Tequila & Mezcal

3475 14th St NW, Washington
(202) 450-2193

Recent Reviews

Julian P.

I've been here at least 3 times and let me start by saying their food is good. Now, their staff lacks attention to detail/customer service skills, slow, they seem not to care about serving table and unfriendly demeanor. Perhaps they don't like the job. Also, the second day after outside seating was allowed during covid, they sat someone behind me so close I could turn around and reach out to the other customer and when I asked the waiter why, he said: "well, we just opened yesterday". Bottom line, I'm not coming back.

Ellie B.

I used to come here because food an attention were fine but today it was a different story. They are open to sit outside but not all tables are exactly six feet apart, perhaps 2 at the most. Not only I had to finish my meal annoyed by the lack of safety distance but it seems that people can smoke, so you can imagine the uncomfortable situation; I am not sure if that is allowed in such a small area. Therefore, we asked the waitress about allowing people to smoke and she never came back with an answer. When we got the check, we asked the other waiter about sitting according to current laws and he did not know what to say, he said "we just opened yesterday". what I do know is that it is not the safest place to eat right now.

Brandyn Csorgo

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food this is your place. We had are meal brought to us curbside. Let’s talk about the rice and beans, amazing taste when you mix both of them up. HOWEVER, I really wanna talk about the shrimp tacos! The shrimp tacos were cooked to perfection. Will definitely be coming back here for lunch, but I will order a margarita next time!

Iris S.

I've been a long time fan of taqueria habanero and loved tequila and mezcal (which turns out is even closer to where I live hooray!) The pickup process was incredibly seamless. My boyfriend and I got an enchiladas de mole each because it is delish! The portion size is incredibly filling and every bit is delicious. I've heard the cocktails are excellent and look fwd to trying those as well. A great takeout option in the quarantine era - highly recommend!!

Luke S.

So glad this place opened. As a native Sam Diegan, I've been trying to find a great Tex mex place to no avail in dc. This place is fantastic. The only place I've found in the DMV that serves enchiladas duo as, which I recommend. Their nachos are also fantastic as is their queso fundido. I suggest getting either with their chorizo. As suggested by the name, they have a great selection of tequila and mezcal and cocktails to order.

Katie Farrin

Was craving mole and wanted to check out restaurants in our new neighborhood, so we decided on weekend lunch at Tequila & Mezcal. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of the bar menu (not just margaritas, although the ones we saw being delivered to others looked awesome) and really enjoyed the Oaxaquena cocktail. I’ll admit I first thought the entree prices were a little high...until I saw how much food was on each plate! The pork ribs (costillas) in mole negro were fall-off-the-bone tender and the mole was an A+ for complexity and flavor (it’s difficult to find not-sweet mole!). Plus every entree is served with freshly made tortillas so you can make little tacos (make sure you save your salsa from the starter chips so you can use it for these...their salsas were both excellent). Even after 3 tacos and some more grazing there were still enough leftovers for dinner for two. (Full disclosure we also had mole poblano cheese fries and they were legit.) Super excited to make this place part of our normal rotation.

Hal R.

I went to Tequila & Mezcal only because Taqueria Habanero was closed for renovations, and luckily it did not disappoint. The drinks are delicious and well presented and the tacos rival those of Taqueira Habanero, Mezcalero, and El Sol. The service, as with most Mexican restaurants on 14th street, needs improving. Our waiter was not particularly attentive and we were often left untended to for quite some time. Chips and Salsa (3.5/5): The chips and salsa were good but nothing exceptional. They were room temperature when we received them and the salsas where clearly fresh but not amazing by any means. They where, however, perfectly salted for my tastes! La Catrina (5/5): This mezcal drink with Hibiscus, Lime, and Agave was sweet, smokey, and tart. The pepper salted rim was a nice addition and the mezcal was present but not excessively potent. It was very well presented, especially for a no-frills Mexican restaurant. Tacos (5/5): The tacos were exceptional. The corn tortillas were perfectly soft with a slight toasting on the edges. The beef, pulled pork, and sausage were all exceptionally tender and flavorful. The onions and cilantro were fresh and proportional to the size of the taco. They did not overwhelm or distract from meats and tortilla. Note: I would recommend the guacamole. It is prepared table side and includes two full avocados, plenty for 3-4 guests. We did not order the guacamole but those seated next to us did and it looked exceptional.

Amy Caton

I deeply recommend the mezcal experience, for lack of a better word, where the server will tell you how to properly drink it.

Alison Waldron

Really enjoyed our dinner here and cocktails were yummy

Daisy V.

