Dacha Beer Garden

1600 7th St NW, Washington
(202) 350-9888

Recent Reviews

Shanna E.

I can't believe I've been living here for so long and have been resisting coming here until now! I was avoiding their reputation as a college crowd, but there were all ages there and a super chill vibe. The outdoor space is SO CUTE. And wait staff were prompt and kind. And of course, their beers were GOOD.I got the Vitus, king of wheat beers, which was malty and flavorful, but light at the same time...and the Korbinian, which was dark and delicious but not overly heavy. The food was what impressed me most, as they did go a bit beyond what I would have expected at a beer garden. The giant pretzel and beer cheese was soft and really good, much better than the one I got at another beer garden in the city recently. The double-patty burger was basic but still really flavorful, and the fries were breaded, which I absolutely love and smothered in tzatziki sauce. So happy here and can't wait to go back and try some of the other food and beers!!

L M.

Great food. Great beer. Easy online ordering right form the table. Great staff.BUT- total BS 18% "service charge" mandatory on the bill. Then they make it look like that's not a tip. It is! What if service wasn't that great? What if, what if.SCAM. Not coming back while this exists. Total BS!

Seth P.

Good variety of German beers in a nice outdoor environment.

David Z.

Have been coming to this place for many years and it never disappoints! The beer selection is extensive and you cannot go wrong with any decision you make. Solid HH place too. Went there for drinks last night and the manager on duty Dennis I think was beyond nice and welcoming. Grab the Vitus beer, and thank me later!

Shawn H.

Not a hard spot to find with its 50 ft Elizabeth Taylor mural. I've been twice and both times, service was great. I heard the food wasn't good but took a chance and got what I expected. The spicy roasted cauliflower was swimming in oil and too heavily seasoned. Looked better than it tasted. They will ID you at the door and a list of Covid rules are posted (e.g., 2 hour rule limit, must wear mask whenever you're not seated at your table, etc.) There are numerous large fans that spew out mists intermittently - a very awesome set up especially since the entire place is outdoors. You must order from the code - so scan and feel free to keep your tab open on the screen! The drinks come out quick. I love the they're super dog friendly- there's even puppicino listed on their HH menu!

Edwin Tilimian

No denying the food and beer is great and its a great place to hang out and have a chill time. But huge culture change is needed here. My group of friends interacted with 5 employees at this place, the bouncer, host, 2 waiters, and the person who cleaned up our glasses and dirty dishes. Two of those interactions were pleasant. The bouncer, rude for absolutely no reason. Our waiter didn't let us take a look at the menu "what kind of beer do you want and I tell you what to get" This place is very busy and definitely has a order quickly to get you out quickly to let more customers in" Another waiter ridiculed us for no reason, she brought us a beer and asked us who ordered it and we didn't know because the waiter ordered for us and she said "what, you don't know what you ordered". Waiters definitely hate their job. Lastly lets not forget that their over charged all of us by $10. Great food, great beer, great vibes, they just need a total culture change. Really bad service.

Kim M.

Review from my dog:@grand_duko_of_the_districtWe went to Dacha Beer Garden yesterday. Hoaoman seemed to enjoy the beverages. Staff were nice and gave us pets. We like the fries Mom seemed to enjoy the wings.We had a two hour limit - but understood under COVID standards.10/10 good hoomans. They took my pic

Stephen D.

Lovely place and great outdoor seating. Loving their house rose special! Nice server and wonderful place to grab an cocktails

Chris C.

A lot of bars are doing very well during Covid-19, Dacha is just okay. They need to work on their mannerism when dealing with people. Pre-COVID they were decent, now I'd rather go to a different place and use them as a last resort.

Christopher McRoy

Great Beer selection and compelling smallplates made for a perfect outdoor experience for the 2 hours allotted for our evening reservation. The pulled pork sliders were delicious and the HUGE pretzel can easily serve 3 or more...

Gabrielle Ventura

Wow such a pretty lil garden. Great beer' great pretzels and great suasagefest boards! Everyone should come - nom nom nom slurp slurp

Nevin Forbes

I like this place. I have been an occassional customer since Russian owner's Dimitri and Ilya opened in the Autumn of 2013. I was already acqainted with the location since it is actually my former residence. I used to park my Brazilian made Volkswagen Fox where modern cocktail and beer sippers now enjoy fairly high priced food and drink in an outdoor glam atmosphere.

Roberta Caraglia

Arrived early on a Wednesday afternoon, and Dacha's social distancing game was on point out in the "garden". Everything was great from the beer boots to the big pretzel. Highly recommend. Will be going back soon!

Jefferson Ford

What a place. Great beer served in boots, fantastic food, friendly service, wonderful ambience. Perfect place to go grab casual drinks - even during COVID

Tiya D.

For all of you fellow vegetarians out there, this place is awesome. You won't have to go hungry while out drinking as they have some delicious options including my personal favorite veggie panini. The Dacha salad is also delicious. And when it comes to what really matters at a brewery, the beer, their selection is stupendous. They have plenty of different brews for all kinds of tastes and the service is wonderful, no drop off whatsoever even with COVID-19. Awesome spot for a dinner with friends.

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