Gary's Surf Spray Cafe

2000 DE-1, Dewey Beach
(302) 227-8519

Recent Reviews

Brooke D.

The menu was interesting and the food came out quickly. The patio was cute and they allowed dogs, it wasn't the best/worst food I've had at a beach restaurant, our server was a little slow but my problem was the bathrooms were filthy! The toilet in the ladies room looked like it has never been cleaned and the men's room (I used it bc someone was taking a long time in the ladies) had inches of filth and grime around the floorboard and surfaces. With dirty bathrooms like that it makes me nervous about overall cleanliness.

Yahaira S.

This was the worst. If I can give a negative star I would give 5. Was hoping it would exceed my expectations but failed miserably. The worst part was that the waitress straight ou lied to my face. She goes to a table right by me who was upset that the ran of sliders that my husband had ordered. The lady got snippy and all the sudden she comes to us to say they ran out of them. We has ordered first and I asked why. She insisted it was a couple on the far end who ordered the last ones. But then our order comes out then that tables that the woman was being mean insisting they get the sliders and ... you guessed it. They got the sliders. When I asked the waitress about she gave me some lame excuse about being alone. I know for sure it was a choice and no mistake. This table I'm mentioning happens to be of white race. I'm hoping to God that has nothing to do with it, but I really dont know. Just upset and sad that mean people trump good. I continued to be nice but no tip. Upset we even paid the high price for bad food. Dino kids meal didnt even come with fries. Pulled pork was horrible. Just all around so bad.

Mark S.

Really great food. We ate there twice. Both times the food was terrific. Southwest Wrap and Thanksgiving Wrap were our favorites. Really local vibe.

Jennifer T.

Amazing restaurant! I ordered a crab cake sandwich that was divine. The atmosphere of the place was very old fashioned and beachy. Great service, and everything is very fresh. Would totally recommend.

David OBerry

Great location and cold beer what could be better

Kristine Bendler

Besy local bar ever! Awesome food!

Cathy C.

Turkey cheesesteak was great! Served on a 10" fresh roll and with chips. I split it with my husband, Larry. Perfect amount of food

Jennifer B.

We were on vacation in DC. But decided to goto the beach one day before we headed home. Our 4 year old needed to use the restroom before we headed to the beach. So I decided to check this place out to see if we would eat there after the beach. I have been in better gas station bathrooms than the women's restroom. The toilet paper was on the floor. The floor was filthy. The walls looked like they've never been washed down. There was paper towels or a wad of TP on the sink covered in soap. The toilet has a ring around it like it doesn't get cleaned so often. It smelled bad. Like urine and filth. It was so bad my 4 year old sat down at the hotel on the toilet and mentioned how disgusting the bathroom was. And a day later as we made it into a Flying J's in PA she mentioned it again and was telling her sister again how nasty it was. So if a 4 year old remembers how nasty something is, you know it's bad. So in conclusion if their bathroom was that bad I can't imagine how bad the kitchen looks. You couldn't pay me to eat here.

Katy S.

Stopped in for dinner and was disappointed. My husband ordered tuna tacos and I ordered the crab cake sandwich. Server came to table with my crab cake and stated that she did not submit my husbands order, so she would have to enter it again, which we passed on because the air conditioning was not working well and it was uncomfortable. Crab cake was over-seasoned and very salty, did not come with a remoulade so had to ask for tarter sauce to be able to eat.

Erica A.

Ordered a flight, several beers on the menu were out, and when brought to us, waitress didn't know which beer was which. Crab cake sandwich was very dry, pulled pork tacos tasted like the only seasoning was straight vinegar. Will not return.

Trent T.

I really wanted to give Gary's a great review. However, service here is below par. Meals took extremely long to come out, and the staff were disorganized at best. One surprising thing to note, the menu is certainly a modern/millennial menu. Not a lot of meat/chicken options if any really, with the exception of the cheesesteak (turkey). On the bright side, when the food did come out we enjoyed everything. From the soft shell crab, to the ravioli, pretzel rods and everything. It was hot, crunchy, and full of flavor. Gary's, get your service in check and you can be one of the main players in Dewey beach!

Ric W.

We just left Gary's disappointed! The food was horrible! My husband ordered the hummus platter and I ordered the crab cake sandwich. First, the hummus platter, no flavor, just ground up chick peas and lemon juice, no olive oil, tahinis, garlic, etc., they called it a platter, so he was expecting some olives or something with it. also came with two slices of slimy lemon. Gross, the slimy lemons with white spots were served in the glass of water too! My crab fishy I couldn't even eat it. Waiter asked how things were so we were honest, he said he's going to get the kitchen manager to come out but she never came out. The waiter came back later and told us that the kitchen manager told him that the hummus tasted fine, and the crab cakes..that it was fresh. He just said sorry and brought out our bill. We paid and left, never will we be eating here or returning to Dewey.

