Un je ne sais Quoi...

1361 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington
(202) 721-0099

Recent Reviews

Cathryn Spears

They have very delicious food and good service. The price is decent for a french patisserie, and everything was very fresh

Laura Crown

I should've taken a picture of the apple tart! But alas. Only have a picture of the chocolate croissants.

George Alkiddees

Just Go there...Great little Authentic French place. Just GO.. GREAT croissant

emily oates

Holy cannoli this place is ah-mae-zing!! Went once by myself and loved it so much had to bring my partner along for breakfast before we went home! Super cute atmosphere, friendly employees and delightful pastries!! I fully recommend!!

Yifan Zhang

Tasty desserts, good coffee and excellent service! It has become my go-to coffee & dessert place in DuPont.

Ketty M.

Alright. Croissants were cold, brioches were decent, coffee ok. Not a place to walk the extra mile for.


A wonderful French cafe. Everything is yummy. Try the meringues and San Bennedetto w gaz if you're worried about calories.

Conan W.

I didn't have the cakes the first time because the pastries are sold after 11:30. I came again this week and finally had the legendary "best cream puff in town". It deserves the fame! Actually I think any cake with that cream is great, like the strawberry tart. Another surprise is the merveilleux. I really like the bittersweetness. And I will definitely come back again and again. PS I went back many times and one question bothers me: why do they charge more per piece of merveilleux the more you buy? As a tax on merveilleux lover?

Hai E.

Great place with amazing taste. Feels just like little France!!:) Highly recommended.

Noora R.

This cafe is super cute, walked in here looking to fill my Mason jar with some coffee and they were super accommodating. The coffee is good, but I couldn't drink it all without adding some cream, milk and sugar. In the cafe itself is mostly people working on there laptops, both inside and in the mini outdoor seating area.

Lily F.

I came in two days in a row just so I can experience both the morning and afternoon pastries. In one visit, I had the regular croissant and a small coffee and knew immediately that I would end up really liking this place. I've had croissants before but it never did anything for me. But now I'm just thinking that I've always had terrible croissants. Yes, it was flaky but there was also the tiniest bit of chew that I really liked. It was buttery but not overwhelmingly so. The following day I lucked out as I came in at the right time around 11:15 when they were bringing out the afternoon selections. I tried the almond croissant and the dark chocolate merveilleux. I read from other Yelpers that the merveilleux isn't as sweet as expected but I still found it pretty sweet. It didn't taste like anything I've had before. The bottom meringue had cold cream tasted almost like ice cream. The top meringue was your typical crumbly crunchy kind. The entire "cake" was covered in dark chocolate shavings. Definitely get this if you're a chocolate lover. For me though, the almond croissant was my absolute favorite item. It had the perfect amount of sweetness. Again, it was chewier than expected but that was the reason why I liked it so much. And while a small bakery, it's still large enough to have about 14 seats inside and 6 outside. Both times I came in there were spots for me to sit for a bit.

Rachel O.

The Northern French dessert - merveilleux - is so good. It's the perfect balance between light and airy and rich. The cafe has a great atmosphere and the employees are so friendly too.

Heba R.

This place has such yummy desserts! Their isn't a lot of seating so not always a great option for large groups. However I highly recommend their dessert. I went once for the very first time and returned the next day with a group of friends from how good it was! Their coffee is good too!

Frenk Morina

Their deserts changed my mood. They were way too good. Served with class like only French can do it.

Abigail L.

Great bakery! Any of merveilleux' are a good choice. Only downside is the lack of seating so I usually just get my pastries and leave.

Bree DaCosta

I can't say enough about how great this little cafe is! I just adore swooning over their pastry case. Everything is so neat and tidy, and the sweets are to die for! Get the Paris Brest in hazelnut or pistachio, and you will not regret it! If you're dining in, the china they serve on is so sweet and pretty. Reminds me of my nanas's tea set collection. They also make perfect espresso drinks to go with whatever you choose!

