1847 Columbia Rd NW, Washington
(202) 299-9630

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Mohammad S.

Although it looked like a fancy place, the food was very small portioned and most of the items we ordered didn't taste as good as I expected. Veggies were boring and bread was very dry and really could use some oil or something. Also they missed up my wine order (white instead of red!). For such high price, it was DISAPPOINTING. Update; I just received a message from the owner responding to this. It was absolutely rude, judgemental, and RACIST. Down to one star because there's no zero star option!

Emily H.

Totally worth the drive from Capitol Hill to pick up take out from Lapis! Everything was packed nicely and tasted great, even after the drive home. They also made pickup a breeze on their side patio- and since you pay online, it is truly a no-contact pick up. Absolutely recommend ordering from Lapis during this time of stay-at-home, and can't wait to visit the restaurant once it reopens.

Lauren D.

One of my favorite brunches in the district. Came here in person right before the lockdown and was so, so glad I did. Amazing food. Favorite was probably the lamb benedict. Gorgeous, quaint space. Will definitely be ordering takeout here during the quarantine and will come back if they are able to reopen. Recommend to all. You won't regret it.

Rebecca Wolf

Wow! We love Lapis— we enjoyed our rose water & cardamom pancakes, the pumpkin & potato-onion bolani flatbread and karayee (egg, potato, tomato dish). We enjoyed maghoot (vegan saffron and pistachio custard) and chai for dessert. Would recommend 100%!

Arnosh K.

This is an awesome establishment, right off the main drag in AdMo. Growing up in an Indian household in the Bay Area, Afghan food was a 1x a week meal. Even though this is a modern take on Afghan with some really unique drinks and plates, the classic Afghan flavors shine through, making this an awesome spot for brunch and dinner. I'm a big fan of the kebabs and when eating Afghan, one would be remiss not to try one of the bolanis (crispy flatbread filled with different vegetables/meants). The cocktails during brunch are excellent too! Try out the Afghan 75! Delicious!

Juliet A.

How many superlatives can I use in a review?! Wow...let me just say, Lapis is definitely worth a visit, whether or not you are familiar with Afghan cuisine. My husband and I had a WONDERFUL date night here and 10/10 would return to. Everything we tasted was divine. The combination of flavors and textures and spices was just perfection. We had: -Lentil soup of the day. Delicate flavor and a nice start to the meal. -Mantoo beef dumplings. A little spicier than I was expecting but I still couldn't get enough! If you are new to Afghan cuisine, you must try their aushak/dumplings. -Lamb tikka. So tender and juicy. -Kofta stew. Mmmm. This was perfect for a cold winter's night. I wiped my bowl clean with my extra side of naan! (And FYI - the naan here is not super fluffy like Indian's more like a seeded soft flatbread/lavash). The drinks are also exceptional. My Kabul shandy was refreshing and hit the spot! One other thing I want to say about Lapis is how they went above and beyond with customer service and satisfaction. When you make a reservation, they confirm with you via text, and you can make updates or special requests via text. After making our reservation I texted to say that we would need to be bringing our newborn son (our older kids were with a sitter but we don't feel comfortable leaving the baby with non-family quite yet). When we arrived, the hostess said, "Ah yes, you're the ones with the 2 month old! We have a special seat for you." While some people might view this as a total inconvenience, we felt like valued patrons (and thankfully our baby slept the entire time, ha!). Huge props to Lapis for making it easier for exhausted parents to enjoy a night out. I would say that I wouldn't return with kids, but I was really touched by how we were accommodated!

Huy L.

New favorite Afghan spot in DC! The lamb chops (chopawn) is not baaaaahd , in fact, it was great! So moist and flavorful. The mantoos (dumpling) come in awesome sauce. The mattar (beef stew) was pretty rich in flavor. Although I do think the meat portions could have been slightly more generous. Overall, if you don't like this place, I would ask what's the mattar with you!? For sure coming back.

Eugenia D.

Finally made it here after hearing all the buzz about this place! The ambiance and decor are very chic and cozy. A bit noisy but not over the top. For starter we had the beef bolani and a potato and onion one. I loved the potato one, the beef one was a bit too spicy for me! We then got my favorite dish, the mantoo shrimp. For entrees we shared a mixed grill. Chicken and lamb were delicious and well prepared. Unfortunately the beef was not, ir was a bit hard to cut. This dish was pretty spicy but I liked it. It comes with white rice and vegetables. We ended up ordering a pistachio cake for desert. It was good but my husband loved it way more than I did, I thought it was a bit bland. Definitely recommend this place and would come back to try different dishes. I

Alexi McAdams

This was my first Afghan food experience, and I was obsessed with every dish I tried here! We got the beef dumplings, the beef qorma, the chickpea + potato starter, and the aush soup. Everything was amazing and well balanced, and I’m sure anything else we tried would be A+. There was a long wait for tables and we didn’t make a reservation, but we sat at the bar right away, which was great. It is dimly lit with warm lights and candles, so it’s very cozy and intimate. The dishes are very affordable and well portioned. I can’t recommend this place enough! I wish I had room to try dessert.

