Seasons Pizza

528 Middletown Warwick Rd, Middletown
(302) 376-7474

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Beatrice Berkley

The girl got my order wrong this time

Jimmy G.

I really enjoyed the cheese steak sandwich. I thought it was delicious!! One of the best Cheese Steaks I have ever had believe it or not. The steak was fresh, the cheese was good and I added Jalapeños and mushrooms and mayonnaise. I asked for lettuce but they gave me tomatoes instead. I rate the over all Sandwich a 8.1. I am a hard grader. I enjoyed it more than Jersey Mike's and WaWa.

ArtBuscar Parker

I dined in here the evening of Tuesday July 6th for ONLY an order of spaghetti & a glass of water. When I got my bill I was charged $2.29 for the water! What the...???

James J

Good food, at a great price (even though the prices just went up), when they get the order right!My standard (2-topping) pizza order is mushroom and Canadian bacon (aka ham, although they are not quite the same thing - Canadian bacon is a type of ham, but there are many types, and many pizza places offer both), but out of the five or six times I've ordered from there, twice I've gotten mushrooms and regular bacon - NOT what I ordered!

William Reed

Don't make the mistake of thinking the food tastes like middletown pizza because it doesn't. The cheesesteaks suck now. Why you stop using shredded chicken!

Domingo Almodovar

It's about Time season pizza came to Middletown welcome to Middletown we love you and the pizza and food is great


Not good. The medium pizzas are the size of a personal pizza. The panini I ordered was barely toasted and was all bread! It looked like it was slapped together, with barely anything on it. The whole order was a complete waste of money.

Leticia S.

The pizza was delicious! The service amazing. The restaurant is very stylish. But can't say the same for the wings. Sorry. They tasted good but not what I expected. I would still come back again for the pizza!

Liss Guerron

Good food, great staff, never a bad experience with Seasons! Thank you for the awesome service and many meals you have provided for my family!

Chuupaa C.

We ordered their stuffed steak pizza and added pepperoni and oregano to it. The pizza came with just the steak. Their idiot kitchen staff ignored the order and basically made a standard stuffed steak pizza instead of what we ordered. When I called, the only thing they were willing to do was make another one correctly and bring it to us... IN AN HOUR. The right thing to do (since it was YOUR mistake) would've been to make it and bring it out immediately, instead of putting us back in your queue as if we were a brand new order. Why should we have to wait the full amount of time twice due to your incompetence? Well, your incompetence and lack of customer service has now lost you someone who had been a frequent customer since you opened. Congratulations idiots. Advice to anyone in Middletown, DE looking for good food, good customer service, and competent staff.... Go somewhere else.

Debbie Gawel

We orders 3 items. I went over the order twice with the young man that took the phone order. My husband arrives they can't find 2 of the 3 items ordered they look all over and tell my husband they have to remake the 2 sandwiches.,The manager was rude and never apologized for the issue or inconvenience for my husband having to wait 45 additional minutes. We get the order home and it was not right. What happen to apology's or accountability. Needless to say we will not spend another dime in that restaurant. The food not that great anyway.

Chris C.

You have to try their salads!! Honestly the absolute best! I have had the chicken salad salad twice and tonight tried the antipasto salad. It had tons of Italian meat and cheese with fresh, crisp vegetables. Their salads also come with a delicious homemade roll that has a sea salt top. Perfect. We also tried the meatball Parmesan sandwich. It too was fantastic. I am so happy Seasons is in town!

Angel Billhimer

Awesome pizza and salad ?. We will be back.

Nannette Case

Very pleasant new owner to the area came out and introduce himself to me n I ordered the wrong pizza not realizing the size he told me not to worry and made me another pie and gave me the one I originally ordered at no charge


Ordered x-hot wings from there..wings are ok but the x-hot is weak! It taste like your eating mild wings no spiciness whatsoever....and $10.99 for 8 wings is kind of pricey.

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