Applebee's Grill + Bar

320 Dove Run Centre Dr, Middletown
(302) 449-0234

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Jennie Mills

We tried to go yo chilis twice, but they wouldn't take us or lied about wait times. Applebee's took us in and we really had a good time. We had a party of 12 so it was a lot for one server, but he did great.

Terry Herd

The food was decent, the service was terrible our server was very unfriendly and didn't seem to want to wait on our table. We had to wait for a table of six to leave so we could sit at that table, it took our server and another girl 10 minutes to clean the table off so we could sit down. This younger generation wants top pay but don't want to work for it

Beatrice Berkley

Much better this time. Bryant was very nice.

Lawrence XtremCreamer

The young man that waited on us was very attentive and not over bearing. His customer service is what good service looks like. we will return again and ask to be seated in his section even if we have to wait. Good choice to the manager that hired him.Mt. Man

Tim Butler

The food was aweful (my fish and chips was very greasy and my wife's salad was wilted and very soggy) and the service was mediocre at best. We had to wait 20 minutes to be seated when only 10 other tables had people at them and my wife had to pour her own Marg (the server dropped off an empty glass and the shaker and then turned around and left). The Marg had way to much sour mix in it as well. The place looked clean enough but had a faint musty/mildewy smell inside like a dirty college bar.

Jazzie Tribbett

Clean friendly staff. Although my fries was a little salty food came out in a timely matter and everything else was delicious.

Lorna Kozlowski

The last time I went to any Applebee's was 7 years ago, and I swore I would never go to one again. I thought 7 years was enough time to give it another chance, but I was clearly wrong. We only went there because it was 8:30 pm, and most of the other restaurants around were closing. I thought at a restaurant closing at 11:00 pm would be able to handle a table of 4, I was wrong! Upon arrival, we were told there was a 10 minute wait, unless we wanted a Hightower table at the bar. This is with several visible booths and tables open. The wait was not due to social distancing, but instead to server rotation. Having worked in the restaurant industry as a server and hostess, this was just silly and easily solved, but we chose to wait and try to support an industry struggling to recover after the pandemic. When we were eventually seated, we were given 2 menus because they stated they were low on menus. So an establishment that wasn't even close to capacity didn't have enough menus for for patrons. Once our order was finally taken we were notified after our appetizers came that they were out of mashed potatoes. We easily substituted french fries. If it ended there we would have just eaten and gone about our business. Sadly that wasn't the case. The server then returned 10 minutes later to inform us they were out of their Bourbon sauce, which impacted 3 of our 4 meals. By they way, when we originally placed our order they knew they were out of the pepper sauce that was supposed to go on the chicken that was supposed to go on the Mac & Cheese with chicken. That worked out well because we didn't want that sauce. Now, we DID want the Bourbon sauce and they ran out. Let's review, had to wait unnecessarily, not enough menus, longer wait time for the server, no pepper sauce, no mashed potatoes, and no Bourbon sauce. We asked to speak to the manager and were told they weren't able to speak to us and we could just go. I know the pandemic is an easy excuse, but that's no excuse for poor planning and management.

Honestly Speaking

Covid is doing a number on staffing. We waited for our server who was busy watching tv.

Lynnet Delaney

Its applebees.. It is what it is. I like the food and go often. Last time I went with my bff we were rushed out and it was not busy. Will it stop me from going? Hell no. Its applebees!

Clarence Emerson

Sierra the bar tender is awesome. The place is always a great time

Bubba Ivey

Food good. Service good. We came in late.

Bethann Folwell

Service was fair.Food came out warm not hot. Coffee was sent back also was not hot

Julia S.

If I could rate this place zero stars I would. So unorganized. If you don't want to serve people until midnight then close earlier. Not consistent with seating. One day you can sit 6 people at a table the next the manager screams at you for having 5 people. Ridiculous, rude to customers, not friendly, mean, hurtful, and unprofessional. Will be taking my business and friends elsewhere.

Colleen Garnett

Had dinner with my family last night. Food and service was outstanding.

Kristina Chanoux

We checked in, (were a family of five, twins & an older son) we were told it was 10-15 minute wait (okay no big deal) after carrying our car seats again the second time, the manager was highly rude talking across the room saying she couldnt make the room for us due to our car seats. The manager never came up to us to apologize. We ended up without food and very unhappy. Dear Applebees... Please learn to accept large families!!!!!

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