Woodland's Vegan Bistro

2928 Georgia Avenue Northwest, Washington
(240) 593-6668

Recent Reviews

Har D.

Does this place even exist. Take this off Yelp. If it cannot be found and there is no address etc it should not even be here.

Harbir M.

This place does not even deserve one star (if such a rating exists) The food is terrible, the service is below standard and the staff has the audacity to tell us "dont eat if you dont like it" Will never go there again. Beware of this low customer service joint

Karen L.

Carlton and Crew have done it again! Great service and great food are always what I experience and I will walk 8 blocks to get it every Thursday! Thanks guys.

Kim H.

Yummy, yum, yum. First time visiting the food truck. So glad to see it was parked at 13th & K Streets today. I ordered the crab cake and sweet greens. OMG, this truck is going to expand my waistline it's so good.

Victoria M.

I am so happy this food truck is an option, the meals and flavors make my day every time I stop by. They're too good to pass up, from the bomb vegan Mac n cheese to their sides of sweet kale and sweet potatoes they've got their food on lock. I want to stop by their vegan restaurant, Nuvegan, to try out their brunch menu too with items like pancakes, waffles and vegan breakfast burritos in the menu I can't imagine you can go wrong. This food truck and restaurant has gained so much respect and love in DC that they've just opened a second restaurant across the city. Craving their vegan burgers as I write this actually! Awesome spot.

Will N.

I love coming to Woodland's for some good, healthy vegan soul food

Christina Z.

Amazing vegan food that would satisfy even the pickiest of carnivores. Their sides and salads are a great quick dinner pickup too.

Mina T.

This review is for the Georgia Ave location, not the truck. This food is so, so good. I've been craving soul food pretty much ever since I went vegetarian! It's almost impossible to eat soul food out at restaurants, because even vegetables and beans will have some type of meat/pork inside. Even potato salad is hard to find if you don't eat eggs! Everything here is vegan though, so there's no guess work. The staff is friendly and willing to give out samples. I got chicken drumettes and they were awesome! The batter is tasty and crunchy, and they have a little "drum bone" inside made out of a wooden stick. The barbecue sauce they added on the side is sweet and smoky. I also got collard greens which had a real soul food smoky flavor! And potato salad that was just perfect and had no eggs! I would eat here every damn day if there was a location in Virginia. Whyyyyy must it be sssoooo farrrrr?!???

John W.

It is really hard to find good vegan/vegetarian options with the food trucks that frequent downtown during the week for lunch. This is why I always try to visit this truck when it is at Metro Center (closest Food Truck hangout to my office), so I hope they continue to frequent there on Tuesdays. All of the food options they offer are excellent. I have tried most of the entrees and a few of the sandwiches and have not been disappointed with anything on I tried. Highly recommend the Mac & Cheese and the Garlic Kale - Yum! Yum! The bread they use for their sandwiches is super soft and delicious and totally worth a "cheat day" for the carbs ;-) The only drawback with this truck is the wait, but, who cares. It's yummy in my tummy and worth it. I like the food here so much, that I order meals for more than one day and just keep them in the fridge at work to heat up in the microwave for lunch. If you are vegetarian or vegan - You have to try this food truck for lunch if near your office.

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