Yusi Liu

Best desert store in DC. Everything is good. I kept going back just to try new things - never regret it. Highly recommend it!

Victor Wang

Really one of the most unique places located in the heart of D.C. at the iconic Dupont Circle. A classy and upscale french bakery that transports you to France and makes you feel like skipping the long flight over the ocean. The decor is beautiful and while the outside is unassuming, the inside is teaming with upscale design touches that perfectly balance upscale modern, and classic luxury. The bakery is not large but there is a decent amount of seating and I was able to find a spot both inside and out. There is an overwhelming amount of beautiful pastries right at the counter and it was so difficult to decide but I eventually went with the mille-feuille. Similar to a napoleon but more modern with a delicious vanilla custard surrounded by two sheets of a delicious crispy wafer. I got the pastry to go and it was packaged in an absolutely gorgeous gift box that made me hesitate to throw it away. Staff is friendly but prices are high as you might expect. Still worth a visit especially if you're in the mood for some amazing french pastries or want to impress some of your friends visiting from out of town.

Lloyd R

Great place for a pastry and some coffee. The coffee is excellent, but the baked goods steal the show. Ridiculously delicious, beautiful pastries. Absolutely superb. A bit of Paris in DC.

Lloyd R

Great place for a pastry and some coffee. The coffee is excellent, but the baked goods steal the show. Ridiculously delicious, beautiful pastries. Absolutely superb. A bit of Paris in DC.

Maria Reissaus

Fantastic bakery / pastry shop. Delicious breakfast pastries and desserts.

Faraz A.

Nice desert shop in DuPont. Ordered an iced latte and white chocolate and speculoos merveilleux'. The merveilleux seems to be their most popular desert. They are very fluffy, not too heavy, and not overly sweet either. They were great to go along with some coffee. The speculoos flavor was definitely the best. The white chocolate flavor was fine but not as enjoyable. Good clean inside seating and friendly staff. Limited outside seating also to enjoy yourself on a nice day. Will definitely come back if I'm in the area.

Peter T.

Pear tart was dry and had overripe pears. Nothing enjoyable about it. Chocolate almond croissant lacked french finesse, almond paste not anywhere near what I was hoping for. Traditional croissant was the pick of the lot for m, buttery and including the necessary layers. Coffee was as expected, hot espresso with milk. Spent $23 on a box of croissants to take to family, definitely not worth it. Wont be back.

Christopher Tweel

Great place with very friendly service. We got the apple tarts here and they were perfection. Nice espresso service as well, and with a location so close to the Dupont fountain it makes this a perfect place for an early morning stop over

Paulette Lamb

Absolutely fantastic! Attention to detail is wonderful. We appreciate the obvious care and pride they take in the items they serve.

Katie H

Stop in for lunch with a friend. The decor is a beautiful and inviting home-like setting. The service and food is very good. A menu of southern delights include fried chicken, Fish and BBQ ribs; sides are delicious, green beans, mac'n cheese, candied yams, cabbage, to name a few. Of course old fashioned corn bread and unlimited Cherry Kool-aid, Wow, brings back many fond memories. Stop in soon, you won't be disappointed AND the Desserts...OUTSTANDING! Located in the heart of North Buffalo.

John H

Some pastries are technically well made, other are not. Their ovens are not calibrated well as the crusts are over cooked, almost burnt, on some pasties. Service is good. Coffee is good. A nice place for breakfast.

Lily Halstead

My favorite French pastry shop. It’s hard to pick any one item to try. I always try a few. I really love eclairs and they have three flavors (traditional, chocolate, coffee) typically if not sold out. Try their St. Honore or definitely follow them on Facebook to see the new items they are promoting.

Victor Elia

Food: The best pastries I have had so far in DC. Try the panna cotta and the creme puffs made with real whipped cream. Everything here is freshly made and delicious.

Mike G.

This bakery is amazing! Having traveled to Paris multiple times, I can vouch for the fact that this bakery is about as close to Paris pastries as you get. The service is also excellent. I highly, highly recommend the Cream Puff here.

