700 N Dupont Hwy, New Castle
(302) 328-8804

Recent Reviews

Philip Simmons

Somebody changed the recipe for your McGriddles something's wrong however the service was great

Cheryl Holmes

I was in town to look at my new house and made a run to get some crabs for dinner. The medium 1/2 dozen were amazing. Flavorful. I would love if they sold king crab legs because this is a I had a wonderful experience. The staff, amazing as well. It was a wonderful welcome to Joppa.

Jenny Hahn

A preferred scene for delicious cheap food. Nothing to complain about. Service treated us so nice.

Justin Lawson

Manager took my order. They were extremely busy. She was very accommodating.Drive thru and parking lot was packed

Ms Meferite

Customer service is horrible! The female workers are absolutely unprofessional. Please hire pleasant workers.

Tanya Noble

I asked for hott fries they weren't good at all it just had a slight warmth to them very disappointed, and this was one of my favorite locations.

FARH Thabet

This place is ghetto, with ghetto people. After waiting for 20 plus minutes at the drivethru, they had my order wrong

Ryan Roberts

If I could give this McDonald's a -10 score it would still be too high. This past Wednesday, we spent almost $20 on a meal. If only I actually got the meal I ordered. I ordered extra bacon on my bacon cheeseburger, which I paid extra for. Not only didn't I get extra bacon, I got absolutely 0 bacon. This was pointed out to which they didn't fix it or provide a refund. Then both our French fries were bone cold. Again, they were told and again they ignored us. So I paid $20 for about $5 worth of eaten food, if that. Well, sadly for you McDonald's I have not been to Burger King in 8+ years, nor has my family because of poor service. We use to exclusively go to McDonald's but this one has finally pushed us to the point of no return. Its one thing to make a mistake, but its another thing entirely to act lie my money is not of value to you. If I pay for a good or service, I expect that good or service in full!

Li Y

drive thru order can always surprise me, I order ice coffee with cream and sugar, but they don't put sugar and Sometimes they don't even give me straw. I order breakfast meal #2, I really don't know what number meal they gave to me today! Please be professional when doing a job! It's fast food, everything should be standardized and easy quality control !

James Vinson

the service was very good, the food was nice snd hot and thars very important to me.

Michelle Covais

Clean consistent courteous...You can always count on Mc Donalds-!

Amanda Todd

I work there so I love the environment and workplace setting

James Ferrell

This is probably one of the last good McDonald's in Delaware.

Shay B.

I was just in the drive thru, the girl on the microphone sounded cracked out like she was on Jupiter or something. I didn't order. I skeeted outta there. If I could give -5 stars I would.

Toby Miller

I very much love the food and service, good location to my house. The workers are always super friendly. I highly recommend this place.

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