Papa Johns Pizza

386 E Main St, Middletown
(302) 449-2188

Recent Reviews

Leon Jackson

The food was fine, but this location was playing loud rap music with explicit lyrics, including the use of the “N” word. Completely unprofessional, this area is not the hood. I’m glad I left my son waiting in the car.

Marcus Beevfe

Believe it or not the football pizza comes uncut!? On top of that the driver achieved some g force while driving here, so pizza looked very discombobulated. This caused us to use our hand like animals!??. Overall good experience but would not recommend.

Donald Lee

I’m tired of people making fun of me I’m tired of people give me dirty funny looks when I pick up orders for DoorDash making me feel uncomfortable I don’t care if people don’t like me but I’m not gonna be treated with disrespect and people being ignorant towards me I’m not gonna stand for that.

Derek Long

Order from here all the time, how do you constantly get the sauce option wrong? Asked for Honey Mustard, you deliver marinara sauce! Ridiculous.

Dae Park

This place is a solid 4.. possibly 4.5 stars.The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because the girl couldn't figure out how to put the order in... so I ended up doing it myself online. Still she was very friendly.The crew here look like they work together very well. They're fast and efficient.Oh.. lastly, my pie came out a bit thin. I've had Papa Johns in the past, and I've never gotten a pizza that was close to paper thin. Too thin to eat without folding it.. this was odd to me.

Bill Bill

Just received two medium pizzas with mushrooms and ground beef. At least that is what I ordered. There is not enough toppings on both pizzas for a slice, much less two full pizzas. They should be ashamed!

Gary Sharp

Papa johns is decent. I am not a huge fan but it's not bad. I don't order from here enough to base an opinion on the service.

Philana N.

Pick up is better than delivery here. I liked this location until I received my pizza with some of it missing. Probably wont do business at this location anymore.

Maia M.

I'm a big Papa John's fan but this location is awful. We online ordered a pizza at approx 9:30pm. The pizza sat in "boxing in progress" step for about 45 min. I called, no answer. By this time, the location was closed. 1 hour and 15 minutes later, they cancelled the order, no explanation or communication. Then, our doorbell rings at 11:30pm, waking up the entire house. A guy brought the pizza saying "I felt bad, the deliver drivers argued back and forth because nobody wanted to deliver it. I paid for it with my own money." We only live 10-15 min from the store. I also don't think he paid for it because the order was cancelled. I think we got cheated out of $25 and I requested online to be contacted by management. It's been 3 weeks since that incident, nobody has reached out.

Priya D.

Ordered veggie pizzas and received one with sausage on it. The lady had hard time accepting that it it possible but pls pls pls learn to respect cultures. If that's too hard... only paying attention to what someone ordered would help. Zero Stars from me !!!

alter_ egg0

I didn't order pizza, which explains why my order was not wrong, but I ordered pizza a couple days ago at around 2:30... I do have some complaints, however:1.) When I first ordered for delivery, for about 45 minutes, it showed up as "ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIME: NOT AVAILABLE", so I tried calling but apparently they were "closed" despite the delivery time being between the time I ordered.2.) After 45 minutes of waiting for the delivery time to show up, it showed as 36 minutes approximately for delivery. TELL ME WHY IT TOOK THEM OVER AN HOUR TO DELIVER MY FOOD. I don't even live that far from the delivery place.3.) I ordered some jalepeno rolls without meat, and I didn't get meat luckily, the food was O.K. quality, BUT I suggest adding more cream cheese to your rolls, they tasted kinda dry.Overall O.K. this time compared to previous experiences, but please take a faster time with delivery.

Olugbenga Daniel Fatoba

Within 10 minutes, my delicious and tasty Pizza was ready! The lady who took my order was really pleasant. I thoroughly enjoyed this meal, will definitely stop by again soon...

karen marion

Ordering was easy, the new drive up pick up was great, the man even said have a blessed day! Will def be back

Nasir D.

I don't know what's goin at this location but it definitely fell off I paid for 2 mediums pizzas and it looked more like 2 smalls not to mention whoever made this pizzas clearly didn't get the memo on how to make 1 slices were uneven random big and small slice and further more it looked like someone just smashed it down and threw sauce and cheese and sent it thru the oven a very unsatisfied

Leon M.

I placed an order at 7:33pm on Saturday February 19, 2022. It is now 9:30pm and no food was delivered. I telephoned the store and was simply given the run around. Very unprofessional and simply a waist of time.

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