Shing Kwong Restaurant

307 N Broad St, Middletown
(302) 378-7939

Recent Reviews

Linda Laird

Ordered 2 Beef fried rice...there were 5 pcs of beef in one pint, 4 in the other and the rice was mushy. Very disappointed.

Kelly Jackson

One of the best Chinese food you'll ever taste.

Brownee Dixon

The food was horrible I would never go again I wish I could them no stars

Klassic Man

Shing Kwong Restaurant is located at 307 N. Broad Street, Middletown, DE 19709. It is one of the best restaurants locally for authentic Chinese cuisine. Shing Kwong has an awesome selection of delicious food. The staff is always friendly and welcoming to the customers. The prices are unbeatable. I definitely recommend Shing Kwong Restaurant the next time you're in the mood for Chinese food.

Reina Masuda

We chose our entree from a picture on the lunch specials menu, but confusingly, the picture was not from the lunch specials menu. We were made to pay about 1.5 times the price because of this.I had the shrimp pad thai which was very soggy and sweet. I felt sick after eating half of it. I like Chinese food and eat it often, but the food at this restaurant was not good.


It was a last minute decision to get Chinese food for dinner, and we're extremely glad we chose to order from this restaurant. We're new to the area and this is our new go to Chinese food place. Food was ready fast and by far the best tasting I have had in a long time... We will definitely be returning


They always get my order correct, and have generous portions. Very good prices for how much you get too! Personally love their wontons and steamed dumplings, I get them every time I order! Highly recommend!

Michael X

We went there for the first time to order take out last night. Nobody was wearing a mask despite it being required. Even the customers weren't wearing a mask. They didn't care when I asked why nobody was wearing a mask. Anyway now to the food. It was not very good. I ordered the Kung Pao Shrimp and all I got was a bunch of celery and 4 or 5 shrimp plus a couple of random pieces of mushroom slices. It tasted like something I would make if I bought the sauce at the grocery store. We also got the Won Ton soup which was awful and we put it in the dog's bowl, she wouldn't eat it either. So, we ended up only eating a little of the food, which included Pad Thai (also awful), and threw it away. So $55 donated to an awful restaurant....

Cheryl Lawrence

My shrimp egg foo young had A PIECE OF STEEL WOOL COOKED IN IT !!!I called store next day nothing was done about it

Honest Dollar Services

Always a good pick in town.

Nitra Aiken

Wow best asian food i have had. Everything is fresh and the taste wonderful. U can tell they cook on a clean grill. This is my new go to...thank you best fried rice i have had

Mike Smith

Always have chicken and rice soup when the weather is nasty.... love it. :-)

eileen Abbey

Ordered 4 combination platters from them and the rice was not edible. They offered to bring back more rice or give me a credit. I asked for a credit and they offered me $9. Will never buy anything from them again.

Cloud9 V.

This place is actually really good. The food took a little longer than expected to deliver, but it was worth the wait. I got the vegetable fried rice and it was so flavorful and delicious. Eat here!

Karen C.

Looks great but the food is lacking. Nothing really wrong with it except the effort to make it better for the cost you pay. For example I got cheese crab dumplings that most places would get a wonton wrapper put a dab of cheese crab mixture in the center and fold up the side so you have something simar to a tulip shape, then deep fry. Not here. They used a egg roll wrap dabbed some crab cheese mix in the center folded it flat then deep fried. It didn't have the crispness or the dipping power as the other shape did. The lo main noodles lacked texture and yhe wonton soup has no flavor. I had high hopes based on reviews but nope will not be back.

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