Caruso's Bistro

Shopping Center, 264 Dove Run Centre Dr, Middletown
(302) 449-0000

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This is our go-to take out Italian place. Pizza is very good, dishes are also very good, especially the gnocchi which we get with meat sauce. We enjoy the apps including the wings, calamari, mozzarella sticks. Taking off 1 star because the salads leave much to be desired and occasionally they rush the pizzas and they are a bit underdone. May start requesting our pies well done.

Deb Schmidt

Delicious pizza, we love the sauce they use & it's cooked perfectly, we will be back

Rachel Mannlein-Hochman

First time eating here. Our server Faith was great! She was polite and friendly and very attentive. The food was OK. We had Chicken cutlet parmesean. Breading wasn't bad, sauce was OK, cheese was OK. Penne pasta was al dente, which is what we like. Cold antipasta salad was OK and they will even chop it up if you'd like. We've taken out pizza before and sauce wasn't great. Definitely better pizza in the area. Overall, it wasn't the best Italian food we've ever had, but OK for the area. One of the things that really bothered us was not all the servers wore masks. We also witnessed one server pull her mask down, wipe the sweat from her face with her hand and then proceed to cut up a tomatoes without washing her hands first. Even without a present pandemic, this was disturbing. Needless to say we won't be returning.

Amana C.

Average pizza. Pizza is thin nyc style but lacks taste. Felt like I was just eating dough.

Steven Crampton

Best NY style pizza in town (tied, of course with their sister restaurant Luna’s). Excellent cheesesteaks, etc. I have never been disappointed and you won’t be either.

Matty A

Had Caruso’s pizza last night and came down with the worst case of food poisoning of my life. I have never been sicker and now I don’t think I’ll eat pizza again for a long time.

Shawneece H.

We made this our stop before a Saturday night movie. This is a small location, but we got there when is was not a lot of others dining in. Their pick up service seem to be jumping! The crazy crab fries were just what I needed to hit my craving for some good fries! Perfect amount of crab, bacon, and cheese. Would definitely order again. The penne although it was just broccoli and spinach did not have alot of flavor! The oil and garlic were about it. Now the Cavatelli Alla Caruso seemed to be much better. Lots of sausage were provide and the portion was perfect. I hope to give this establishment another try as they have a huge variety. When I do (or you) I would recommend the pizza which seemed to be a hit with my son! No photos since he ate it so quickly, but I will say these a big slices.

E P.

I dined in. No table service. Food tastes awful. I had a pasta dish. Sauce is not good. Believe me..... I know Italian food and this is no where near tasty. Nice enough people, but, I will not return. If pasta sauce was bad, pizza can't be good.

Amber D.

Update: I went to this establishment on 06-10-21 with my daughter and ordered penne vodka, 3 orders of garlic knots, and a slice of pepperoni pizza to go. While we were waiting my daughter asked if we could eat in and I stated she could sit down for a few minutes, but we couldn't stay long due to another engagement. We received our order and sat down and the cook behind the counter called out something to grab my attention to ask if we knew we were going to eat in, and I proceeded to say no. He stated the next time we were going to eat in to say something because he didn't want to waste to-go containers unnecessarily. I asked him how it was a waste when I'm a paying customer and he stated people just leave containers laying around the tables. I felt very targeted as an African American female with their child at this establishment. This is an example of blatant discrimination. I don't know what his title is or if he is an owner, but I urge him to take a customer service class expeditiously because that was horrible. I've never been treated so horrible at this establishment. I will never return and have already told my family and friends about my experience and will continue to urge people not to patronize this establishment. Take it from me and take your business elsewhere. It's a shame because I've been to this establishment several times. After consuming half of our meals, I packed up our meals in the bags and asked him how the containers he gave us a waste and he proceeded to say well you didn't waste them on this instance. Instead he should have apologized for his accusatory behavior and placing me in a category of others. Take your business elsewhere where you're appreciated. If he is not the owner I would to have a conversation with the owner because his discrimination will negatively impact the business.

Mark Guthrie

Good food good people definitely one of the better Italian places in MiddletownThey definitely have their moments but who doesn't?! However if you bring it to their attention they definitely rectify it immediately so don't hesitate to say something we go there every week

David P

Though we have ordered takeout over the past year, we finally dropping in for dinner. We opted to share the Old Bay Fries as an appetizer They arrived crisp and hot.....though could have used a bit more old bay seasoning. We commented as to how nice it was to get hot crisp freshly prepared fries....rather than ones which had sat under a heat lamp for too long. Two personal-sized combo and one Caruso's proved to be quite generous in size, though a bit of sauce on the inside would have helped a bit. There was generous quantity of marinara for dipping. Server Paola was friendly and timely. We would certainly dine in again.


Everytime I get something from here its on point I never have a disappointing from here the clams burdella pizza is phenomenal it has all the right things on it...and I love their cheese steaks awesome place to eat

Nathan Spagnolo

Best pizza in Middletown. Highly recommend any one of their white (bianco) pizzas

David Matthews

My brother in law, my sister and two of my cousins have been recommending Caruso's pizza to me for months. They said their specialty pizzas were out of this world but their sauce is a little on the sweet side. Today, I finally decided to try. Best Buffalo chicken slice I ever had, however, not hot enough after reheating. Also bought 2 slices of regular cheese and I must agree, way too much sugar in the pizza sauce. The sugar was overwhelming in every bite. IMO, Pizza sauce should have a little tangy kick and the sugar hit my pallet immediately. Would have given 4-5 stars but the sugar and the temp was the killer here.

becki j

Ordered over the phone then when I got there added a pizza to the order, when I came back they yelled at me stating I could not order over the phone then add to my order. When I got home and looked at the pizza the crust was so large it was 1/4 of a slice of pizza. Got 2 little Buffalo chicken pizza roll ups to eat while I waited on my add on pizza to be cooked they heated them up and they were still ice cold in the middle the flavor was good where it was warm. The food was ok not great.

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