The Dog House

1200 N Dupont Hwy, New Castle
(302) 328-5380

Recent Reviews

Sean Sweeny

I take the bus to the Doghouse on the weekends to get their hot dogs. I love the food there.

Dan OConnell

If you want a great chili dog Hamburger Fries like back in the 50s this is it sit down and have lunch and it really doesn't have to be lunch ......anytime is fine!! If you haven't tried it you got to stop in.... oh yeah !!

L Hamilton

First Time Visit and it satisfied my Cheese Steak craving...I preferred a real large for the 9.50 price but it was still worth the crazy Friday traffic....I loved the fries and the warm atmosphere.???

Donna Berger

Been coming here for years. Drive an hour from my home to eat here. Great fast food and fun old fashioned counter! A must to experience. A+


Dog House has great food. The service for both take out and dine in is fantastic. Our order took a while to be prepared, which was understandable as we placed a large order for take out. I'd recommend calling your order in ahead of time if you're not dining in. The folks working the counter and grill were all friendly despite being busy.

Patrick O'connor

Great dogs! Can't beat the price and the service is warm and friendly atmosphere. Can get busy at lunch times, but it's worth it of you want some great food. Make sure you bring cash though


This place is a staple for anyone who grew up in the area. I've enjoyed their food for twenty-five years and they never disappoint. Their foot-long cheese dogs honestly can't be beat.

Brian Andrews

This place has been around for years and is a fixture in the community. We tried the foot long dog's. Although, the dog itself was good it was skinny and seem to get lost in the bun. I buy a hot for the hot dog and that's what I want to taste. I dont want the bun to be the dominate food. The plus side is that it gives ample room for toppings.

Jonathan Smith

Good food, good service and good prices. Burgers are fresh. Definitely would recommend


Stopped in at Doghouse for a quick bite. Very good hot dogs. The chili is good also. Price is right. Worth a stop if traveling in Delaware.

k zugger

The Doghouse never disappoints. It's one of the few places that's still cash only. Don't worry though, if you forget your cash they have an ATM. You can order anything on the menu with confidence that it will be delicious!

Michael Bolduc

If you really dig a great hot dog and terrific fries, this is the place for you!! Easy to find , good parking, old school counter service and super reasonable prices.


I stop here every time I drive past it. Their hotdogs are amazing, their staff is friendly, and you just can't beat the feeling of sitting down in a 50 year old mom and pop kind of place for a hot meal. My favorite is the sauerkraut dog but their chili is pretty great too.

Evan Francis

I celebrated my nomination today in this gorgeous place. I am glad to say that we passed a incredible evening and the restaurant was unquestionably one of the reasons for the successful celebration. The team helped in a very nice way, the food was yummy and my buddies were very cheerful. We shall no dout return for more celebrations. Thank you very much.

Michele Restucci

Counter ordered and eaten. Dogs are grilled to order. Prices are good, good is fresh. Staff is welcoming. It's a classic.

Charles Myers

Old fashioned lunch counter with great cheese sticks and quick service. No frills and usually busy.

Derek Humphreys

Love this place! It’s always good for a quick bite whether you want a hot dog/cheesesteak/pizza. Place is always fast, seating is limited though. This place is known for its hot dogs but their cheesesteaks are just as good! Stop in and you won’t be disappointed.

Chuck Curtis

I am from New Jersey and have family living in Maryland, whenever I drive the 95 corridor either way I have stopped here. For at least 20 years, the menu and the products have not changed one bit. It is your normal greasy spoon hot dog joint, but it is great food. Normally, I would tell you about a specific time I visited but, despite having been there so many times, I have never had a bad experience. Despite the name, the menu features things like pizza, subs, and burgers as well, however I like to stick to my go to every time of the foot long hot dog with cheese and fries.

Gloria Urban

Fun fast food. I like to sit at the counter so I can watch the action. The dogs are a foot long, the chili topping is tangy. The roasted turkey for subs is fresh carved daily. It can get busy -- but it's worth a wait.

Lauren Ogden

I am giving only one star because I did not end up actually eating anything here. My visit was during lunch hour and the counter was full so I waited for someone to get up to take their seat. This happened fairly quickly, I didn't wait over five minutes. I asked for pizza and was told I had to go to the counter in the back for pizza. I walked back and looked at the pizza in the case. It looked dry and old!!! There was no staff back at this counter so after a couple minutes I decided not to get anything... I hear their cheese steaks are pretty good though. Next time I'll stay at the counter and try one

Jim Pappas

If you're driving through Delaware and you're hungry and you want something fast and you want something better than fast food; The Dog House is a good option. The small cheese steak is $6. $6 what do you want me to say? Probably a touch better than Wawa hoagiefest. They sell a lot of food out of that dog house so everything was fresh, good & fast. It is what it is.

