Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

1225 Churchmans Rd, Newark
(302) 366-7577

Recent Reviews

Frank F.

Let me start by saying the first time I had a filet mignon at firebirds (when they first opened) they totally blew me away, the butterfly cut and bacon added to the perfection. I have since visited this location a handful of times and every visit reminds me why not to waste money here. The first clue this would be a lackluster meal was the lack of silverware,napkins,salt and pepper that usually adorns a table. *I reserved a table days in advance and every other table had proper utensils But I digress it wouldn't have even been a big deal if they were provided when appetizers arrived, alas they did not and we had to eat like the savages we really are. I was with a party of 5 last night and ordered the surf and turf(7oz filet wrapped in bacon, lobster tail, baked potato). The rest of the party ordered either steak or salmon. By the time food arrived I had already asked for utensils which were quickly brought to us and I grabbed pepper from an empty table. I had to ask for melted butter for my lobster. First bite of lobster was mediocre at best, it wasn't even hot, somewhere between room temperature and cold/forgotten. The poor crustacean tasted like charcoal or what I imagine a car mechanics fingers taste like after tinkering with gasoline and other combustibles. Anyway I dipped every bite of that sucker into the salty butter which did nothing but make me look fancy and probably raise my blood pressure. The steak I ordered medium well and parts of it tasted so cold I had to remind myself this wasn't a microwaved meal at Applebees. Not sure how something can taste so burnt yet be so cold at the same time. For the record I'm a fast eater so it's not like I took 15 min to finish my lobster the steak should've still been nice and warm. Lastly the baked potato which was more like a salted rock that someone threw into the fire and added sour cream and bacon essence for shi*t$ and giggles. Needless to say I just scraped the inside after dumping the rest of my lobster butter into it, which helped me to choke it down. I'm not sure if this was just a busy Saturday and our waiter just couldn't handle the volume of peeps in the private dining area, however they didn't appear short staffed as when our group was leaving at least 4 randos standing around the different seating areas had time to say goodbye to us. ‍ Would I come here again? Probably but It's only because I'm a lazy masochist that enjoys suffering. In all honesty though you'd probably get better food from the Cheesecake Factory and save a couple bucks.

Christine S.

Classy! Everything is made from scratch in-house!!! They even butcher their own meat! Beautiful presentation and flavor! This is a must if your in the area. Clean cozy and classy and craft! Yumm!!

Donovan R.

Delicious. Get the mushroom side. Get the dry age steak. Get a salad. Get anything it's always good. I've enjoyed every meal I've had here. Cool story about the restaurants and how they all came together too. I heard they pay their cooks more money when they have a shift where they don't waste a bunch of food throughout the night.

Colton S.

Spoiler Alert!!! I don't like Firebirds. I should make a note that I did not want to go to Firebirds. I do not enjoy going to Firebirds. It was not my choice, so I just went along with it. A group of us were meeting up for drinks. We were supposed to have drinks and maybe some appetizers by the bar, but that never goes to plan. Not the restaurants fault. We switched to a large table in the dining room, and we had two servers. My wife and I just got two appetizers and I had one mixed drink. We also ordered two waters. A few people with us ordered meals and desserts, which is fine. Our side of the table had the mail server. He was not good. The other side of the table had a female server. She was better. Once we got our drinks, everything seems to be OK. We ordered two appetizers. We got the fried cauliflower and the butterfly shrimp. They were both very good. As was my drink. Once we decided we had to leave, I asked for the check. 30 minutes later, no check. A few other people at our table asked for their checks, and got theirs before ours. Once I receive the check, it was wrong. We had a lobster appetizer on the bill. Normally this would not be a big deal but it took so long to get the check, I was already irritated. Plus, we didn't order a lobster appetizer and a couple that did order the appetizer didn't actually get theirs. Walked up to the waiter station to ask the server to fix the check. He disappeared like a fart in the wind. The female server on the other side of the table got it situated for us. She apologized for the problem, although she's not the one that messed it up. This is fine. I explained to her that it's a running joke at Firebirds that if you have two servers you don't want to be by the wall or have the guy. I was only semi-joking. Maybe my evening just seems bad because I didn't want to be there, but every time we go to Firebirds it's overpriced bad service all hype. They haven't updated the menu in forever. They have a very short appetizer list. I do not like Firebirds. Overpriced. Overhyped. Always subpar service.

Michael F.

Best food around. Everything is top notch, food, drinks, service and atmosphere. Can't think of anywhere that beats it.

Jerry A.

