Wayback Burgers

568 W Main St, Middletown
(302) 464-1030

Recent Reviews

dast adet

We enjoyed fresh hamburgers with fresh lettuce, red tomato, and a little mayo worked at our first visit! The cook (female) was friendly and responsive to special needs. Suggest increasing ventilation to allow fryer grease smell to escape. Thank you! - Well be back!

art greenhaus

Ordered 'well done bacon' on the chicken BLT, and 'well done' fries. The bacon was practically raw, and inedible, and the fries were soggy. Plus, the breading on the chicken (what there was) fell off the chicken.

Alandre Durr

Very disappointed. At 5:06 pm today I walked up to the door and it was locked. The open sign was also turned off. Yet, I saw employees in the back. What a shame I was hungry for a burger and fries.

Susan Pavon

We had great food & excellent fast service. The place was very clean! We will be back!

Tracy Gordon

You did not disappoint! I had a Big Easy Combo with Onion Rings and beverage. My husband had Double Bacon Burger, Potato Tots and a beverage. The roll was just right..Not a fan of a lot of bread so the roll was perfect to me. The beef was so delicious and cooked to perfection. The onion Rings were flavorful. The meal was worth every dime. Our meal was around $30. We will return. Keep up the good work!

Manqoba Ongaphaphi

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David Brown

Cheese steak was very good, but a little bit pricey. $10.99 for cheese steak, adding fries and a soda to make a meal added another $5.99 to the bill. Very friendly and efficient staff.

Liz Palazzolo

Food is fantastic but the service at this location is ridiculous. Several times they have put me on hold and never returned. I drive to the location. While still on hold and they ask to take my order. There was NO ONE in the dining room and No burgers or tickets needed to be cooked. They literally put me on hold for no reason. I frequent this location often and I'm seeing a pattern. I feel bad for the Owner that has to pay employees to not take orders.

Sharon Brown

The food was good but a little pricey for burgers. Very nice staff.

Johnathan Sweder

Visited this location on 2/9/22 at about 12pm and was greeted by a very friendly woman that was working very hard all by herself but still had it all covered, keep up the good work! The food was very good and I left satisfied.

Heather B

Nothing like what I'm use to. I always get Wayback in Dover and Bear. Since my move This on is closest. They do not wrap the Mac n cheese bites like the other two locations (just throw them in the bag), always forget extras (after having to repeat my order 3 times), and even the Wayback gold sauce taste nothing like the other locations.

Katie Haigh

Very disappointed. I was so excited to try Wayback burgers tonight. We ordered the family meal. We didn’t receive the onion rings or the sauce that was supposed to be included. We received double fries. I wouldn’t have minded but the folks in the store failed to mention it when I picked up my order. I even asked if the sauce was in there and it wasn’t. Won’t be returning.

M “Bud” T

Well this will be my last time eating here. Use to love this place. It was a good run.\ My food took forever to get. When I finally got it, my burger was cold! I was gonna ask the crew to make me another one. But it would of been another 20 minutes with all the door dash orders coming in…Should of gone to McDonald’s. At least it would of been hot…

Sumi Wilson

My first hot dog didn’t get everything i asked for and my second hot dog didn’t get anything i asked for except for cheese and i was charged for the chili. My food was cold and was just thrown in the container. Waste of my money.

ruester jones

I have been to this place a number of times and I have to say that it's an ok establishment as long as you take advantage of any coupons available. It's a little pricey for just burgers. Also, don't order the fish sandwich because it's literally a pre frozen cod fish fried with tarter sauce. Nothing amazing to write home about. For the most part use coupons or just got to red Robin. You can just get some ground beef or good chuck for the prices here and make you some amazing burgers at home. Also the impossible burgers here are not good. Go to burger King and get the impossible...it's 10 times better.\ Good place last minute with coupons.

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