Sweet Melissa Bakery

5407 Peterson Rd, Middletown
(302) 376-5049

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Amy Boylan

This place was beautifully decorated for the holidays. The staff was nice. That had a tone of pastries, ranging from macarons to cupcakes, even while cakes. They also had quite a few gluten free options as well! I also got a latte and a drip coffee that were pretty good.

Jose Del Angel

Oh my god I love this place and will definitely be going back for more!! I bought the Watermelon Mint and Berry Refreshers they were so freaking good!!! And the cookies!!! The cookies!!! Love them super cute!!!P.S. Almost forgot we also bought a Birthday cake so freaking cute!!!

Larisha Davis

Melissa and her team created the most amazing cake for my son’s birthday!! My expectations were high, but she and her team exceeded them a hundred times over. Not only did the cake look amazing, it tasted even better! I have a family fullof picky cake eaters and I can never seem to purchase a birthday cake that pleases the entire crowd, but that finally changed this year. Everyone loved it! The attention to detail blew my mind too! The cake was an Avengers theme and they went above and beyond to place the corresponding symbols for each avenger next to each section of the cake! Thanks a million times over to Melissa and her team for such an amazing cake!

Chris Coffield

I purchased some of the Hocus Pocus treats and we can't wait to have them this weekend while watching Hocus Pocus 2!!! I'm sure they'll be as delicious as all of her treats are! ??‍♀️???

Marsha A.

Melissa's used to be very good but the last couple times I went there the cake was very stale. Icing was also very sweet. However the cakes are absolutely gorgeous.


So I stopped here thinking it was just a little coffee shop. It is one of the nicest bakeries I've seen. They have something for everyone. Gluten free, nut free, vegan, bubble tea, coffee. Plus it's a one stop birthday shop. Tiered cakes to go, candles, locally made birthday cards and candle packs. They even have some body sugar scrubs for sale and dog treats. I'm sure I'm missing things. It's very welcoming and modern. Everything I've tried so far has been delicious. Lots of parking and indoor or outdoor seating.

Jeff R.

If you have a sweet tooth this is the place to go. They have a variety of bake goods in the store everything from cupcakes two big round cakes to the cake rolls so many sweet stuff around the store. I do have flavor coffee for you with many choices also some sugar-free syrup for your coffee.They have a little lounge that you can go to have a snack or they have some outside tables right out front of the front door for you if the weather is very nice.Young lady behind the counter was very courteous very kind.

Ishmell-Emily Guihard-Ramirez

YOU MUST TRY SWEET MELISSA BAKERY! They have gluten free options! As an ex pastry chef who developed a gluten intolerance the fact I was able to taste a gluten free cupcake I didn't have to bake for myself was AMAZING. The cake-pop was transcendent, the staff polite and kind, the atmosphere is perfect and the products divine. My family LOVED the regular flour products. Certainly earned a forever customer in me.

Shawn Marie Fletcher

Went there today for the first time. I was so excited that they had vegan cupcakes. It’s so hard to find vegan sweets in Delaware!! I will definitely be back. The cupcakes were so delicious!!

Abi O.

This bakery was ammmmmmazing. Beautifully decorated with nicest team. Loved everything we picked up today from this gem. Had treats from here before, but first time coming in physically. Love the decor in the cafe too.

Abi “Bijoubleu” O.

This bakery was ammmmmmazing. Beautifully decorated with nicest team. Loved everything we picked up today from this gem. Had treats from here before, but first time coming in physically. Love the decor in the cafe too.

Vicki Abrams Graff

Amazing cake pops for my daughter-in-laws beach themed baby shower! Thank you so much they were both beautiful & delicious!!

Danielle Myers Whitaker

This was my first time at Sweet Melissa’s and I am already hooked. I purchased a peach muffin that was to die for and even got my dog a pup cake that he loved. It goes without saying that their cupcakes are amazing. I will definitely be revisiting.

Rebecca McCormick

Honestly I couldn’t tell you how we connected, but I began using Melissa a little over ten years ago when she was doing custom orders from her home. I first used Melissa for my then three year-olds Cinderella themed birthday party. Melissa created an amazing Cinderella’s Dress 3-D cake, Cinderella’s Glass Slipper “Infamous” Sugar Cookies and Mini Cupcakes…..and I was hooked!Over the years I have utilized Sweet Melissa’s for any and everything from custom cakes/cupcake cakes for my children, multiple holiday sweets and treats to drop in visits for two dozen sugar drop cookies for none other than myself.It’s been amazing to see Melissa grow her business from her home, to the quaint little house on Shallcross and finally to her current location!Thanks for all the delicious treats!

Nokomis M.

The desserts are amazing, but overpriced. They are still my go to if my sweet tooth is beyond control

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