The food was delicious- I recommend the nopales, tacos al pastor, and table side guacamole.

Jackie L.

Decent food but a bit overpriced for what it is. Drink prices aren't listed on the menu, and we were charged $40 for a margarita pitcher that was mostly ice. Interesting too that for a place called 'Tequila & Mezcal', with a wall full of bottles, that they don't have a spirits list. Service is attentive and cocktail list is nice, but high prices/no prices aren't great and better over at sister restaurant Taqueria Habanero.

Dirk Heine

Normally great! Today was not their day.

Erica M.

The best tacos in town! Usually very nice and attentive staff. The magaritas are crafty and delicious. The food is always so flavorful and this place is normally less packed than it's sister restaurant down the street.

Kate Vlach

Everything we had was delicious. The tlayuda was tasty, and anything with mushrooms in it was savory. My husband enjoyed putting the habanero sauce on everything. He ordered the mixed fajitas. The cocktails were tasty and beautifully presented.

Fred Dyda

While there are many "Mexican" restaurants around here of varying quality, very few feels like Mexico. This place is, not sure exactly what makes it so, but the atmosphere surely feels like. Food is excellent, service is terrific and friendly.

Ijeoma O.

Oh course the name drew in--what's not to love about a cocktail list devoted to tequila and mezcal. It's a small spot with excellent food and drinks. I came with a friend and we order a pitcher of mezcal margarita and it was tasty, I only wish it came in a larger size! I ordered the beef quesadilla and my friend ordered enchiladas, which I preferred out of the two my favorite. Don't get wrong the quesadilla was delicious but the enchiladas just packed more flavor.

Peter Peart

Always a pleasure to dine and drink at Tequila & Mezcal. The staff is friendly and the food is delicious. Service is quick and all the meats in the dishes are tasty and tender. The portions are generous so bring a friend or friends. The guacamole is delicious as it is prepared at the table. I love to stop in for this lovely dinning experience. Be adventurous and try everything at least once. The food is consistent. A dish not on the menu is Molecajete mixto...it is for 2 or more people and has a nice $$, but well worth it because it serves at least 2 persons. Ask the server. I am glad I live close by so I can walk in and then amble home after a satisfying meal and a few delicious cocktails infused with a variety of mezcal and/or tequila, living up to its name.

Lavender Kelley

This place is small but offers so many reasons to stop by. The fun cocktail names are backed up by well made drinks. The staff are super friendly as well.

Michael Barboza

The mixologist is crazy talented and didn’t stop to rest much, and even then but for a few seconds

Andrea Rosen

Good but way overpriced

Cesar O.

Auténticamente Mexicana. The food is delicious, the ambience is great, and the servers are polite. I would highly recommend getting the freshly made to order guacamole and the tlayudas. They also have a very unique and rare collections of mezcales which some of the most tasty and colorful drinks.


My wife and I love a good mezcal so were excited when we heard that the folks behind Tequeria Habanero were opening this place. We settled in to our table, taking in the colorful decor and were excited to see some unique and interesting bottles behind the bar. Unfortunately, when we asked about about mezcal or tequila list, we were simply told they didn't have one. Looking forward to learning from the expects (heck, its in their name) I asked if the server could recommend a mezcal for sipping and she said she couldn't . . . so we asked if the bartender could make a suggestion. The bartender came over and instead of making a suggesting simply asked if we were ready to order. The drinks we ordered (hibiscus margarita and the burro loco) were good, but not the experience we were hoping for -- or that is suggested by the name.

Maria Bernal

Excellent services and food was so good

Ana G.

Food - 3 stars, drinks - 4 stars, service - 3 stars. The place is lovely, with beautiful decorations, and a nice vibe. The drinks were visually appealing and gorgeously crafted, they had the creativity to them that you just don't see in other places. I'd highly recommend this as a happy hour/light dinner place to hang out. I had the Jalapen-Yo Business In the beginning, they bring you chips and salsa, which were both incredibly tasty and calm you down for the long wait. Throughout our dinner, the wait for service was incredibly long, but we understood as they seemed to be at capacity most of the night. The food was okay, we ordered 6 tacos as taco enthusiast and tried them all. We had the Campacheno, Yucateco, Pulpo, Huitlacoche, and Arabe, Lengua. Their lengua and huitlacoche tacos had delicious flavors, the rest were okay. The Churros were a bit burnt and thus crispy, and the chocolate sauce was subpar. Might come back for happy hour.

