3347 M St NW, Washington
(202) 604-0215

Recent Reviews

Manuel Cabrera

As always very good

Camesha Jones

The staff here are sweet and friendly. My drinks always turn out amazing.

Luke Schrader

Very friendly staff! Got my order right. Nice window seats. Great 'bucks.

Peanut Turtle

Very nice workers, I asked if I could sit and they wiped the table for me before I sat. I was waiting for my georgetown cupcakes and it was a little warm so I decided to come to starbucks. Highly recommended Starbucks. Also a very clean environment!

vladimir wolf

Love this place. Convenient location for refueling when comming from Capial Crescent Trail from Bethesda.

Mak Loz

One of the better units and location. 4 stars for lack of parking around.

Yona G.

I really liked the employees. They were so nice and one even came up to me and gave me football trivia and I got a free egg bites from that. Great service with personality!

Hamad Alnuaimi

Best Starbucks I have visited. Friendly staff.

Anica M.

Went on national croissant day and left with best experience & delicious croissants! best team full of positivity and kindness. Never have had a problem with wrong drinks or bad service at this location. Thank you Starbucks team!!

Luke T.

Rude rude rude. Today I was waiting behind a couple with my daughter. No one said hello. No one directed us in any way. I was standing directly in front of a cash register. About twelve people who knew the couple in front of us cut in line. I let them know we were also waiting in line. We were next. A Starbucks employee corrected me by telling me we were not standing in the correct location. Unreal. It was clear we were waiting patiently to, were next in the line and had arrived well before the large group. The employee was extremely rude. The other employee never even acknowledged us. There is no signage to indicate where the correct standing position for the line is. I suppose if a large group cuts in front of yoI, you're out of luck. The staff here could use some training on hospitality. A simple "how may I help you" would have been nice. It was not clear to me we were not standing in line, we were right behind the couple who were placing their order.

Areej Radwan

What a beautiful Starbucks location! I think they recently renovated it, so it looks absolutely stunning from the inside. Very comfortable with comfy chairs and sofas, and plenty of tables to study on or chat with friends over. Music is calming and provides a good ambiance as well. And of course, plenty of drink and food items to choose from. Thank you so much for this awesome location!

George Brightman

Friendly staff all around, despite this location clearly being a tourist stop, on top of de facto GT student lounge. Nice layout too, so all in all a better than average S/bux. Check it out for yourself, I'm sure you'll agree.

Tiffany L.

My coworkers and I visited this starbucks while we were in town for work. Every day we came here we were greeted by the owner with a joke or smile. Every day he set up a place for us to sit and made sure we received the best service around. It truly made our experience in a foreign town more pleasurable. We will be coming next time we're in town purely for the great customer service and friendly faces.

mark y.

Nice baristas, no problems ordering personalized items. Wish there more seating but at least it's not the smaller footprint Starbucks.

Ken Healy

Great location, friendly staff, and a lot of room to help you feel at home.

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