This place is one of my favorites in town it's always consistent every time we go. I recommend the BLT Salad and the coconut shrimp.

Tina McGonigle

Delicious steaks, excellent service.

C's M.

Where can you go eat in Wilmington, Delaware where you can get a filet mignon that literally melts in your mouth, an over the top stuffed baked potato, warm DELICIOUS homemade bread with butter, served by a server who has a Masters Degree!! Andrea was so personable, attentive, paid attention to details, she really made our experience there warm and fun and so enjoyable. We just had a great time there for my friend's birthday. I highly recommend. I wish their Caesar salad was up to snuff. (Wilty greens, mediocre grated cheese. Kinda of flat. ) Some crispy, chopped, ice cold hearts of Romaine with. Strong, sharp shaved Parmesan would have filled the bill perfectly??? Oh well...I know you can't have everything. The music is a little too loud and raucous for a relaxing dinner. Other than that, I'd definitely go back.

William Laurence Turner III

Made reservations via OpenTable. Table was ready on a pretty busy night. Food was good and atmosphere pleasant. We had a nice dinner.

Melody A.

The love of food brought me here.. the food is really tasty.. we sat outside which I wasn't too happy about cuz it wasn't clean enough but my boo wanted to sit outside so

Krystal S.

Stopped by on our way home from visiting family. First time visiting and wishing it were closer to home (but my waistline is thankful it's not!). Our server, Douglas, fabulous! As for food we started with the giant pretzel....that mustard that comes on the side is amazing. My husband had the prime rib which he said was good, but has had better. He also had the tortilla soup that he really liked. My had the burger sliders and the other had the kids cheeseburger. Both boys added bacon to their burgers and thought they were very good! The kids meal came with 2 sides which my son chose mac n chz and fries and again both were very good. I had the creamy Asiago chicken pasta (I believe is what it's called) and it was very good and had a little kick to it. It was large enough to take home the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. For dessert we split the warm brownie which was topped with vanilla ice cream and had a side of the salted caramel. This entire dessert was incredible but the caramel was just out of this world good! And as for the complimentary bread, this was also very good!! We'll definitely be back next time we're in the area!

cheryl prince

My family and I are here eating dinner....everything is DELICIOUS!!!😀 Our waitress Jordan gave us very good service ..Very nice restaurant..great Food and service! I will recommend and return!😀

david l.

On my way to Ocean City, MD we made a stop here for lunch. Once parked in the lot and exiting the car you can smell firewood. I knew the food would be tasty once smelling it. I wouldn't order anything else other then the steaks. They are good. They are tender, tasty and has the wood fired grilled taste. The price is right as well. I highly recommend Firebirds

Herman F.

Server was inattentive, the young lady who brought my glass of wine did not know what she brought me. Meal came out of kitchen approximately 3 minutes after our salads were served. Filet was tough and stringy, ordered medium rare and it was very rare. Vegetables were 1/3 over cooked, 1/3 perfectly cooked, and 1/3 raw. Prime rib was very nicely done. Nice ambience, and no one thing was disastrous but overall left disappointed.

Jami B

DELICIOUS food & margaritas!! Cheap pricing with good size portions( doesnt accept discover). One of my go to spots!!

Sandra P

The hotel was wonderful.Clean, comfortable rooms and great breakfast . Staff was friendly and accomodating.

Robert Martin

Ordered the seared tuna superfoods salad. The salad was fine but the tuna was over spiced with a rosemary rub that would have been more appropriate for lamb. No tuna flavor left. Unfortunate.

Matt L.

Yikes it's actually really hard for me to remember my experience here, but I think I didn't love it. What exactly did I order? I know I got the salad, which tasted off to me. I'm not saying that I felt sick after eating it or anything, but there was just something wrong with it in my opinion. I also tried some of my friend's fish (I believe it was salmon), and that didn't taste good either. Overall, this place is a little bit too noisy/crowded for my liking. I still might come back if I absolutely had to eat in this area, but it's not a top choice by any means.

Mukund Balasubramanian

Very nice place. Great service. Awesome food. A tad slow in their service but food and drink exceeded expectations.

Dee Watson

Great service, food and atmosphere. So impressed with the entire staff. Everyone was so eager to please. They even tried to please my 4yr old (which is impossibe) by making him something different hoping he would eat. Food was excellent and very reasonable. We left full with entire meal to take home. My new favorite place.


Loved our lunch here! We stopped here while traveling and had a great lunch. Everyone enjoyed their meals, many great options even for kids. They offered healthy kids meals and some traditional favorites and it was so nice to have options. We would definitely stop here again if traveling in the area! My mom said here burger was the best she has had, and i had chicken with pineapple that was delicious!