Ricardo Barbosa

This place is from heaven!


I am so glad we saw this across the street while visiting Dupont Circle. I had an amazing chocolate topped meringue with cream inside. So much less filling than a bulky cup cake. It reminded me of what my mom used to make. My friend had a lemon meringue pie. . Many delicious desserts to choose from. Very limited seating, so I really wish people would move on after they eat. One young woman had finished her food and sat there staring at her IPHONE as people where coming in to eat and seeking a table. This isn't a Starbucks with tons of seating. And the food and coffee is much better that Starbucks ! Please be courteous to your fellow travelers!


We tried the vanilla fland and the coffee pastry. The place is small and can't seat many people. The pastries are good, the place is clean, and the prices are reasonable. I recommend.

Peter K.

After coming here, I don't know that I had ever truly experienced a real croissant before trying theirs. I'm doubtful I will ever find a better croissant on this side of the Atlantic. When stepping into their cafe, one feels as if suddenly in Europe from their artisan styled menu, simple coffee selection, and French decor. The cafe is small like you might find in Europe but with ample seating. We tried the apple turnover and chocolate croissant which were both so delightfully crisp and flakey in texture and with a joyous buttery flavor.

Jane N.

Best pastry shop in DC and they have the most sophisticated-looking dessert, adding aesthetic pleasure in addition to its wonderful taste. I have been to paris and I would say this place is equivalent or better than some of the parisian pastry shops (strictly personal opionion). My favorite is this Napoleon (the one in the picture). Super crumbly pastry outside- perfectly thin layers, so buttery and light, and it has soft and flavorful creme in the middle. They frequently add/change their pastry dessert menu sometimes, and it's quiet a delight finding and trying new ones. Last time I tried pineapple tart, which was extremely tasty and refreshing. My only wish is that it could be more spacious and bigger!


Come here, if you love desert. Come hungry. Better with someone who shares your love to sweets. Order coffee and one desert per person. Share. Indulge. Send your husband for another desert. Tell him that you cannot share the third one!, but once it appears in front of you, quickly eat more than half. 😉 put place in Bookmarks and write a review. P.S. consider coming here again, by closure time, to eat something that you have not tried yet 😋

Laura C.

I should've taken a picture of the apple tart! But alas. Only have a picture of the chocolate croissants. The chocolate croissants were so good! Good pastry to chocolate ratio. Pastry was flaky and buttery, and the chocolate was rich and not too sweet. The mini size was just too cute to pass up. I also got an apple tart to eat on my plane ride home (back to California). It held up well to being smushed up in my backpack for several hours, and the pastry was still flaky (not soggy) when I ate it somewhere over Texas airspace. Apples were not mushy, but soft enough. Not too sweet and a little cinnamon-y. 100% coming back next time I'm in town.

taylor s

This was such a cute bakery!! It’s right on Dupont Circle. I got a delicious dessert created by their family in Northern France. Both of the workers were definitely from France (they spoke French to each other) but were well-verses in English and able to communicate easily with all of the customers. There is limited seating, but there’s lot of seating outdoors (some of it theirs and other benches in the area). They also have an exhaustive coffee selection and homemade french jams you can buy!

Steve L.

Their latte + their chouquettes = pure bliss! Perfect way to start the day. Visited DC again and had to return. Got the pain au chocolat this time - delicious. Free wifi and a good number of seats for a small space: 3 tables w/2 chairs each, 1 small love seat w/coffee table, and 4 chairs at the window counter. Lots of coffee & breakfast options in the area, of course, but to me this place is the best.

Kathleen A.

Tasty and charming! Stopped in for a quick treat and coffee on a Saturday morning. They had already sold a lot of their options. We chose the apple pastry tart. It was flaky, tasty, and everything you'd want from a good pastry/tart! The espresso was good as well. There wasn't much seating available and most of the tables were taken by people whom I believe were studying thus weren't going to move anytime soon. We stood and ate at the little space for sugar/creamer which was fine. I would return!