Deborah Caiazza

I had a nice dinner and cocktails, the food was Delicious & the cocktails. we're so good. I Love this Place first time here. I recommend Gary's Dewey Beach Grill friends and I will be back again. the service was excellent and the bartender was also excellent didn't have to wait for anything. 5 Stars Rating.

Brenda Shaffer

great food and service! highly recommend!

Steve L.

Just stopped for Drinks. The have an extensive beer menu. I believe at least 10 drafts if not more. They even have their own small batch brewery which they proudly pour. The draft menu was not just cheap everyday beers. It contained many local and regional craft beers. The server at the bar was warm and friendly and we will definitely go back. Many locals and tourist hit this place regularly. I believe it was probably the most extensive beer menu we encountered at Dewey. I may be wrong but didn't find another establishment close that beat it.

Liz Dalton

Went there this weekend. Food was amazing, beer was amazing, and service was exceptional! Will definitely be coming back!

Jeff Kemske

My friends and I have always had a great experience at Garyâ??s. Friendly staff, great food. Oh and the customers are cool too especially our gang

Anthony Ranieri

Great beers and food

Rob R.

Gary's is a Dewey beach institution. Laid back vide great drinks. The turkey burger , turkey cheesesteak, tuna and southwest chicken wrap are all outstanding for lunch. Bring a big appetite the portions are large. We always make sure to hit Gary's for lunch or dinner or just drinks when in town. Great vibe great food great service.

Tricia E.

We came across this place when looking for lunch options while visiting the beach. So glad we decided to stop at this little gem! Everything is grilled and they definitely have healthier options than most of the places on the beach. I had the turkey burger which was delicious (many times, turkey burgers tend to be dry, but this one was exactly the opposite)! My husband had the turkey cheesesteak which was also delicious and apparently what the restaurant is known for. I subbed the potato chips for homemade potato salad, which was the perfect side for my 4th of July meal! Our 3 and 1 year old truly enjoyed the face that they had crayons and a good sized kids menu (which they both ate some of the turkey burger and probably didn't need to order anything additional!) The bartender also brought them a bucket of vintage toy cars and dinosaurs to play with while they waited! This gave the hubby and I some time to enjoy our drinks-- the grapefruit crush was AMAZING (you could definitely tell that it was freshly squeezed)! They have a great beer selection as well. The policy is to go up to the counter to order before 3 pm, but the bartender saw that the line was long from people coming in off the beach who just picked up menus while in line (we were sitting at a table already) and he took my husband out of the long line and placed our order! Seriously 5 star service! We received a restaurant guide from our hotel and were very surprised that Gary's isn't in there. We are so glad we stumbled across this little gem!

Rebecca W.

O M G... Mike and Newman are so incredible, i need to have a selfie with them. Food was amazing. Beer selection was perfect, and the bloody was banging. Don't come here, because I want it all to myself and don't need them to be any busier.

Mimi I.

"It's Memorial Day weekend", she shouted after I had told her the potatoes in my potato salad were undercooked. While I can understand that this weekend is busy, I was left wondering if the waitress/bartender was tying to tell me that it took less time to cook potatoes on Memorial Day weekend than any other weekend. The " manager" came over to check in on us after the incident and made matters worse when he defended her rude remarks. The mediocre food is not worth the horrendous service.

Kristin R.

We have eaten here multiple times, both eating in and taking out, and have had good experiences each time. The food is very good, the service is always friendly and professional, and it's vegetarian and even vegan-friendly to boot! Additionally, one weekend as I was waiting for my takeout, I heard one of the bartenders chatting with a regular as if they'd known each other for years. It's clear that people who live here love this place as well - wish we didn't only get to go when we visit!

Katie D.

We stopped in here for carry out so we didn't leave the dog in the hotel too long. This is a nice little bar with some restaurant seating, I would definitely like to watch a sports game here in the future. The service was friendly and fast which was what we needed. We ordered the mozzarella cheesy bread and it was phenomenal! I had the shrimp and crab quesadilla it is was filled with lump crabmeat and freshly cooked shrimp. I was honestly surprised at the quality of the seafood. We also got an order of spinach ravioli which was mediocre, but that's to be expected when you take a vegetarian to a beach bar. We will definitely be back!

Patrick R.

Mediocre food, poor/slow service. Took a shot at this place because it was one of the few spots open in Dewey during the off-season.

Jeff Kirby

I was in a jam yesterday with my work schedule and had to grab something (I left my lunch in the office fridge in Lewes). I stopped in and ordered a turkey burger to go. When I tell you that it was the best turkey burger Iâ??ve ever had in my life, I am not exaggerating. The meat was fresh not frozen and the bun was whole grain. DELICIOUS!

Nan R.

Very beachy kind of dive bar feel, really laid back. Food was good, prices were decent. Had the Sea Scallop ragout special, delightful flavors and just the right size. Also had the Dewey Maki Roll sushi. It was just okay, but it's not like this is a speciality sushi place! My boyfriend enjoyed the catfish he ordered.

Terri L.

