Wayback Burgers

568 W Main St, Middletown
(302) 464-1030

Recent Reviews

Mike Dubya

Absolutely abysmal experience. That restaurant is infested with BIG GREEN FLIES. They never stop landing on you and your food. DISGUSTING!

Darian Smith

Decided to try wayback Burger on the road trip recently. We ordered the chicken tenders, classic burgers, and some fries. The chicken tenders were very dry and crunchy and didn't look visually appealing. The burgers were juicy but just had a little bit too much mustard on it. The fries were ok nothing special.Food: 3/5

Robert Sandberg

Definitely a great experience today. Normally don’t leave reviews for fast food restaurants, but these guys were really on it. All of the staff was super friendly and helpful and food was good.Food: 5/5


I actually had the cheese steak and my sister had the burger, both were really good ?Food: 5/5

Jake Pullen

A friend suggested this place to me so I tried it. The double bacon cheeseburger that I had was amazing. Walk right in game my order within ten minutes they had it. If you're in middletown and you want a good burger check this place out I highly recommend itParking: What else can you say about a parking lot that is free

Jeff R.

I had stopped in to get a quick lunch.I got a single cheeseburger with all the trimmings and fries.The people were friendly and had a Lotta choices for you to choose.The food was good, and the prices were reasonable .

Jasmine Irons

First time here, and food was really good. If you like 5 guys, this is a really great alternative! The people were of great service too!

Juan Perez

If I had listened to the waitressand used the toppings I wanted to instead of the house toppings. Would have been a better burger. But I still had a good experience for my 1st time. And will continue to come. Other than that would have given you guys 5 Stars. Waitress was very attentive definitely a keeper. See you soon. Thanks.

Tim Roberts

Love this place! I love cheese and they have a burger called the cheesy. It's delicious! And they also have a side called Mac and cheese bites they are delicious!

Alan Tirado

Whatever you do, DO NOT WORK FOR THIS STORE. The owner likes to commit insurance fraud when it comes to worker’s comp issues (which is pretty idiotic considering I have proof in writing that he’s lying). 1 star.

Tinika W.

Pit stop at Delaware! My boyfriend found this burger joint on google and the reviews look promising so, we decided to check it out. The price met the quality of the burger. I ordered the big easy with Cajun remoulade sauce. I give it a 8/10. Juicy burger but it was pretty basic but, the sauce as the star. The Nashville chicken sandwich 10/10. I left no crumbs or sight of the sandwhich. I gave this place four stars because I didn't ll the fact my food was sitting out, waiting to be wrapped and bagged. I'm not a health inspector but I'm sure that is would get some points deducted. I watch my food sit, untouched for a good 10 minutes. I was a little worried about my food being cold but it was still good enough to eat and enjoy. Overall, I would return to try a different burger and the shakes

Asanda Asarh

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15 $ cold burger and fries. 20 minute wait . Place was empty. Worker took my order then sat in the dinning room on the phone.Food: 1/5

Vincent M Smith

This is Mr.Smith's wife...So me, my husband & aunt stops pass on our way to Atlantic City often, the food is normally good, But had a string of hair on my lettuce last time, but I decided to come again for the 4th time however today when we came the new guy with the ponytail had pet hair all over his shirt, front and back. He said something but I didn't hear exactly what he said, and he and the manager I'm assuming went to the back, when they came back I said, you still have hair all over your shirt, do you have a cat, he said no I have a dog, then Said I, I took a shower ? which had nothing to do with the hair on his shirt while still dealing with food, manager then says, he's new, which still has nothing to do with the hair on his shirt. Like as if they didn't even care. Please consider hair & clean shirts or uniforms for the staff, because we were not satisfied this time and threw our food in the trash . I Hope Things get better... Thank you

Aaron Turner

The food was good and filling. The employees were nice as well.Food: 4/5

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