Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

1225 Churchmans Rd, Newark
(302) 366-7577

Recent Reviews

Lucy Hutson

Trying to support restaurants during these tough times. First experience was great. Second experience was just okay. Last experience was not good. Ordered steak dinner for 4. Received 3 filets and 3 overcooked bits and pieces I'm assuming was to count as the fourth. Dessert was 6 chocolate chip cookies. Firebirds, don't take advantage bc it's takeout. We're trying to support you but there are other options.

Jonny Otis R.

I took a group of 8 family members there for a pre-holidays dinner. We started in the bar area. Zero organization (I've been in the restaurant business for over 32 years) and absolute preferential treatment to some patrons while others like us kept being told someone would get to us. I repeated saw the same people get a second round before we were even served once. Thank GOD that the dining room experience provided us with a lovely, knowledgeable server who took beautiful care of us. The food was a 3 1/2 out of 5 and our dinner service was a 5 out of 5. The bar was a total nightmare. I would never go again to utilize the bar. Ever. Systems and procedures in the bar get a -1. Especially since management did NOTHING to correct our situation even after being made aware of our situation. Unfortunately, our reservation was honored 45 minutes late so we were stuck there for over an hour waiting for our table. We were served once about 45 minutes after arriving in the bar.

Danielle T.

Pre-ordered via Uber. After the driver waited 45 minutes for the order he was then told by the manager it would be another 45 mins. Then 20 minutes later was told that the restaurant wasn't going to fill any Uber eats or Doordash orders. Thanks for making Mother's Day memorable and not in any good way. If I could give 0 stars I would. I will never eat here again and will suggest others not to go either.

Glenn V.

While in town for FlightSafety training, Found this amazing restaurant. All of this during the CV19 issue. The takeout meals were amazing. The few people that I meet to bring the food out were so happy that people were ordered food. I hope next time I get to enjoy the dinning room and have a taste of the prime rib. Thank you !!!!

Kara M.

We wanted a good steak and salad and found this place. The service was great, and the food was excellent. I had the filet and shrimp with a BLT salad and my husband had a burger. Food and drinks were both awesome!

Jodi Obenstine

Amazing dinner. Good food a d great service. We sat on the bar (actually at the table in the picture) and the only complaint I had is they are so busy the door kept being held open and freezing cold air swept on directly to our table. I highly recommend reservations. The cocktails were yummy and I recommend the hard-boiled eggs and the queso dip. Our steaks were prepared well and we enjoyed the meal.

Buster N.

Good food and drinks, but a little expensive for what they deliver. I've been to two of their establishments and I've always had good service. I've tried a few of their menu options and have enjoyed most of what they have. The free bread is great if you're into that kind of thing. I feel they charge like they are a 5* but they're more like a 4. Also, when you order a steak and it comes with a side, that side doesn't include a salad.

Eileen V

We were there tonight for a bday happy hour with about 20 coworkers and our server Chris was amazing and was always asking if we needed anything. Lindsay was so great too. They were so friendly and accommodating to all of us. We had great service great food and really great atmosphere. Thank you for a great night

Renee M.

Usually the burger is a safe bet at most restaurants but not this one. Unfortunately this place just didn't work for me.

Fran G.

Very slow service. Sat at table for more than 10 minutes before the server came by saying a lot of people showed up at once and would be right with us. 5 minutes later finally stopped by and we gave our complete order. Server offered bread for table, and we said ok. Bread showed up 15 minutes later. Still waiting on drinks (soda and iced tea). Ate the bread and wondered if we'd ever see the meal. It finally arrived after 30 minutes. The beef kabobs were over done. Ordered medium but got well done. The vegetables were just ok. Waited for a drink refill that never came. When the server finally stopped by, asked for the bill. Got that in less than a minute, so give us the money, but you'll have to wait a long time for food. We dine out at least once a week and Fire Birds has always been on our rotation when we want something a little better. Now will think twice before returning.

Amber D

We went here with two other couples it was a date night for all of us and we had reservations. I appreciated that we didn't have to wait longer than 5 minutes to be seated which is always a nice surprise. Unfortunately, having reservations doesn't mean much at certain establishments. I had a pasta dish with chicken and I added filet and it was great and I would definitely order it again. One person didn't like the salmon because it lacked flavor and my other friend's steak was overcooked. I will definitely return.

Lisa L

Our wait staff and hostess were awesome. Can't say enough. This was a central place to meet up for our annual "ladies lunch" as we all live in different states. Worth the drive.

Margaret R Williams

great service and fabulous menu

Judi Trimm

7:30 reservations blonde with glasses has attitude (hostess) seated at 8:30 cold roll dropped and drinks waitress disappeared hospitality is the worst waffle house has better hospitality the money to be spent here is above mkt price and I have no idea why my poor choice for family dinner night out

Mike Santos

We had a table of 16 people and we wanted separate checks. The waiter advised he would handle at the end which was no problem. Well at the end the waiter did not split the checks and we were unhappy because we had to take extra time to figure out who had what. We called the manager over and he had the waiter fix it but the waiter had to come around the table again and asked everyone what they had to eat. First time we've had trouble.

Mark Tisdel Jr.

One of me and my Wife’s favorite splurge places to eat. Can be on the pricey side, but the portions are large enough to split. Today our server Jeramey was phenomenal. Super timely when bringing things out with the kitchen, extremely friendly and understanding when our 9 month plus daughter decided to make a mess. Can’t wait to come back on our next Date night!