Julian Wheatland

This might be my favourite restaurant in DC. Everything is superb - the food, the decor, the atmosphere and the service. Truly authentic and delicious Afghan cuisine. Reservations essential.

Julia M.

Another excellent choice :). After researching a bit on where to eat, I noticed DC had its share of Afghan restaurants. This one delivered with ambiance and flavors. It was full for Sunday brunch, so we sat at the bar upstairs. Grapefruit mimosa was great. We shared the chicken morgh (?) and aushak dumplings. Make a reservation and eat here.

Ben Hudson

Wait downstairs in the café while they ready your table. It’ll just be 20 min so relax. Have a golden latte.

Ben Hudson

Wait downstairs in the café while they ready your table. It’ll just be 20 min so relax. Have a golden latte.

Emily G.

Awesome food! I came to brunch with friends. I haven't tried Afghan cuisine before so I was super excited. The space and ambience is super cute and well-designed. I ordered the popular dish, Aushak. The descriptions on the menu are pretty self explanatory and spot on. There's veggie options available for dishes as well. Aushak are afghan dumplings with veggie filling (leeks) and drizzled on top is a ground beef/yellow split peas meat sauce which was honestly pretty spicy, but tasted amazing and complemented the dumplings really well. I was full from that, although perhaps for next time I would prefer sharing dishes, that and another, since there are about 5 (hefty) dumplings. Would definitely come again to try out the other dishes. We also tried the dessert - the afghan vanilla ice cream. At first I was like, why of all things are we ordering something so common BUT this place adds in pistachio topping, which is good, but also ROSE WATER. which is such a game changer for the ice cream!!!!! it tastes amazing! Overall, highly recommend you check out this place!

Megan K.

I had dinner here, this is such a beautiful little restaurant. Food was absolutely delicious and the service was excellent. Definitely recommend making reservations for a table in advance, there is a bar with seating as well.

Htoo Myat

This is a great place to experience Afghan food. This place is the first time I've never experienced Afghan food so I cannot tell if this is the authentic experience but I've gone back for the second time and liked the flavors.

Russel Dinh

Atmosphere is wonderful: homey but chic. Tables squeezed tightly together upstairs with loud background chatter makes for a lively dining experience. The food is amazing and highlighted with an informative menu.

Nemer Muallem

Food here is beyond amazing. From the salads, to the pancakes, the meat selections. I would suggest sharing items to taste as much as you can. Solid wine tea and coffee selection. Don't miss out on the cafe area downstairs too. A local gem in DC overall. Check them out for either dinner or brunch

Jeck F.

Brunch!!!! I had such a delicious brunch here. The leek dumpling with beef sauce was so much a comforting dish with really interesting flavors and the lamb Benedict was perfectly seasoned. My friend and I ordered yogurts as sides and the granola was super yummy. 10/10

Joseph Tordella

Lapis offers authentic Afghan dishes with high-quality ingredients. Extensive cocktail and drinks menu. Cozy downstairs bar and seating that is quieter than the upstairs bar and seating. Try the dumplings. The tasting menu was extensive but heavy on oily dishes -- definitely meant to share among a few people.

Ahmed Abdulmajeed

A must visit, and one of the best Afghani restaurants in DC. They have a modern take of Afghan cuisine. Try the yogurt drink if you're up for something interesting. Their other drinks are really tasty as well. I recommend going there with a group and sharing things on the menu. The staff were really helpful and accommodating.

Jack Wellington

Outstanding! Authentic small plate Afghani food. Reasonably priced for quality. Coffee was exactly as described.

S. Lakshmy

Lapis was the one of our favourite restaurants of the trip to Washington. My husband and me always look forward to dinners while travelling after a long day of sight seeing and Lapis did not disappoint us at all. It’s authentic Afghan food is extremely tasty, less oily, and a good balance of flavours. Being vegetarians we were impressed by its variety of starters, mains, and deserts. The ambience is very welcoming and well decorated with artefacts. Be prepared to wait for at least 20 minutes if you have not reserved earlier. But it is worth the wait you will enjoy the entire experience


The food here is amazing! We shared multiple dishes and everything was delicious. The service was great and we loved the ambiance. Will definitely be back.

Rupal Patel

We love the personal family owned feel and have had some incredible food experiences here. We always bring out of town family here. Love this DC gem.

Arnaud Montagard

Great food! Loved the eggplants/ grilled chicken/ dumplings.

Spencer J.

Wonderful restaurant with fantastic food in a nice atmosphere and super nice people. Can't recommend this place enough. The Aushak dumplings (we had them veggie) and grilled lamb were the standouts in our meal-both were absolutely superb. Everything though was delicious. We didn't get the cocktails but they looked interesting, and I also think vegetarians would do well here. And oh, you must order the chutneys!! Both were super spicy and delicious with pretty much every dish.

