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(202) 290-3483

Recent Reviews

Phil Bullock

Our orders have always been correct and delivered quickly. The driver that delivers have all been very friendly. Sign on their phone and you're done. I highly recommend the service!

Kevin Runey

Ordered juul pods and waited an hour to find out that their system was messed up and couldn’t scan my I.d so i could not recieve the juul pods


Excellent customer service and fast delivery

Dominic LAS

Gopuff does this thing where theyll miss something in your order and will still charge the full price instead of informing you and reducing the price, its happened to me alot now.

sean nangle

Bro i ordered something paid in cash they still charged my credit card wow

JLapenos Stickzz

I worked with this company for 7 months. During the time I lost two close relatives which I had to take time off for. Also I wanted to move up in the company. I was told that I wasn’t reliable because of my absence(for my relatives). It’s a great idea, but the company and the people in it I wouldn’t say trustworthy. Even HR, I had put in a complaint towards my superior for wrongly terminating me. HR did not help out, this is just another corporate company who cares about the money and not about the employees. I’m saying this in complete confidence. I just wish the two co-founders knew what the leaders below them are doing. I hope this gets to the very top.

Tucker Boyle

Took 3 hours and multiple phone calls to receive our order. Upon arrival, the order was incomplete AND incorrect. Customer service rep told me that the most she could offer was $5 off my next order... will not be using this service again.

Track Moguls

Okay, I've given then multiple chances to 1. BE ON TIME AND 2. Get my order right they've failed badly. Every time I've order either it's been wrong or crazy late, Gopuff is hands down the worst delivery service yet. One driver making 20 plus Runs? That's Ridiculous, unprofessional and just plain old stupid. I'm officially done with ”never on time puff.” SMH!

Stephanie R.

Go Puff is cool and convenient. Its not too too expensive for snacks being delivered right to your door. I’ve gotten fast delivery each and every time.

Jacqueline Lacey Christ

Horrible customer service, they got everything in my order wrong. Do not order from here.

Nicole Walker

Order took 2 hours to arrive. They kept emailing and saying it was taking them a little bit longer. When my stuff got here the 30-pack of beer crushed my chips and the beer was hot. They didn't give me a refund but they did give me a 40% off coupon. When I tried to use the coupon for another order, that order took over 2 hours to the point of where I just cancelled. I do not recommend ordering from here at all. Drizly is much faster and much more reliable.