Jersey Mike's Subs

1004-D Bunker Hill Rd, Middletown
(302) 378-9200

Recent Reviews

Victor C.

Love that this business is here in Middletown. The food is delicious and the service is great. Every time I go in they remember who I am and what I want to order. The staff is friendly and professional. The place is always clean.

Lia Johnson

Didn’t even get a chance to order my food I walk in and was immediately got glowering stares not a hello or a hi or anything . I didn’t even feel comfortable ordering my food I just left. Will not return.

Gillis Da Kid

This place cannot get orders right. I gave them 3 chances and every single time they fail. I didn’t feel like driving back to the store for my money back, I just give up at this point. I had to throw my food away because it was so disgusting.

Karen Pfost

Terrible!!! Veggie sub with only two thin strips of green pepper, the rest was swiss and provolone cheese. What's veggie mean????cheese steak not tasty either. Called Middletown store and not customer friendly. Never again.

Polly Podgorski

We ordered subs for pick up today for dinner at home. We have ordered from here many times and have had good ones and fair ones. Today we had the very best we have ever had. Everything tasted fresh and delicious with just the right amount of each ingredient. My husband gets his with oil and I don’t know what someone did differently today but it did not get soggy after sitting in our refrigerator for 3 hours. When I went in the worker must have been taking a break but she still acknowledged me and asked if I was there for a pick up… still working! I just wanted to write this review as wanted Jersey Mikes and the workers there…and customers…to know that this staff is doing a great job! Thanks!

Shelby King

Tonight was my first time here. The staff was super friendly, very clean establishment, food was delicious the bread was the best! Will be back!

James Miller

Amazing place. Great subs. Bread is made fresh. Fast and Great employees. I 100% recommend if you are in the area

Kelly Smithers

I love Jersey Mike’s subs! I am in the Middletown store all the time normally during the day and the same two ladies are always there. I’m always greeted soon as I come in door, always great energy, sandwiches are amazing and no matter how busy it is those two rock it out! One of them gave my daughter a cookie for after lunch and it made her day! It’s the small things! Customer forever!!

James Williams

Excellent sandwiches and friendly staff at this location ??If you want to keep the carbs down, order their Sub in a Tub. It's the best salad in town!

Chris Leonard

I walked in last Saturday night (11/13) at 8:37pm. The store closes at 9pm. As soon as I walked in, I could tell that I wasn't get a sub just by the looks on the 3 employees faces who were standing around doing nothing and the one that was finishing cleaning up the slicer, I asked politely, "I guess you guys are closed?" to which the one cleaning the slicer said "pretty much." I typically eat here about twice a month but will not do so in the future because of this experience. Ironically, I drove down the road to Wawa and got a sub made in less than 5 minutes and every person behind the counter was working hard AND had masks and gloves on, which is hit or miss with Jersey Mike's in my experience. I won't be back again.

Christopher Foster

They have a hard-working ,friendly staff who go out of their way to make sure that you get what you want, a delicious , wholesome sandwich !I love all their products, they are delicious !!

Demetrius Mitchell

Absolutely love this place!! The manager Shannon is amazing and so friendly! She is a breath of fresh air in a world of complete chaos. She is a real asset to this company with her upbeat personality and happy demeanor. I will be back!! Thanks for the great service you have a customer for life!!

Trey Nelson

I literally go here every day and have still have never had a bad sub! As soon as you walk through the door you are met with the friendliest people in Middletown! Always a highlight of my day.

bob hairgrove

Never been here and won't go.. I've seen their subs. Nothing like a real sub shop.

Joshua Bynum

Great experience. I never realized everything's freshly sliced and that's awesome. The sandwich was delicious.

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