James P.

If you're driving through Delaware and you're hungry and you want something fast and you want something better than fast food; The Dog House is a good option. The small cheese steak is $6. $6 what do you want me to say? Probably a touch better than Wawa hoagiefest. They sell a lot of food out of that dog house so everything was fresh, good & fast. It is what it is.

Anitres Lucien

My family and I love this place. We ordered cheese steaks with mushrooms and large cheese pizza. Food was great, and the staff was wonderful.

C Monroe

Unfortunately I couldn't give them Zero ⭐ i think they use an inferior dog, although the roll is good and the French fries are tasty


Me and my boyfriend love this place! The food is always good. The best hot dogs

Victoria Rossiter

The customer service is trash. The owner while there, was telling the "server" to stop socializing while we were trying to ask the server questions and while she was attempting to get our drinks. The food is okay as always however the person at the grill was handling all of the food with his bare hands. Is that not a health code violation? Would I go back? For take out maybe lol Just suggest that you know they use their bare hands and that they cant really have a conversation with you.

Jenna Chisholm

Nothing fancy but definitely good food! It is apparent that the operation is run extremely efficiently. Food was prepared quickly and accurately. We had chili cheese dogs and cheese fries that were great. Loved the addition of the onions and mustard to the hot dog. My only complaint about the foot was that there seemed to be a lot of bread compared to hot dog. In addition, it was a slight inconvenience that they are cash only. We didn't have much cash on us and unfortunately were hit by large ATM fees.

Gary Reese

First time sitting at the counter, great foot long with cheese and kraut. Good fries. Good price and good service. I'll be back.

Lena A.

Great place to stop by for a quick meal! It's cash only but everything is super cheap. Love the dive-y vibe. I've had their cheesesteaks, hot dogs, and fries. It's a must visit when my family goes on road trips.


Great food-fast service-prices good. Through the years have visited many time and have eaten many choiy on their menu. Location is great, easy in and out parking. Will visit again.

William Shanklin

Good, not great.. Very fast-paced, classic eatery. However, I did not get what I ordered and it would have been a difference if I was eating in or even if I had checked my bag before leaving. No cheese on my cheese fries, and I did not get the condiments that I'd ordered. Also wished the foot-long hot dog had been cut like they do for in-house patrons.

Fame Edwards

The gentleman that waiting on my mother and I was very friendly and helpful. He was a gentleman with tattoos on his neck and two tear drops on his face. He was smiling the whole time we were there. He was the only one that truly seemed happy to be there. He made our day brighter, it was nice to be around someone so happy and friendly!!

Trisha Collings

Coming here always brings back childhood memories. Still just as good as it was when I was 8 years old, riding my bike there and sitting at the counter.

Ron Howard

Good food, good service. Reasonable prices

Matthew S.

Solid 4 star spot. Was in the area and a buddy recommended I stop by. He said get the turkey sub or chili cheese dog. Couldn't opt for the sub when it seemed like this place specialized in dogs. Got a chili cheese footlong dog with fries and a drink -$8 even with tax. Dog was really good. Fries were also good and nice and salty. Cash only but an atm is on-site. Was a little chaotic at lunch time and the ordering process was a bit hectic for a first timer when busy but it all worked out. Got my order to go. Waited about 10-15 for the food but it was worth it. Service was friendly. Will return.

Crawford Melvin

The best hot dog I like hot dogs with everything on it. Cheesesteaks are good french fries are good. The chocolate chip cookies

Henry Y.

Great place to go for a foot long hot dog or steak sandwich. Fun to eat at the counter and watch them cook. They also have pretty good pizza to go. great fries.

Steven L

I had the Foot long, They don't overwhelm the hot dog with toppings which is good but unfortunately there's too much bread and Not enough dog

Robert Ashton

Still the same. Great Turkey Hoagies with real fresh picked turkey. Footlong hot dogs. Highly recommend.

James Clark

I haven't ate here and about 15 years, the service was fantastic. My Cheese Steak and Cheese Fries were just fantastic! I got a foot long hot dog for my wife, she too Loved it, she said " Tastes like another!" I will say this, I will be back way sooner than 15 years! I will definitely be stopping in more frequently!