1503 N Dupont Hwy, New Castle
(302) 328-5269

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Bob Williams

I'm from Philadelphia and I had a problem with my order I drove all the way back to to take care of the problem and they were very inconsiderate

Chris Scales

Food is always good along as they get your order correct. Took them 3 times to make my wings and they keep making the boneless. Line can get very long but the food is good.


What's the say is checkers all good to go great food quick service


Excellent quality burger in comparison with the typical drive thru fast food joints. Much better than Burger King or McDonalds. The service was quick and friendly. Definitely worth trying.

Michael Allen

I ordered the baconzilla double and the crew served it up in about 5 minutes. I didn't care for the cheese so much, which was more like a nacho cheese sauce than a typical melted slice of Swiss or cheddar. Bacon was slightly crisp, not overcooked. The burger patties were cooked just right; about medium well, and the roll was substantial enough to hold everything together. Overall, it was good choice and good value.


Feeling that I needed a snack and came here to get a spicy chicken sandwich. The chicken is crispy and has good flavor, with less than 400 calories. Love this no guilt snack.

Erica Nicole

4 stars cause they forget some things like spoons straws and napkins. Other than that food is good and affordable. You just have to know what to order

Tony Damato

I pulled in to the drive through line at 9:02 pm I counted 8 cars ahead of me I did not pull up to the window till 9:51pm I recieved my order fairly quickly at that point but the on positive I have about the entire experience was my fries where hot and fresh as even the meat for my burgers was old dry hard and I wouldn't say it was cold but it wasn't even warm my advice would be to just keep driving and go to the Wendy's down the street

Tammy Coley

The Checkers onDuPont Hwy by the WaWa is dirty and they don't clean their restaurant well. I ordered a hamburger and aBacon double and got so Husband had to carry me in the house.

Israel Gene Page

Food is always hot and fresh at this location and respectful service unlike the location on market street in Wilmington DE.

Sheila Mugabi

Love their spicy chicken sandwich! I ask to just have barbecue sauce on it instead of the lettuce w/mayonnaise. Fast, pleasant service.

Terri Stewart

Fast, friendly and hot food.The staff was very helpful and friendly.The food was delivered quickly.Enjoyed the meal.:-)

Paragon Immortal

not one person wearing mask and gloves inside. Guy at drive thru window wearing mask on his chin.

Elizabeth Phillips

My order of chicken bites wasn't the worst I've ever ate before but that's probably because it didn't have any taste at all neither did my fries or my drink it didn't taste right to me. My brother got the same thing as me and he said the same thing I did. My mom got a filet o fish there and she didn't take more than maybe 2-3 bites and she threw it away because it was so terrible


Love the ice cream cones. Fish sandwiches are good

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