Vace Italian Delicatessen

3315 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington
(202) 363-1999

Recent Reviews

Erica J.

Vace has great sausage, fresh pasta, and pizza. Yes, they can be slow. Get over it!

Annie J.

Absolute best pizza in DC! Also great selection of housemade pasta and sauces, olives, cheese and deli meats. A favorite.

Kristie S.

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!!!!! Very Good! The pizza is fabulous! Just discovered this place a few months back!

Parviz A.

1 pizza and cannoli 48 min? Are you crazy guys? Whats that? Very slow working...!! I dont recoment this restaurant...

Dave S.

Called in order and pickup was quick, safe, and efficient. Sandwich was awesomely well made. Hadn't been in years, glad it's still great!

A G.

This place is a true gem. Their spinach pie is amazing. Their pizzas are the best in DC. Their frozen meals are also awesome and easy dinners.


Major pit stop. I just walk there and then treat myself. The sandwiches are so fresh and generously slammed with meats. I love the pizza. Good prices and staff work very hard.

Mark Harbaugh

Foods great but the customer service is terrible. Been a couple times the old lady at the register has given me wrong change back and tried to get away with it.

Shea Edwards

Best in the area, I've been going for 25+ years.

Kay D.

If I could give this place 0 stars I definitely would. Customer Service was extremely poor. The woman told us 20 mins and when we came back she couldn't even figure out what we ordered. She then asked us to wait another 5 mins. Eventually it turned into and a 45 minute wait for 1 pizza. They were extremely rude and the pizza doesn't even look fully cooked.

candice n.

It's hard to find good pizza in DC. Definitely one of the best and more authentic in the area.

M Williams

Hey the food is good. The customer service needs to get better. The workers come off as a little rude. And it’s been like that for years.

Lacey W.

Good pizza and excellent take-home bake-yourself dishes. I really liked the stuffed shells.

Scott Shoup

Nice neighborhood selection of fresh pasta, sauces, olives, and cured meats. Staff are good, with that NY Deli style of confident service poking out from time to time.

Jhoselyn Díaz

Pizza is AMAZING!! But the 2 ladies that work there give the worst customer service. I have order multiple times but everytime I have issue with the ladies there, either they make me wait an extra 15-20 mins prior to the 30 mins that I have to wait. Sometimes they mess up my order and give me attitude when I complain.

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