Michelle Kelly

We loved it here! The tacos were excellent! We got a few different orders for our large group, but we had to try the grasshopper and the cactus tacos. They were both great! I really liked the shrimp and queso tacos.

Cody Sanders

Gone a couple times now and it's always been absolutely fantastic. Service is far, far above what you may expect from a small, neighborhood oriented spot. Truly worth a visit, and if you live close its a must.

John Hunt

Just as good as the sister restaurant, Taqueria Habanero up the street. Bigger space with regional Puebla dishes. Likely have to alternate between the two now. Will certainly be back.

Francisco L.

Excellent selection of Mezcal. It's really interesting most "Mexican" restaurants have no clue what Mezcal is. I would recommend sipping any Pechuga Mezcal with Guzano Salt and an orange, simply a religious experience

Sunshine G.

5 star cocktails and 3 star food! Tried: Table side guacamole: Generous portion and really delicious but one of the pricier options on the menu at $15 Chicken mole taco: Sad. Chicken was dry and flavorless, and had a very small drizzle of mole sauce. When we asked for extra sauce, they brought out a thimble sized serving and charged $3 extra Queso fundido: probably the best thing we ate here. The margaritas were strong and delicious. Service was a bit scattered; chips for guacamole arrived 15 minutes after the guacamole, silverware arrived 10 minutes after food, drinks arrived almost half hour after we received the food so we skipped dessert and drank instead. We'll be back for drinks but skip the food

Roger Muller

Very good food and a good selection of cocktails. Highly recommended for happy hour or brunch


The tacos are wonderful, best part were the in house tortillas. 4 stars as I was looking forward to chips and salsa as we all do at mexican joints and they didnt really impress me on that front.

Julie G.

There was a cricket in my drink!!! It was beautifully placed on a lime slice with some other leafy garnish. I forgot to taste it, but the presentation was delightfully whimsical. The craft cocktails here are really creative (if you like tequila, which I do). The decor is vibrant and beautiful. The tacos are delicious (I had carne asada, octopus and shrimp). The prices were reasonable, a little more than your hole in the wall Mexican places, but on par with other decent sit-down establishments. There weren't many people there in a Sunday night, but hopefully this location will alleviate some of the crowds at taqueria habanero. Both are great!

Kerry W.

Some of the best Mexican food I've had in DC so far! Great service, boozy drinks, and flavorful food for a fair price. Not to mention they have gluten free quesadillas that are to die for!! My new go to restaurant.

Kesha T.

In the area and it just happened to be National Tequila Day AND happy hour so it was a perfect time to stop by. The weather was beautiful but I believe the recent rain caused the mosquitoes that bit my friend and I up outside on the patio, which wasn't a great start. As soon as we moved inside and the tequila started flowing, all of our cares and most of our itchiness went away. The art throughout the restaurant is very vibrant and eyecatching. The margarita glasses are very cute. I LOVED that they use Tajin and not the usual salt or sugar rim for our margaritas. The mezcal margaritas are very good. Some people carry hot sauce in their bag, I'm about to start carrying Tajin for the unexpected margarita moments that may arise. I had to grab a bite to eat while drinking, and the Flautas de tinga had a crispy outside with tender, seasoned chicken inside. They were quite tasty. Our waiter was a little slow but we made sure to order our drinks ahead and let him know how much we were enjoying the atmosphere and our drinks. There were groups and couples accommodated throughout the space, although it's not huge on the inside, it was comfortable seating. I'd go back to try other items on their menu for sure.

Sarah C.

Nice staff but the food is very bland. I had high hopes for this place but given the other competition for Mexican food in the area, I wouldn't recommend.

Sharlene S.

Service was much better this time. Still same delicious food and phenomenal drinks. Mezcal margaritas with a sugar rim for the win!

liz cordova

As a Mexican I think this place is a 4, there are better places, but maybe you can go try it once

Darren C.

Looking for some excellent Mexican food in the area? Look no further! On one of the hottest Saturday's this summer, we arrived mid-afternoon. We were seated immediately, and graciously, well attended with 4-5 almost constant water refills. The presentation and the quality of the food were excellent. This place is bookmarked and we will be back!

Gabrielle Dujour

Great atmosphere, good service, nice location. I loved the tacos

Evelyn T.

Based on their service, food, and drinks Im a happy Mexicana from the Texas/Mexico border. I went yesterday Saturday at 5pm, surprisingly the place was empty. I really hope more people that appreciate traditional mexican food find out of this place cause their hot salsa, spicy green enchiladas, and crafted mezcal drinks made me so happy. In terms of price its not cheap, but the quality is so worth it.