The Dog House

1200 N Dupont Hwy, New Castle
(302) 328-5380

Recent Reviews

William Shanklin

Good, not great.. Very fast-paced, classic eatery. However, I did not get what I ordered and it would have been a difference if I was eating in or even if I had checked my bag before leaving. No cheese on my cheese fries, and I did not get the condiments that I'd ordered. Also wished the foot-long hot dog had been cut like they do for in-house patrons.

Fame Edwards

The gentleman that waiting on my mother and I was very friendly and helpful. He was a gentleman with tattoos on his neck and two tear drops on his face. He was smiling the whole time we were there. He was the only one that truly seemed happy to be there. He made our day brighter, it was nice to be around someone so happy and friendly!!

Trisha Collings

Coming here always brings back childhood memories. Still just as good as it was when I was 8 years old, riding my bike there and sitting at the counter.

Ron Howard

Good food, good service. Reasonable prices

Crawford Melvin

The best hot dog I like hot dogs with everything on it. Cheesesteaks are good french fries are good. The chocolate chip cookies

Steven L

I had the Foot long, They don't overwhelm the hot dog with toppings which is good but unfortunately there's too much bread and Not enough dog

Robert Ashton

Still the same. Great Turkey Hoagies with real fresh picked turkey. Footlong hot dogs. Highly recommend.

James Clark

I haven't ate here and about 15 years, the service was fantastic. My Cheese Steak and Cheese Fries were just fantastic! I got a foot long hot dog for my wife, she too Loved it, she said " Tastes like another!" I will say this, I will be back way sooner than 15 years! I will definitely be stopping in more frequently!

Sherri Camp

I live in New Jersey, when in Delaware I usually stop in my buy food for my family. Today I got subs and hot dogs and fries. I purchased an Italian with little meat but the turkey, barely had turkey on it! I called spoke to a "manager" who said she watched my subs being made and the turkey is weighed and the proper weight was on the sub. I wish I could attach pictures so you can make your own opinion!! Stay away from the sub side!!

Sherri C

I purchased a turkey sub today and literally NO TURKEY Called and spoke to the manager who said the turkey is weighed and the proper weight was on my sub!! I have been going there for 50 tears! This is ridiculous!!

tim b

Staff was friendly but lady at the counter was holding a personal conversation with someone as i was trying to make my selection...kinda rude.


I have been coming to this place for over 20 years at this point. I always just get hotdogs and fries. I have had them just about every way they make them and I am always satisfied. The fries are lightly seasoned and always served hot! The prices are reasonable and they are open late. The service is great, all of the staff has always been pleasant. They also sell pizza and cheesesteaks, I just have never bothered getting those items. I believe they are good as well because I always see others buying them.

Cassie R.

Worst hotdog place ever. Tasted like plastic and the buns were hard and moldy. Never go here.


great food has been the same since I was a kid going with my dad now I take my family and still have same menu..

Eduardo C.

If you're looking for a quick and cheap bite in New Castle, DE, (CASH ONLY) this is your spot! Neat 60s themed diner style ambiance. Straight ahead upon entrance is the pizza bar, and to the left is the bar stool area. I got a foot long hot dog with ketchup and mayo and a water bottle for about $6. The hot dog bun was a roll, not the traditional bun. The hot dog was perfect. Juicy, hot, and not too salty. Only constructive feedback is the waitress seemed to get confused repeatedly with which order belonged to who. Maybe it was an off day. Overall very satisfied and would eat there again!

Susan Lewis Paciga

We stopped here on the way to somewhere else. My husband often stopped here in the past. It's old fashioned and not fancy, but the food is good. My husband got a hot dog and I had a grilled cheese with tomato. Very yum.

Shamere Blackledge

This place needs to get with the times and start accepting credit cards.... And here is a question why does everyone here look to be under the influence on SOMETHING.... Good food though

Eddie S.

The Dog House: Excellent place to go of your in the area. Been there as long as I can remember and never changes! Small counter that probably maxes out at 15 people, most take it to go but there is something to be said about sitting at that old counter and having a dog. Had a footlong chili cheese dog with fried onions, very delicious. They split and fry the dog, put it on a steamy bun and wrap it up. Fries were good but nothing special. I would love to try a steak sub but will probably never happen, it's called the dog house!!!! Quant little spot, very busy. Plan to wait for a seat if near lunch time. Worth the wait though.... CASH ONLY, but prices are great. We had two foot longs, fries and 2 fountain drinks for under $15

Doc A.

A perfectly good, quick stop with decent roadside food and nice people. We would stop here again. Not a fan of the cash only thing especially when they arbitrarily decide no 100 dollar bills but it is what it is. One note: a previous reviewer had mentioned outdoor picnic tables. These are currently not there so if you do stop at the dog house with your dog, like us, you're going to be eating in your car.

Rob Lennon

A new castle staple. If you're in the area you gotta stop by here. Just make sure you got cash because they're cash only. Chili cheese dog well done. And an order of fries is absolutely fantastic

Sean Hogan

My son and I went here last weekend, I've visited here many times and it was amazing! Their roles they use for their hot dogs leave a signature impression onto you for any hot dog fanatic, and the rest of their food was up to par- outstanding. Definitely worth it!