Roshan Parikh

This place is good. The food was not as flavorful as I thought it would be, but it's still good. Excellent mood lighting-- it would prob be a great date spot.

Michelle B.

I've been coming here for three years, and am glad to see the place is still going strong. It's an elegant Afghan restaurant--probably the best in the city--but the decor is quite casual. In fact, that's why I give it 4 instead of 5 stars; the cramped, small tables detract from the dining experience. Plan to share many small dishes. Definitely get the aushak and plenty of vegetables like spinach and squash. The food is of amazing quality but, DC-style, the portions are quite small. They arrive at the table quickly, so you can order more as your appetite permits. I've also had brunch here. They have a special menu with Afghan infused eggs Benedict and the like. They have the aushak and a few other traditional items, but I was disappointed not to have the full menu--I can get brunch dishes anywhere, and the Afghan/Middle Eastern touches are too subtle to take the pancakes and egg dishes over the top into exotic realms. I don't mean to split hairs--I love this restaurant so much I come here every time I'm in DC.

Yen-Yen G.

I came here for a birthday dinner on a Saturday. Definitely make a reservation ahead of time, especially on a weekend night. The space inside is very well decorated and intimate. We were considering getting the tasting menu, but the price to order the same items a la carte was actually exactly the same as the price per person for the tasting menu, so we ended up ordering a la carte. We got the mantoo shrimp as an appetizer, lamb chops and chicken as entrees, with okra as a side. The star of dinner was definitely the mantoo shrimp. I really loved the saffron sauce served with it. However, 6 dumplings for $14 is definitely a little more on the pricey side. Overall, great meal and ambiance!

Ashley S.

This restaurant may be my most favorite restaurant in DC! The food is impeccable and the vibe here is unmatched. I have been for brunch and dinner. I've had the cardamom pancakes, French fries, avocado toast, lamb, and the beef dumplings! Everything I've tasted this far has been excellent! The service is great and so is the location. If you haven't eaten here you are missing out!!! This is on my neighborhood gem restaurant list for a reason! It's AMAZING!

Luke C

My wife and I really enjoyed our breakfast. We enjoyed eggs benedict with spinach, a side of lamb sausage and meat dumplings. Only downside was the champagne was way overpriced for $10 a tiny glass..

Aleksa R.

1.Rich flavors. 2. Cozy authentic ambience 3. Friendly attentive staff 4. Great value for money I am happy I saw the article about this place in WHERE Traveler. Would definitely bring my date here.

Alex L

Came here for brunch. Everything that we had ordered was really really good. Highly recommend the Bolani, the Mantoo, and Eggs Benedict with beef. The staff was very friendly and attentive. Will absolutely come back here when we are in DC.

Merve Poyraz

We had an amazing dinner here with my mother and uncle. If you like Middle Eastern food generally, you will not be disappointed at Lapis. Every dish we ordered was delicious. I definetely recommend trying the Afghan dumplings and the lamb korma with a side of palaw.

Michelle Harati

Amazing, homemade Afghan food in a romantic setting! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a delicious dinner or brunch on the weekend. Vegetarian options as well!

Dorea Reeser

A few really excellent vegan options, lovely patio and a great date spot!

Sophie L.

I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at lapis and hope to return again soon! I went to lapis for a work dinner, but the restaurant creates the type of environment that could be just as appropriate for a relaxing dinner with family or friends. We approached this meal with the plan to order five or six plates for our four-person party to share; this was absolutely the correct strategy for our group, which was keen to maximize what we tasted. Lapis cooks up afghani fare with a strong threads of Indian and Persian cuisines weaved throughout the menu. That being said, while lamb was on much of the menu, there were also many vegetarian options. The dumplings (with and without meat) were fabulous. Chickpeas, eggplant, lentils, and a thick bread similar to the Persian bread Taaftoon were staples of our meal in various forms. We also shared a braised lamb dish that was so tender and delicious, quite literally falling off of the bone. We punctuated our meal with a rose water ice cream with pistachios (which was creamy and lovely) and with a saffron jello containing sliced nuts. I loved Lapis and hope to return soon, in addition to exploring more Afghan cuisine in the DC area in general. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes flavors typically associated with the middle east or Mediterranean--you will be thrilled with the plates put before you!

Adriana V.

Such a low key coffee shop (good coffee too). Love it, it's located on the basement of the restaurant. It has very comfy seating, many tables to study and books to read on. They play classical music with I think is perfect and soothing when I really need to focus. On the basement you will find both the bar area and coffee station. It is sometimes booked for private events at certain hours they don't really say anything in advance just start kicking everybody out lol but nevertheless a great spot!

Jairo B.

This place is so good in coffee also they have good hot teas and iced drinks . Also is really nice for work in your computer is a quiet place. Now they start open Wednesday through Sunday which is really nice