Echo Park DC

2014 9th St NW, Washington
(202) 864-6272

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Ross Nover

Picked up pizza from here / Andy’s Pizza today. Got the margherita pizza and kale salad and thoroughly enjoyed both. A nice balance in between “nyc style” and “Italian DOC” style pizzas. I ordered ahead for a later time and they were happy to accommodate. Pickup was safe and easy.

Cara H.

Best pizza in Shaw/U st corridor, hands down. Quick service always when dining in and great atmosphere!

Mateo H.

Overall Feels: I had a very average first experience and, in a city with so many dining options (albeit few solid pizza places), getting diners hooked on day one is key to surviving as a brick and mortar. I would give Echo Park another shot if I were invited for a birthday, happy hour, or some other type of social gathering, but just to dine? Probably not. Food: Caesar salad, four slices (La Rosa; Mushroom and Onion; Through the Garden; Margherita); and an ice cream chip-wich to top it all off. The Caesar was creamy and had the slightest hint of anchovy--just a soft hello from the tiny fish so often overpowered by lemon, garlic, or cheese. For the main course, they absolutely nailed the thin crust, keeping it crisp and firm without being "cracker-like." My major criticism across the board was that the toppings to crust ratio was off, and each slice transitioned from pizza to well baked bread far too quickly. Finally, for dessert, the cookie-wich was a high potential item that nearly hit the mark, but the cookies were overbaked and served room temp. Service: I always appreciate a server who hustles and, last night, Emily was hustling. From what I could tell, she covered the bustling back bar and the full patio by herself. Props to her. Vibe: The restaurant was open and spacious, particularly for that part of the city, and the warm lighting, wood heavy decor, fireplace, and back patio really worked for me. The one sore spot, which I really hope is not a regular feature, was the LED TV menu display above the back bar. These TV menus cast a harsh, hospital-white glow across the entire back room and add no value in terms of menu accessibility due to the microscopic font. Please do yourselves a favor and turn them off . I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this place steps up their game and works out what I hope are simply new restaurant kinks. Until then, I'll save my pizza money (yes, it's an entirely separate savings account only for pizza) for the next time I'm in New York.

Joseph W.

I was down in D.C for another event and stumbled upon this restaurant. This was a very elegant environment. The very friendly bartender was very nice and waited on us immediately. I ordered an old fashion and a slice of cheese pizza. The decor was amazing, I didn't have enough time to stay, but I will definitely return to get the full experience. I took a couple of pictures so you can see what I mean.

Tammy Baltzer

Thank you Austin for the pizza recommendation It really was great. Nice place awesome staff

Austin Graff

Echo Park is the latest venture from the Hilton Brothers. Located in Shaw, it's just a few blocks from the Metro in a lively part of town. You could easily make Echo Park your destination or the first or second stop on a tour of other nearby bars and restaurants.

Brett Porter

The new ownership group has made all the right changes in all the right places. They opened up and added more lighting to the front area bar while keeping the back bar, which already had great vibes, the same.

Keith B.

Two Fridays in a row I've visited Echo Park after work. The pizza is by far the best I've had in the DMV, and I've lived here for 30 years. Passes the flop test and you can taste all the flavors of the ingredients. Also, they have amazing Lemonchello on tap(it tastes amazing).

Patrick Grasso

John was Great! Beers cold, and Pizza phenomenal! Worth the Trip From Falls Church

Dan Risteen

Fantastic pizza that is properly charred - ask for the hot honey. Great cocktails as well.

Andrew Goldstein

Can’t wait to have birthday party June.

Scott Fitzmeyer

Great space and awesome pizza. Can't wait to come back!

Patrick M.

Great pizza, our group got the diavola, mushroom and onion, and margarita pizzas and nothing but great things to say about them all. Had a few mezcal drinks that were delicious and heard the Manhattan was pretty good too. Great nugget, definitely going back.

Christopher Poulin

Echo Park - thank you for a great Media Preview night, atmosphere is fun and DC - exciting! The Pizza was great... wine selection is on point. Staff were friendly and attentive... Great Night

Austin G.

Echo Park is the latest venture from the Hilton Brothers. Located in Shaw, it's just a few blocks from the Metro in a lively part of town. You could easily make Echo Park your destination or the first or second stop on a tour of other nearby bars and restaurants. By the outside, Echo Park doesn't look super big, but once you're inside, you'll see how spacious it is. Dimly lit, there's a large room in the front with a bar, booths, and tables. As you walk back, you'll see several unisex restrooms to your left. As you continue, you'll enter a room that feels more like a classy beer garden. Food is from Andy's pizza and is a good slice of eats. The drink menu is generous with beers on tap, wine, and several house cocktails. What I appreciate about Echo Park is they have a sour ale on the menu and it's delicious!

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