New Castle Bagels

1420 N Dupont Hwy, New Castle
(302) 325-3990

Recent Reviews

Kimesha Goodwyn

This is the best place ever Henry is my favorite, he is so sweet and his ice coffee is to die for I tell him he needs to sell it (he does sell it, that’s our joke) lol love this place I would give him a million stars if I could.

Leslie Dawn

Our favorite place to go for breakfast sandwiches!! We always get the scrapple egg and cheese and our scrapple is always cut the right way! And the stuff is amazing always nice to see them!

George Hannah

Our favorite bagel joint! Super nice staff and great prices.

Mark Dennison

Love this place! Great food and great workers

Brian A.

My grandmother and I were hungry for bagels one morning, did some searching, and found this place. When I walked in I noticed the kitchen (which is behind the counter visible) was absolutely disgusting, nearing the level you would see on "Kitchen Nightmares". Every part of that kitchen, from the floor, to the equipment, was covered in filth and molding food. For example, the flat-top stove had a 6 inch tall pile of molding food scraps on it. This level of filth continued throughout the entire kitchen. I really hope a health inspector checks this place out soon.


Best breakfast in the area for sandwiches

Nasara BostMoney

Love my bacon sandwich.. Friendly staff great prices


Was in the area for work and stopped by. Hard to tell their name due to lack of signage. The service was ok. Not bad but not good. The breakfast sandwich was mediocre at best. If you are driving by and hungry they are ok.


Love this place honestly they always make awesome food. Sometimes on the days wen it’s busy they do run out of the more popular items lol but other than that they’re good is really good and fairly priced!

Michael Henson

Fantastic bagels. And the staff and owner are always friendly.

Timebomb Tommy

I love this place! Super friendly staff and delicious food at a great price! The Dean’s List on a jalapeño bagel is my favorite thing on the menu. I will be back time and again!

keith harmon

I had a great experience at new castle bagel as always the food is exceptionally great also customer service is awsome.

Zenab Eldreny

Love this place ❤️ It’s cheesesteak is awesome! Grilled Chix the best! Love their chix salad on a wrap.

Lucas McNew

Great atmosphere and the staff are very nice and attentive. The selection of bagles great and made fresh everyday. The selection of omelettes and breakfast sandwiches is good and their lunch selections are great. If you are in new castle i would suggest stopping here.

Maria VG

Love the bagels here. If you like pumpernickel, you have it here. It's very good. The prices are so reasonable as well.

kevo smith

Same experience as Kelly on 05oct2019 "Manager/owner went from money to bagels with his bare hands". Also picked up my tomatoes with his bare hands. I will never go back to this store. I'm mad because the food taste good. But I'm not trying to get sick. It's just not worth it

Kelly Gallagher

Gloves, only one of the three employees were wearing a glove. Manager/owner went from money to bagels with his bare hands. And the ham was so thinly sliced it might as well be left off, because you couldn't even taste it.

Samantha F.

Good ol bagel shop to get a great breakfast sandwich. Sandwich was simple yet delicious :)

Micky Sweeney

Lots of good stuff at a good price. Had 2 return item & NO HASSLE

Deb Barnes

No ac was not edible

Lucas Norman

Will they get your order right? Maybe.

taproot scoot

Fire breakfast, and so affordable. Love this place

Kimberly A.

Nice, quaint bagel shop. Got there late morning for bfast and they were out of many bagels but still had quite a selection. Bfast and lunch was quite extensive for a bagel shop. We ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese on a toasted poppy and a cinnamon bagel with cream cheese. They make their bagels on site major plus. I was very satisfied with the food. Bfast sandwich was delicious. Would give 5 stars if they servers smiled. Friendliness goes a very long way.

Brent Green


Shawn Brinkley

Love their breakfast omelets

Jeff Y.

What this place lacks in terms of aesthetic, it more than makes up for in delicious bagel offerings. Located right off 13 and conveniently adjacent to a liquor store, this very unassuming shop offers the perfect bagel sandwich to cure any hangover (and believe me, I needed every bit of help). Their steak, cheese, and egg bagel was so good I had to get two. It was also a pleasant surprise being so satisfied and not spending more than $10. Be sure to check out this hole in the wall!

Leonard Harrison

Well worth the wait, always busy. Great bagels!

Clorissa Lea

1st time and will return.. DELICIOUS

Matthew Alexander

No rye, no fries, overpriced. $9 for this... The ounce of extra sauce was $1. Won't be back.

N. Atsidis

Fresh NY Style Bagels !!! Staff very friendly

Alicia Moran

Good breakfast and good prices

Kylie H.

The best bagel place I've found in Delaware. Everything I've tried has been delicious. Also, they have pork roll and scrapple!

Kyeise Hillord

It's taste so good


Best breakfast sandwich in new castle county! Double egg, cheese, meat and bagel of your choice. Can’t go wrong

dan schiavo

Best bagel place I've found in this area

Dale Frazee

They have freshly made to order food. I have never had anything from there that wasn't delicious,and generously made. It is always fresh,and delicious. And the staff is very friendly.

vic caulk

Been coming here for years for there breakfast sandwiches love the freshness and customer service.

Izzy D.

You really want this to be the secret hidden bagel joint nestled in the underbelly of Wilmington but that just isn't the case. First of all, this really isn't that inclusive of a bagel joint. I mean they mind their own business but they aren't that happy about serving you either. I got the western omelette, a bagel inclusive meal that costs a sum total of 4.50. While you definitely are getting a pretty cheap deal, the omelette totally isn't worth it. You're still paying three dollars for three eggs thrown together with some pickled red peppers and a crappy slice of American cheese.

Archie M.

You can't beat a place that you can stop in for fresh, warm bagels in a variety of flavors at 5:30 am.... That aside, they have the best breakfast sandwiches around..... How do I know? That's where all the state troopers stop for breaking..... and they sure know You can pick up a dozen fresh bagels here for basically the same price as a dozen donuts at DD.

Photo Love by Jennifer

Great food. Friendly customer service, clean & pleasant. Had a fabulous chicken salad sandwich, recommend it! Wide variety, fresh food & quick service.