Metro Wine & Spirits

1726 Columbia Rd NW, Washington
(202) 265-5066

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Jay P.

Customer service was terrible.  Ordered thru Drizly, but driver complained about not being able to find parking, marked my order complete and left without leaving order.  Salesman who was working on 11/29/2020 between 2pm and 3:30pm refused to be of any help, refused to verify where the order had been dropped off at, yelled and said that I couldn't force him to do anything.  Charging back through my credit card and I will NEVER order from them again.  When asked about their terrible customer service over the phone, I'll be more than happy to tell the story.  Avoid at all costs.

7Day Services

The guys are very helpful everytime I come in

Sean Morris

Great wine selection!

Nicholas Garza

Good selection of beer and wine but prices are ridiculously high.

Max B

Great service, nice people

Chanell Glenn

Customer Service was Great

Cohi G.

I have been using Drizly during stay at home to order from Metro Wine & Spirits. Their beer selection is great as is their whisky selection. The customer service is amazing too. Thanks Metro Wine & Spirits

Mary E.

I recently purchased a celebratory bottle of champagne as a surprise for someone and paid to have expedited delivery with a gift message. The delivery person called me to say he was sitting in his car upon arrival, to which I had to remind him it was a gift and that he should knock and leave it at the address. I later found out that the item had not been sent with any sort of note detailing it was a gift, let alone the message I had written when prompted at checkout. I reached out to customer service to make sure the delivery was the correct item in the gift box as I was told it arrived "just in a black bag" but never heard back from Metro Wines.

Danielle King

They charged me $64 for a bottle of wine labeled $10 and bottle of bourbon labeled $30. Refused to give a receipt when I questioned it. I went here to try to support local during COVID, don’t make the same mistake.

Jack V.

The store is really small and they're not practicing social-distancing measures right now. There's a sign on the door that requires masks and a limit of 5 customers at a time, but it's not enforced at all. I got to the store and saw at least 7 inside, and so waited until a handful had left. By the time I'd found what I wanted; paid; and left, there was probably 12-15 inside. And again, it's really, really small inside. They also have 3-4 employees running around the store and packing orders for delivery, which only adds to the congestion. I won't be visiting again until they start enforcing social distancing measures.

Heather A.

Placed an ordered through drizly, it was marked at delivered but it was never delivered. I called 3 times. First time I was on hold for 15 minutes. Called back, they took my order number and they said they would call me back. Called a 3rd time and they acted like they didn't know who I was although they asked for my order number 3 times now. I called metro to ask if they knew what happened, they said that my order was delivered. They delivery person said he delivered to a man who answered the door and gave him $2 tip. I asked them t describe the man, he refused. I asked for a refund or redelivery, he said something very rude and hung up the phone one me. Beware! Horrible experience. My friend never received her birthday gift today and I'm left trying to recoup money from a shady operation.

Kyle Hennies

Delivery was 2+ hours late and partially incorrect. 4* because they sent another driver with the correct order. Good prices.


Staff is always helpful and knowledgeable in finding what you need. Large selection of spirits

Trav Smith

Convenient and clean wine store in AdMo. The staff have always been super helpful and it’s never too busy.

Walter Nassar

Friendly and knowledgeable staff who provide great recommendations at reasonable prices!

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