Sym Cardnel

The absolute best hot dogs (and buns, and fries) on earth!!! Because I only get to visit once, sometimes twice a year, I've NEVER tried their cheese steaks but they too look heaven sent. My 1st visit was 1966 (OMG I'm older then dirt : - ((). How on earth they never took over the world via franchising... I'll never know.

Karen Baker

This is old school, but still a delicious experience. They don't have a big menu and they don't need one. They do a few things, just right. Bring cash. If you want to sit at the counter, bring patience. There aren't very many seats.

Alyssa Boozan

Great food, great prices and friendly staff. We are definitely glad that we happened to find it along the way on our road trip! Definitely recommend!

Maria Castiglioni

Classic Delaware eatery. Great hot dogs and awesome fries. Definitely recommend. Make sure to bring cash, no cards accepted. But there's an ATM in the waiting area.

Wei-Fan Chiang

I like their steak sandwich. They have a secret sauce which perfectly bind the steak and the onion. The dog is also good. The fries is fresh.

Edward R

Great Hot Dogs and steaks, service is fast and old time felling with the counter seating. Must bring uses cash only.

Laurel G.

My great grandfather took my grandfather here, and he took my mom and aunt and later me and my brother. Old school feel, I miss the nice staff though... the new manager is snappy and rude (at least the last time I was there). It sucks because this place is my childhood and rude staff at a place with such kind people is such a turn off.


Lived in Delaware for 16 years, ate here once and that was enough for me not to ever go back. Did not look to clean, service was poor.

Gary P.

Dude - A dive diner counter that works in nitrates like other artists might work in clays or oils. A true master of their medium. Seriously, saddle up beside a stranger and start a conversation. I love this joint. It is called "The Dog Hut" in my home. Extremely Important Side Note: CASH ONLY. Prices are reasonable; however, a baller with only a bankcard is gonna have their shit shut down with no exception. LOL.

Susan W.

This place is one of my favorites for something simple, quick, and good. I've been going there since I was so small that my feet didn't touch the floor when I sat on the stool. I introduce my husband to it back when we were dating 20 years ago. We still love it and so do our kids. The food is consistently good. It's not fancy or fussy food. The place is small and isn't much to look at but I'm there for a good meal not the scenery.

Cindy Salvadori

First time for me at this little restaurant. Reminds me of the good old days when you sat on a stool at the soda fountain 😎. Foot long hot dogs are their specialty, however we ordered cheesesteaks and they were fabulous! The fries were also hot and fresh. I can't believe how low cost their prices are! Quick service. Great place to stop in whether you're on your lunch break or just out with a friend. I still can't get over how unreasonably low their prices are!! The service is spot on too. Bonus - they sell some good cookies there also 😋

Brett Bodofsky

My dad’s and used to take him here. Now my dad take me (his son) here. The hot dogs are superb! You get to watch your meal cooked while you wait. The only downside is there is very limited seating and you could potentially be rubbing elbows with a stranger.

Constantine Sypsomos

We are from NJ. We come over once every few months. My son loves it there. Food is great. Service is good. Atmosphere is old school but so cool

Mitchellconrem Fresh

I am a hot dog nut. Every time I visit Newcastle. I have to stop in and get me A hot dog. One of The top 10 Hot dog spots on the East Coast. If you're in New Castle Delaware you have to stop at this joint.. You will not be disappointed.. Trust me I drive from Pennsylvania. Just to get One.

VictoriA Caulk

My husband and his dad love the one on 13. Good dogs, prices not bad. Good place to grab a good dog 👍

Kevin McAlley

If you haven't been there yet, GO!! The best chili cheese foot long dogs around. Also, many great other items like the cheese steaks and fresh French fries. They are old school. They don't take credit or checks, however they do have an ATM on site. It is a rite of passage to truly become a bonus fide Delewarean.

Joe Dee

Love chili with no beans - that's what they got here. Expect hearty footlong on a kaiser roll. Two dogs on one bun is also a great look. Not much seating, but great food and fast service.

Matt L.

The Dog House is listed in some article on the net as the best dog in Delaware (maybe it was food & wine?) so I had to come check it out, being a big fan of hot dogs and all. There is parking here, which is super helpful since this place is pretty much on a highway. There's maybe enough seating for about 15-20 people, and when I came here (perhaps 2:00 pm on thanksgiving weekend) it wound up filling up shortly after we took a seat. A good number of people came and went because they wound up getting orders to go. The selection here is not huge, but still pretty good for what expected to be a simple hot dog joint. I opted for the chili dog, which was only like $4.50, and I also tried some of their fries, which were good. They cook the dogs as you order them, so it is relatively 'fresh' here, and the ingredients all taste pretty good. Honestly I don't know how to rate the dog itself, but I thought the experience was pretty good here- seating is comfortable, there are options, and the place is affordable. Would come again.

benjamin pragg

I have been turned on to this place by my father who has been going here since he was a teenager. The food is amazing, and is always fresh and served quickly. I've never had a single complaint on any of my visits to this spot. The employees here are extra friendly and service is very fast and you can be in and out within minutes. Therefore if you visit on your lunch break this is a good place so you would not believe getting back to work.