Super Tacos & Bakery

1762 Columbia Rd NW, Washington
(202) 232-7121

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Cody Dreibelbis

The service is great, the food is great, and the restaurant is kept extremely clean. Our food was ready in ten minutes and was perfect and the price was even better.

Kaelin D.

I only started ordering here on a whim during the pandemic, and have ordered weekly since. I genuinely cannot describe how wonderful and comforting the food is here. Their tortas are insanely good (and so reasonably priced) and they have the most massive tamales I have ever seen. I have never once been disappointed by anything I have ordered. I cannot remember the last time I posted a yelp review, if ever, and I am just so floored by how amazing and underrated and affordable the food is here that I had to share. Do yourself a favor--order here!!!

Julie L.

Always have loved super taco. Always delicious and authentic. Plus, the pricing is very economical. I especially love their chilaquiles!

Joel ALF

Like always this few times I get food from there are very friendly, clean and great taste! ?

Nishika R.

If you are looking to try different local Mexican food, I highly recommend trying Super Tacos! Their food is delicious and very affordable. Their ordering platform was very easy to navigate, so that also helped to make the experience very convenient and easy. Onto the food! We ordered the Burrito Ilegal, Carne Asada Tacos, and the Nachos to share. The burritos were packed with fillings and flavor and were the perfect size for one person. They even came with a side of chips and cheese. The steak was cooked to perfection! It was definitely the highlight of the entree. As someone who likes smothering their food in sauces, I used the salsa verde and roja to drizzle some more flavor onto each bite. Overall, it was an excellent choice. The tacos, which were given in TWO tortillas, were the perfect street taco stuffed with plenty of fillings. Although I have to admit, the meat was overpowering the taco as there was not much else to it, and I am usually one to prioritize filling variety. However, the simplicity of it added to the deliciousness, and once again the meat was soooo good. Lastly, the Nachos were a perfect appetizer to split! The cheese was melted so perfectly onto the chips and spread evenly throughout, something that is so rare with nachos. They were a bit on the soggy side since they had been delivered, but personally I prefer it this way. In addition to the amazing cuisine, they labeled all of the food so it was easier to divide our food. They also fulfilled the special requests we had indicated on the online order, which was very nice of them. Also, since there was WAY more than we can eat, we had plenty of leftovers, and the food reheated very well. Made for two great meals! Would highly recommend ordering from this place.

Joshua L.

My favourite taco place in town. Pastor and lengua are my favourites but cochinita pibil and chorizo are also great here. Super filling, packed tacos. Salsas are also great. Their menu is massive and full of great stuff though I mostly come for the tacos.

Spencer J.

Omg when will the gringos stop whining about 'service'?! How much emotional labor do you need to go with your $3 taco or, in my case, massive $12 chilaquiles plate. And speaking of, the chilaquiles plate here is damn good, a hot steal at $12. The chips are crisp and fresh, the sauce spicy, the eggs runny, and it comes with a side skirt steak (carne asada). I usually share it with my partner cause it's big. Eventually I need to try the asada and especially pastor tacos-both also look solid.

Cristy N.

The price is right, the tacos are bomb, and the service is great. I got three tacos (chorizo, carnitas and carne asada) and they were all sooo good. No idea why this place doesn't have 5 stars. They were even giving away free piña coladas today and my order came with a Tamarindo flavored lollipop

Jarred T.

I admittedly get some of the most white-person tex mex food they offer here, but I loveeee this place. As a Texas transplant, These are my go-to for casual tacos and nachos in DC. I'm typically here at least once a week and embaressed about how much of this food I can stuff in one sitting. Great location too!

Jenny R.

best tacos, cake and drinks! love coming here when im in adams morgan doing errands. everything tastes very fresh

Alphi A.

I always come to Super Tacos but, today I asked is the Jamaican drink was made it by the natural flower or made by artificial flavors so, the lady in the cashier said: "I don't know ‍ I'm only the cashier". Who I'm suppose to ask? She was rude with attitude.

Farhat K.

So I came to get my tattoo done nearby and realized I didn't have breakfast. Well, I needed a quick bite and this place was downstairs so my choice was easy. I went ahead and ordered the al pastor and carne asada. The food was made super quick (like within 8 mins of ordering) and I wolfed it down fast. Both tacos were delicious. Each came with a good amount of meat, and there was plenty of flavor in both items. The price was also fair and there were enough seats in the tiny shop for me to sit and enjoy my meal. The bakery part interests me so I gotta try something sweet next time.

Ben Kaplan

Solid neighborhood low-key spot for good Mexican food. Seems like most people get delivery or take out although I ate there

Jordan Tapia

Tacos are super on point with salsa bar and pico de Gallo at your disposable. The tortas are ? as well as the freshly squeezed juices. This is one of my favorite places in Adams morgan

Fabricio Castro-Canas

Food is always superb and never disappoints. Nice staff and please support your local spots!

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