It is obvious there is no care about customer service. I notified the manager there is a hair on my potato chip and he simply picked the chip out and threw it across the room. I was shocked there was no replacement until I went to the counter and asked for one. There was also very disturbing blackface statue with a KFC bucket on its head. I wouldn't recommend this place for anyone on vacation and I certainly wouldn't recommend it for any people of color.

Teresa A.

Thank goodness for Gary's! Me and 3 of my girlfriends were in Dewey for a show at the Bottle and Cork and needed to grab a quick bite beforehand and ended up at Gary's. We were running a little late so we were happy to see that they had a few tables open. The server was a young guy with long curly hair, I wish I knew his name because he was the BEST and made our quick dinner memorable! We told him our situation and put in a few apps within the first 30 seconds of us sitting down. He was shocked at our quick decision making and even complimented us on ordering all this favorite things on the menu! So we got... soft pretzels with cheese, the salmon bites, the chicken quesadilla, and the seafood quesadilla. The food came out quickly and it was the perfect meal before drinking the night away! My fav was the salmon bites, it even came on a little bed of seaweed salad. The seafood quesadilla was pretty awesome as well. For just a typical bar with typical bar food it fit the bill for what we needed. Nothing super fancy or anything to write home about but it was perfect for our situation. We ended our dinner with a round of shots and headed off to the show! The next time I am in Dewey I would do this all over again!

Kirk A.

Slow service took, there were only a few customers, tool 45 min for food to come out, waitress came back 20 minutes after food delivered to bring missing item. Food quality low. Alcohol service also slow.

Andrew G.

I am a heath nut. Gary's offers a lot of healthy alternatives for beach goers. You can sit inside, outside, or at the bar. I had grilled buffalo strips as an appetizer, which was non breaded covered in a great hot sauce. For lunch I had a grilled juicy turkey burger with avocado. There were so many healthy choices that intrigued me. I will definitely be going back for another lunch, if not dinner. Definitely recommend for a healthy lunch.

Haley M.

This place was excellent! We stopped in for lunch on our way back from the beach. We both got the turkey burger meal and shared the buffalo chicken breast appetizer. We would love to do dinner here next. 5 stars!

Katelynn Layser

Just thought I would go out of my way tonight to acknowledge our experience tonight ! My family has never been to Rehobeth nor Dewey beach before , we drove the trolley to Dewey to watch the fire works , we could not find a place to eat with the kids ages 9 and 5 ! It was either an hour and half wait or fast food ! We came across Gary's and was seated right away . Our server Spence was probably the best server we had this whole vacation ! Even our oldest said mom we should leave him a great tip ! Adventure bucket is a steal , and grilled cheese was A+! Thanks for being the only restaurant that was welcoming towards our family!

Greg Angus

This place has a lot of amazing food. Stuff for a savory morning or recovery food from a good night of partying.

Lisa M.

Gary's was great! Nice patio to sit on in the warm sunny days and people watch as folks walk on and off the beach. the staff is friendly and accommodating to glutards. They have an awesome Frito-Lay walking taco bag thing (please make this a standard menu item!) that is so good!

Larry C.

As I told people before this is the best place in Dewey Beach we came down on Thursday night we left on Sunday we had dinner there on Thursday and Friday lunch on Saturday then we went across the street to the starboard and then we went next door to their new Raw Bar and then bar and then we went to Jimmy's Grill bar Nunn Gary's is by far the best place in Dewey Beach we just love it to death the people were great atmosphere is beautiful what else could you ask for best healthy food during the beach try their turkey burger or turkey cheese steak it's the real deal Jack ..

Trevor W.

My wife and I picked this place by default (other places had lines) and had an enjoyable dinner. Shared our first Natty Boh and had great service. The fish tacos and salmon bites were excellent main dishes. We had the cornbread appetizer, and while it was more than adequate, it was pretty bland and seemed like it came out of a box kit like you'd do at home. Our entrees were about $12 each. Overall, 3 and a half stars, we'd likely dine here again if we were staying longer.

Alycia P.

I was expecting this place to be better given other reviews and that it's at the beach and this review only lost stars because of the food. The atmosphere is great, you can sit inside or outside, it's the perfect Dewey beach feel no matter where you sit. The staff is friendly. But the food was lacking. I got a crab cake sandwich that was just okay for me. I already had higher expectations being at the beach, but I've even had better crab cakes in non beach towns. The grilled cheese was pretty good. This is definitely a place to go to chill with a beer and some munchies by the beach rather than expecting top notch food.

Jennifer P.

Awesome! It's totally unassuming with amazing food and awesome beer selection. Totally friendly staff and they make you feel welcome and very attentive! Food: best turkey burger I have ever had. Amazing flavors and so juicy!! Their jambalaya rivals anything out of New Orleans! Seriously tasty and full of flavor. Beer: tons of local stuff and your standards. Huge selection and they will let you taste before you buy. Seriously a new 'go to' for us! Relaxed, comfortable, great food, great ambience - love it!

Perri Silver

Great create your own breakfast wraps