Ryan Heller

Always great decor, great food, great service, and friendly atmosphere! I always bring guests here who travel to the area. Get a reservation though as the wait can be lengthy unless you are lucky enough to get a seat at the bar.


Cocktails were good, snacks were just so so. Their offerings could be better. Service was very slow.

Darien E Wilson

Great food, excellent service, well priced.

Hymen Hitman618

Food taste amazing, bar is kinda small and its pricey, but worth it if you like classy environment. Seating is a bit weird to me but not a deterrent. Great place to go n eat

Linda T

I went there on my own for a special occasion on July 25. I was treated with such respect and courtesy. I had been there several times over the years with someone very special. The staff and management went out of their way to make sure it was still a very special occasion for me. I can't thank them enough. The prime rib was excellent as usual.


Enjoyed dinner here with my family for my mother's birthday. The wait staff was great, they even presented my mom with a complimentary Birthday card and piece of cake. We all loved the steak and seafood, it was the best tasting steak I've had.


The food is good enough--it's a chain, after all. I definitely recommend the spicy deviled eggs appetizer. You will crave it fortnightly! I liked it so much I tried to recreate it at home. I've been several times, mostly for lunch, and the service can be spotty, but is usually good. The staff are friendly, and there are plenty of gluten free options.

Hira S.

Incredible dinner here. I got the grilled salmon salad that blew my mind. A large piece of salmon atop greens, pecans, tomatoes, and some other vegetables in the most heavenly lightly sweet dressing. The pecans were such a nice crunch to the meal. Salmon was seasoned perfectly. My partner got the sirloin steak that he enjoyed with a side of Parmesan mashed potatoes. You could easily have a very expensive meal here if you wanted, but our total was under $50 for two people since we skipped drinks and desserts. Excellent date night spot.

Thomasine W.

Everything was delicious. We ordered steak and potatoes. Also baby back ribs & seasoned steak fries. For starters we had jalapeño deviled eggs. We only had one issue. The steak we ordered well done came out twice rare in middle. Other than that everything else was fine. Nice atmosphere. We were also thinking about having a birthday celebration later this year. They have a nice size room in back area.

Rich K

The décor and ambiance of the restaurant was pleasant. The Strip Steak was of above average quality. And the salad was fresh. The only down side was that house wine by the glass was $12. That is the highest that I paid for any restaurant of this caliber in the Newark Area.

John K.

We love this restaurant for weekend lunches and dinners, the food is almost perfect everytime and the staff is always friendly and they work hard to make you feel special.

Scott H.

My husband and I go every Monday night for half price wine. We always order the filet. It's almost always prepared perfectly. And on the rare occasion that's it's not they fix it and the manager brings it out to make sure it's perfect. Great service. Great food. Reasonable prices. Amazing staff! Love love love this place!!

Clair M.

Nope! My husband and I each ordered a filet medium-well and they came out well-done, burnt, dry as the desert and slapped on a plate. No steak sauce or gravy was offered. The lobster was just okay, nothing special. We both ordered margaritas and they were also horrible with barely a hint of alcohol in them. For $175/two people, the only thing that was good was the cheesecake and the coffee! Won't be back.

Candy Knox

My husband and I have been dining at Firebirds since it first opened. The service is top notch and the food Is always great. Happy hour is very busy so arrive early. Parking is an issue.

Yerelee G.

My first visit to this restaurant.we went for dinner and were sitted right away. It smelled amazing since we walked in. You can smell the the steak cooking in the grill. Our waitress was very nice responding to all of our questions I ordered the moscow mule which was very refreshing, they do serve it in the copper glass so that is a plus. The bread was fresh and soft. We had 2 of them. My friend and I splitted the BLT salad and subsituted the racnh dressing for the balasamic vinagret. We also splitted the pinnaple chicken. Tgis was a great choice beacuse of rhe well blended flavors and also the portuon size was big.

Hal D.

First time here. Came here while attending the Department of Delaware VFW Convention. From the outside the place appears's not. Food and Service were Excellent. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Maritza B.

Had Catherine the other day , she is absolutely phenomenal! Knows everything accurately and gave me great suggestions ! I'll be asking for her again !!!

RossnBecky L Harris

Delicious gluten free food!!!!! This restaurant is celiac friendly!!!!!!!!!

Deb F.

This is the best steak I've had in a very long time The waitstaff is awesome very attentive and helpful. Highly recommended