Stoltzfus BBQ

701 N Broad St, Middletown
(302) 285-0866

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Andrew L

Beyond their meats, which are all amazing, they offer a variety of excellent side dishes. Their recipes are all so delicious. It's also nice to see the entire family involved helping to run the business. We always look forward to the special occasions when they roast an entire pig. This is a very special place indeed.

Ms. F.

THE GOOD The business is run by the Amish community. Such wonderful, kind, smiling, friendly, helpful people. So nice and refreshing to do business with them. The food is plentiful in variety from raw cuts for home cooking, to freshly made fried chicken, ribs, sides, etc. It looks clean. THE BAD The BBQ place here is inside the Country Market in Middletown... fine, but so, so, so, so busy/packed every time I have been (which really takes away the fun of exploring). They're only open a few days of the week, so everyone rushes in for their shopping. In COVID standing crowded with people isn't my idea of wonderful, or worth the visit tbh (not their fault). Also a long wait for your order with the crowds. THE UGLY Food sells fast... like lightening fast. So if you don't want slim pickins, you'll need to plan for an earlier arrival. I want so badly to give 5 golden stars, but I gave 3 for kindness, cleanliness, customer service, friendly smiles. But... in my opinion, the food I have tried I wasn't pleased with (fried chicken, some sides, ribs). The stated meat was without much flavor to me, and the ribs were NOT smoked, they tasted like they were made in the oven. While I appreciated the work put into serving myself, and all customers, and for the food itself (I know some people in the world don't have that), I just cannot honestly say it was phenomenal. It wasn't. I needed to dress up the flavor of the meat quite a bit. I made additional trips to offer more chances, but sadly without redemption. If I was super hungry and wanted food in that area I may consider it, but I won't plan any return trips to this BBQ establishment. They do stay very busy, so the public must really like their food, but try for yourself, this is just an honest review from a serious foodie.


Stopped by on the weekend since they were having a PIG roast. We ordered a couple of the pulled pork sliders. We requested the sauce on the side. Portion sizes of the sliders are a little on the small side, but decent for a snack. Pork is tender and flavorful. I like their BBQ sauce, but it has a heavy hint of mustard so IF you don't like mustard then it might not be to your liking. Prices have gone up. I remember when sliders used to be under $2. Sliders are now double that at close to $4. Overall, service was fast and staff was friendly. Their pig roasts are a nice treat as they are only offered every once in a while on a weekend. Pulled pork is excellent. Only downside is the increase in pricing. I don't think a slider is worth $4.

William Sheppard

Fantastic BBQ spot! Very clean and staff are more then helpful. Would recommend their wings, specifically the Cajun and Smoked wings, over any place in DE. Will be back to try more then just their wings.

Bernadette S.

We stopped going because MANY vendors don't wear masks although the state requires it.

Chelsea N.

When visiting my family, I decided to go out here. I loved it! There's a handful of different vendors-- a butcher, dairy, flowers, produce, BBQ. All the food I bought was delicious and fresh. I went on Thursday and it wasn't too busy versus the busy weekend days. With covid going on I felt better going on Thursday. Most of the workers wore masks. I didn't like that some of them weren't wearing them. Made me really uncomfortable.

Shardai G.

A Dutch Farmers market with meats, fruits, baked goods, and variety clothing. I didn't get to really look at each stand as I only came for donuts. The donuts were good, however they were a bit underwhelming when comparing it to some reviewers. I've had some great donuts (Yum Yum's in PA) and they are still winners. Yet, it's good to know that you can get some solid donuts in the neighborhood from Dutch farmers market in Middletown.

Christina D.

This place is amazing! Such variety in foods, produce, baked goods and more! Love their freshly made pretzels, so soft and buttery and with great selections ranging from classic to pretzel filled with crab. The pickles are are filled with fresh and varied pickles including pickled sausage! Donuts are to die for: soft and floods and delicious. I dream about this place.

Kimberly Wiltbank

Great food and fast counter service!

Mi S

Extremely friendly, helpful people. The whole chicken we bought today was the best, and I mean, the absolute best, we have ever purchased. Moist, juicy and perfectly seasoned. No more supermarket roasted chickens for us! Everything else pales by comparison. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Amazing seasoning--perfect, not overdone, not underdone, not too spicy, not too bland, just absolutely perfect.

Steve C.

Ducked in on a donut mission and it was a smashing success! Here's why: * This place is regionally renowned * Locally legendary * Decadent, home made, hand made, locally sourced, and creative donut selection * Continuously made, never STALE! * Made by hand with donut chopsticks, see photo! * Lots of baked pies adjacent! * Cookies, too! * Pretzels as wells. * Operated by the Pennsylvania Dutch * Great lighting, great presentation, clean operation Some of my favorite donut flavors: * Key-Lime frosted * Maple Bacon * Cinnamon Swirlys * Chocolate Coconut Glazed Holy Barn-Ass, Batman, am I glad I don't live nearby to this gem.I would be a sexier size larger or two. Whew! Congrats and kudos to the operation for running a top notch business here. Something to be proud of. The places costs more than other donut places you have probably experienced, but so worth the extra pennies. Cabeza OUT!

Alicia M.

We love the pretzels and donuts. Can't find any better than here. I love the pig roast and mashed potatoes. They have this only on the first weekend of the month. We recently decided to order a sheet cake for my sons birthday. We got half a sheet cake and it was very reasonably priced. They had me text a picture so they could see an example of what I wanted. They were able to create exactly what my son wanted for his birthday.

Ruben Kelly

Excellent food

Valerie S.

Nice little farmer's market with some good stuff to choose from. We only bought soft pretzels (which came with a free iced coffee!) on this trip and they were delish. I'm sure we'll stop in again sometime to try more of their stuff.

Bill Master

Fresh fantastic home cooking to go. Highly recommend the food. Staff is kind, friendly and happy to help

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