Los Machados Mexican Restaurant

600 N Broad St, Middletown
(302) 378-1677

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Francesca Stewart

The food here is really good. I got the chimichanga deep fried and the cheesy sauce was sooo good. My dad got the chimichanga regular and he really enjoyed it. The only issue I have is the portion size for the salsa and chips. If I ordered for my dad and I together, it was just one small order of salsa and chips. I had to place two separate orders to get two individual salsa and chips and they're still really small. If we sat down we would have eaten way more salsa and chips and it's not like we pay less for takeout. The salad was small too. But the staff is nice.Parking: Free parkingWheelchair accessibility: I think they have a ramp

Ryan Emerick

The atmosphere is fantastic. Planned on trying all their margaritas, but fell in love with the mojitos instead. Couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat, so I got the Sample Los Machados. Now, I really don’t know. All of it was delicious and reasonably priced. Will probably go with the burrito next time. Told my gf the only thing I’d want to add is a bar… there’s a bar. Can’t wait to go back. Considering making this “our place”

Chandler Williams

What may have been a manager or bartender in a pink shirt was very rude and short with my friends and I. I love the food but I won't be coming back. I asked for a different drink because I didn't like the one I received and was given attitude and scolded for "wasting liquor." I am a bartender myself and I would never ever talk to a person that way. When my friends asked for something to come on the side instead of on top she acted as if it was inconvenient. We have had a server who has done so for us before but unfortunately didn't have them this time. I can find better drinks and service elsewhere. I wish it wasn't so.

Marsha A.

Awesome food and service. Staff is so very kind and portions were huge. This is one of my favorite places to eat at!

Michele Elliott

I eat here often and food is always good and spicy enough for my taste. My only complaint is the plates come out very hot, but food is often just lukewarm... would rather have food piping hot, not a plate that burns your hands.

S Davis

We loved this place! The drinks were delicious and fresh (they actually put alcohol in them) the food was great and the ambiance was pleasant. Great fast service as well. We would definitely go there again!!

clinton french

We had a party of 9 and a few things were going wrong to start. However, because our server was new we showed her some grace, and we had to pack a little patience. I ordered an appetizer of cheese dip, the first one was wrong and second one was very watery. I explained to our server that I liked a more thickened cheese dip, and she agreed that it was watery (like milk). She told the manager my concern, and asked him if he would explain the different cheese sauces. All I was asking for was a thicker cheese dip, NOT A REFUND. The Manager refused to come to our table, and he was also rude to the server. We still tipped the server, and we DO NOT recommend this place. We paid for our drinks, and left. Very poor customer service!

Rich S.

Depends on what meal you get.... some are good but others like the carnitas are dry. Carnitas platters are usually my favorite but here there was no fat on the pork and it was very dry... but other things on the menu are decent.

William H

Had a very nice experience when we went for dinner. Food was very good and service was excellent and attentive. The star of the evening was the tortilla soup with chicken. Tasty broth, lots of chicken and rice, along with a plate of add-ins -- the tortilla strips, onions, Jalapeños and cilantro -- allowing one to make the soup their own.

Candida Gonzalez

Horrible! It was our first time there & really hoped to love it. Decorated nicely, very colorful but the food was dry, obviously nuked, which the cook denied when we complained. The portions are huge but we couldn’t eat it. Awful food. They do well to reduce the portions, make fresh food that is not dry, reduce the items on the menu. The frozen margarita had no alcohol, it was just a frozen strawberry drink. Horrible! We will steer everyone we know from there! If I could do no stars I would.

Carmen Stine

We went there for the first time yesterday, hoped to love it but it was disgusting. The food was so dry, obviously nuked, although the cook denied it when we complained, we couldn’t eat it. The frozen margarita had no alcohol in it, just a frozen strawberry drink. It was horrible, never again & will steer everyone away from there! Stay away from this place unless you love dry nuked food!

SimoneSweet Eats

The food tasted like nothing no flavor. Everyone loves the taco salad for the shell as you can see mines in swiming. The server was good.

Nick T

Food was solid, atmosphere is nice, service could improve

Hërô Hïm Zêlf

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Andrew L

There are other Mexican restaurants closer to where we live but we have started driving through Middletown to eat here because we thought it was somehow better, but after several visits I can say it's just as average as almost any other Mexican restaurant around. The atmosphere is fun and the staff has always been very pleasant here, and the food is what it is. It usually arrives at our table quickly but there is nothing special about the flavors. If you ask me for a recommendation I would say "yes, go here" You won't be disappointed.

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Los Machados Mexican Restaurant

600 N Broad St, Middletown, DE 19709
(302) 378-1677