. Save your money, eat at home.

edward cerna

I have filed a couple complaints on this location with HQ already but service has not improved. It seems that employees here have no sense of cohesion or teamwork. Like some other individuals have already said, I have received wrong orders on multiple occasions. In one instance i was not provided the correct double portions of protein I paid for (online order, always check before leaving the store). If I order DOUBLE carnitas and pay for it, why did I get less than one portion of chicken?

Rocki Mostto

Really good burritos and super fast service . I love how quick the service is "ALL THE TIME " even during rush hour.

Jasmine Slade

I just want to know why is there an avocado skin in my guacamole

Ashveer Singh

We ended up going to the restaurant after postmates delayed our order by about an hour. The manager saw that the order was accidentally taken by someone else so they remade it right away. In situations like this I generally expect restaurants to point the finger at the third party and say there's nothing they can do. After all, it wasn't their fault. But I appreciated them caring enough about what happened and doing whatever they could to fix it.

Alex Ramirez

Clean restaurant, fast service, good food, big portions. Good lunch joint!

Asia D.

Should gave no stars. But can't take it bHorrible. Food is horrible staff is rude and thought I didn't know there language. Was very shock I understood her say "I'm tired of these customers,"

L I S A H.

Well, not totally impressed. Trash all over the floors. Dirty counter tops. Waiting in line with a group of maybe 6 workers standing around chatting. I'm second in line. You would think the server would be paying more attention to the customer???? First time a CHIPOTLE, may be my last. Here to meet for business, just needing some signatures and such. Could not find a clean counter to eat off of, or to place my paperwork, bag and such.... This location really needs help. Food was fresh, could of been more tasty by my standards. Could definitely been cleaner. And employees there to WORK !! This location gets a 2 stars ...hope it doesn't ruin it for the others...

Projectile Objects

It's Chipotle, What else do you expect? It was good, tasted like Chipotle. I liked the staff, but they were also working crazy hard for a corporation that could probably pay them more. ( Hopefully they do). The area seemed newly remodeled, like this place was on a new "hip" corner in another gentrified neighborhood. Luxury apartments or condos fluffed up around. Lets face it. It's a Chipotle and the area is sterile. Welcome to the next 50 years of inner city development!

Ariel A.

I always have a great experience coming here on my lunch! My food tastes fantastic, and the staff members go above and beyond with their friendliness. Thank you for providing great customer service!

Raven C.

The staff here was fighting in front if the customers and it was really awkward. Have been here a few times and there is usually some kind if employee drama going on behind the counter. Also, the chicken is sometimes really burnt.

Taiwo F.

The staff here are so incompetent and the lobby itself is so dirty, this is the worst chipotle I've ever been too

Shawn D.

This location is frequently out of key ingredients. On multiple occasions they were out of things like beans and certain protein. Needs new management.

Lashawnette Mccoy

It was better last year, the service is getting slow. The food is okay

Will J.

This Chipotle is totally fine. I just moved here a few weeks ago. I've gone nearly every day since getting here. The staff is totally in line with every other chipotle I've ever been to. The only thing different about this Chipotle from the others I've been to is the customers. I've seen multiple super rude customers yelling at the staff over their own mistakes. You ripped your overstuffed burrito, dude. That's not on them. One of them is one of the bad reviews here, someone who was totally in the wrong yelling about nothing. Or showing up at 9:58pm and expecting to get food? The problem there is YOU, not the business. This Chipotle is like any other Chipotle. Ignore these entitled weirdos. They move a long line faster than my old Chipotle too. If you like Chipotle, it's a Chipotle.

Rachel K.

If you have dietary allergies or restrictions skip this chipotle. My fiancé and I eat plant based so naturally Chipotle is a great option when eating out. This particular location is sloppy. They don't change their gloves and constantly, CONSTANTLY cross contaminate. Dropping the corn in the lettuce is one thing, but allowing sour cream and cheese to contaminate other food items is unacceptable. This has happened multiple times. The staff needs better training.

Candace Darden

Excellent service and the quality of food is awesome for the price!!! #CrackInABowl

NaQuesha B.

