The Dog House

1200 N Dupont Hwy, New Castle
(302) 328-5380

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David F.

Place still doesn't take credit card. They have an ATM that they'll show you that charges a $4 fee. It's 2020, we're in the middle of a plague and they still want dirty cash. It's only 1-3% merchant fee! #CmonMan #ShadyBusiness #RaiseTheDogPrice15Cents

Mark S.

I have been going to the Dog House since I was a little kid. Always loved the hot dogs. I just went well out of my way yesterday to pick up an order of fries and a dog to go. One guy was wearing a mask, but well below his nose. The woman behind the counter came out with her mask on her neck and she was coughing. She then went right over and took over on my hot dog, which someone else started. I told the guy that cashed me out. He offered to remake my food, but the whole situation was ridiculous. They rightfully require masks now, but don't enforce it with staff? I must say that the staff hasn't seemed to care for quite a while. The quality of the food has also slipped. This traditional favorite of mine may have to be a thing of the past. Very disappointing.

Melissa W.

Been going here since I was like 6. It's such a staple in Delaware but especially new castle. When you walk in, it's like you're walking back in time. Great hot dogs, French fries, chicken tenders and the fresh turkey sub is amazing. Not a fan of sliced deli turkey so any place that has the fresh pulled turkey makes a fan out of me.

Marla Ozarowski

We love it. Their subs are the best. We always stop off on the way between DC and New Jersey.

Jordan Trotta

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 5 / 5 Stars ??? classic burger, fries, and dogs. Must try if you never been. Been comin since a jit. Old head Joe the cook my man always on point. Oh and the Cheesesteaks! they are very tasty too! Bring the crew. This place is known for hospitality.

Eddie Carroll

It's like walking into the late '70s early '80s even today. It's a good grill

Rich Q.

I can't help but stop to pick up a few cheese steaks on my way to South Jersey! They're awesome!

Joe A

Great hot dogs and service! Cheesesteaks are good too.

Robert Slota

My all time favorite place to eat.... always delicious and fresh...great prices....friendly staff....

Steve A.

I needed cheesesteak on a late night return home, and Yelp told me to come here. Then I discovered I was here years ago and didn't like the fries or hot dogs here. Solution: eat a cheesesteak. That worked out much better for me, a reasonably large sandwich and brewed tea for $11. Service was only slightly surly this time, much friendlier. While I can't give 4 stars to a hot dog place where I don't like the dogs, at least I've found something here that would keep me coming back.

Geoff H.

25 yrs I've been eating here and still love it!! I wish they would open up in Pennsville. Hasn't changed a bit.

Google User

Now I would usually give this place a 5 star! But went in today to pick up my food. The fat white girl with brown hair had her face mask under her chin, no gloves on making food. Coughing all over the place. The skinny white girl with the meth mouth, took her mask off because she was hot, again, no gloves.

Sean Sweeny

I take the bus to the Doghouse on the weekends to get their hot dogs. I love the food there.

Dan OConnell

If you want a great chili dog Hamburger Fries like back in the 50s this is it sit down and have lunch and it really doesn't have to be lunch ......anytime is fine!! If you haven't tried it you got to stop in.... oh yeah !!

L Hamilton

First Time Visit and it satisfied my Cheese Steak craving...I preferred a real large for the 9.50 price but it was still worth the crazy Friday traffic....I loved the fries and the warm atmosphere.???

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