I've had good experiences with this establishment my food was always fresh and warm. They are pretty good with servings sizes but are willing to give more if you ask. The customer service is decent I notice a few people mentioning their customer service is lacking. I think people forget they are human too and are entitled to feelings and emotions. They could have 200 people visit in a day all with different attitudes and not all are nice, sometimes that energy rubs off. Questions of the day: Does a persons attitude really change the taste of the food if you watched them prepare it?

Angel Davila

They need to clean up more in bathrooms & dinning area. I didn't understand why it always so hard to keep any chipolete clean.

Mike Specian

I’ve never had a bad experience here. Bear in mind that people with good experiences rate less frequently than those with bad experiences, so there’s a certain amount of selection bias occurring.

Brandon S.

Heed the reviews. Online order - but they were out of beans, sour cream, and chicken. Called to tell me - but they didn't. Apparently they are willing to defend that they called to the death, so this resulted in a five minute argument. Honestly, go elsewhere. There are way better Chipotle locations without combative staff.

Bambii B.

This is the first time I have ever written a review for a fast-casual restaurant. I get it - you get what you pay for - so normally if anything goes wrong I let it slide! Not this time! This is probably the Rudest staff I have ever encountered! Mind you, I visit Chipotle at least 2 times a week. I just moved to the area, and was excited to know that there is one located right under my building! Woo hoo! Only thing is - I Won't BE COMING BACK. So today Dec 1st, I run home from work, drop my things off and head to Chipotle for dinner. I walk over, it is 9:58, so happy that I am just making it. I get to the door (9:58), and it's locked! One of your female staff members sees me rush to the door and just ignores me. I look at her - and say - "it's not 10 PM yet!" She looks at me, walks away for a few mins, then comes back with her phone to show me that it is now 10:01. Too late for me to order. She literally waited for it to be too late for me to come in. Quite frankly, I'm skocked. THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE! What kind of service is that? Just for the measure - I walked over to the 3 other QSR's in the center. Doors wide open, ready to serve the last few stragglers. I hate to put anyone's job in jeopardy, but you can't have people like that on your team. It's not a good look for the company, and it turns avid Chipotle lovers like me... Completely off..

Natasha Williams

Went & bought a chicken burrito bowl with all the fixings. Get back to eat & or tastes disgusting! All I can taste is burnt chicken & I got extra chicken... the rice tasted plain. It didn't have the cilantro & lime taste & the lettuce was partially brown. Overall, it was not to satisfaction. However, the employees were very nice & the service was great.

Gene Shepherd

this location continues to carry on the legacy of being the worst in dc. out of ingredients, every surface filthy, and at 8:45, had the chairs on top of the tables like they were closed. because i was starving, i went back on my promise to never set foot in here again, and regretted it immediately. the management and staff here sucks.

Peter W.

Went here during a club sports fundraiser. It was cool that they find ways to share their profits with nearby groups. They gave me plenty of food for a little over $8. There was a long line but it moved fairly quickly. They were out of guac which was upsetting since that is usually my favorite part.

Evelyn C.

Wish I could give 2.5 stars. Worst location ever. Incredibly slow service, rude and unprofessional staff, very not generous (read: STRAIGHT UP STINGY) serving portions, and overall the longest lunch I didn't want to take. The staff goofs around and talks SO MUCH amongst themselves and then turns around to give you slow service, curt responses, with a side of annoyance. The food is still good, as per Chipotle's reputation, but I'm unsure I'll ever try to come for a well-portioned, quick lunch grab again.

Stephanie A.

This is probably the worst service I have ever had even in fast food. The one thing I will say is that they are consistent. Consistently slow, uninterested, sloppy and rude. Almost every time I go in, any time of day, there is a line backed up and not because of traffic but because of how slow the employees are. One time they had two people on the line and six behind them goofing off and gossiping while there was a long line. And when they put the wrong meat on my husbands burrito, he corrected her and the woman pulled the wrong meat off with her fingers and put new meat on. The honest overall vibe from the staff is that they do not care about you, the food or their jobs.