Firebirds is a nice restaurant with great steaks. Their Pineapple martini is excellent,as well as their wines.A nice place for a date night or dinner with friends.

Robert C.

Went here for a date night. Atmosphere was great for a romantic night out. We were seated right away for our dinner reservation. The waitress was right there and took our drink order. I asked where the beers were on their drink menu, and she was like " Our beer menue is huge!" and I was like "Oh where is it?" She showed me and it was like 12 beers. I love craft beers and to show me a list of just 12 beers is a little heart breaking but okay. My wife and I placed our drink orders while we looked over the appetizer menue. I saw every that all the appetizers were either fried or shell fished based. I informed that the waitress that I had a sever shell fish allergy. We order the Philly Cheesesteak Eggrolls. The waitress came back moments later and said they couldn't serve them to me, because the same frying basket that were used to fry the egg rolls were also used to fry their shell fish menue items. Okay, I understood. Can't hold that against the resturant. We skipped our appetizer, and went right into the main course. I ordered the prime rib, and my wife ordered seseame crusted salmon. My wife said her fish was spot on, and the prime rib that I ate was melt in your mouth. When it came time for desert, we asked for a desert menue and never got one. After waiting for so long I finally just asked for the check and got Ben & Jerrys on our way home. I'm not upset at all about the allergy situation, and the main course was in no way disappointing. But I could have went to Texas Roadhouse. Gotten the same quality of Primerib, a lager beer menue and been able to order an appetizer, and I'll bet I could have spent less money. I think what I paid for last night was the atmospher more than anything else. Very nice place for a date, but can't say that I will rush back anytime soon after this experience.

Walter Crawford

Great food! The steaks are some of the best I've ever had!


We rented the private room for our wedding reception. It could not have been more perfect! The staff was simply top of the line, management was incredible, and the food was simply amazing from start to finish. I highly recommend if you are looking for a place for a gathering, that this Firebirds is perfection!

Marie Chelf

Great atmosphere wonderful service and tasty food...

Philip J.

Terrific bar and restaurant, as long as you're not allergic to smoke. It smells and looks rustic with wood fires constantly blazing away. Usually excellent service. A couple of times we had to send our meats back for being over/under done. Drinks are terrific. Place is busy so use Open Table, which they honor. Best of all, come to Happy Hour for not only the drinks, but the delicious appetizers. (Be sure to get the cauliflower appetizer) We make a meal of it and go home happy with money still left in our wallets.

Ameenah Johnson

Our first time there and it was great. Douglas our server was excellent. He made sure everything was exceptional. His food / drink suggestions was 3 for three. I will definitely eat there again. Thanks Douglas

Florence White

Firebird Grill - very nice place. Went mid afternoon, had steak, excellent. Place was quiet. Lots of avail. seating. Staff very pleasant and efficient. Will visit again soon.

Biggs Darklighter

Fantastic salmon with a lime butter seasoning! Loaded baked potato was also well dressed. Took off a star because my colleague’s Delmonico steak was cooked well done when he asked for medium rare - which was remedied and personally delivered by the chef.

Soncere C

Wonderful food options. Steak of course is great and the even have amazing salads (seriously). I love the atmosphere. It’s one of my favorite date night places in Newark.

Heather Hearn

Nice atmosphere and amazing food!! The wings were to die for and the Suft and Turf was cooked to perfection! Not may restaurants cook steaks medium rare the way I like it but here I got exactly what I was looking for. Bravo

Andrew Vincent

Food was delicious. Service was excellent. There was a 45 min wait, but we were there right at dinnertime, so that's not was out quickly and was hot and prepared as ordered. Can't ask for much else!

Katrina Ringgold

Beautiful setting, relaxing and deemed lighted romantic or friendly environment. Great selections, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks! Reservation rooms for privacy. Great place to eat in


Great place to have a dinner with friends, families ,or even a date. Recommend reservations because it's a very busy place. Also good atmosphere.


I've had several different things on the menu, for several different occasions. The services is always great and the food always tastes amazing!


Always wonderful, great appetizers, one of the best places to go for happy hour. Not many restaurants can Pittsburgh a steak but they can.

Shuqi X.

Got the chicken wings apps and there were obvious feathers on it. We also ordered the filet and the delmonico steaks. Both of them were very salty.


Firebirds is attractive but a bit loud making conversation challenging. The food, however, is very good with a nice variety on the menu. It's a good place to go for everyone to have many choices. Wait time for food is average.

Matt S.

Possibly one of the greatest steak dinners I've ever had. Steaks are always cooked perfect, always seasoned to the Max, and the baked potatoes. My god they're a fish from the gods. So good. I enjoy my meal every time I visit. Only thing is, it's not cheap. Only reason it's bumped a star. Otherwise, worth a visit.

Shely M.

Holy moly what a great place.The food is spectacular! The coconut shrimp were so yummy. The filet was so tender and so flavorful. The green beans w pecans are delish!! The ribeye was a tad over cooked and Sean handled it with class and above any expectations. They have the best creme brûlée ever !! Cheese cake was to die for. Dakota was a fantastic waiter. We will actually request him when we go back. He was friendly and never had us waiting for anything. I can't wait to go back. This is definitely my 1st choice when in the area

Robert Stewart

Service was poor from when walk through the door. People at the from were rude and lack basic communication skills. Waiter never delivered on any requests. Always said yes but then disappeared. Decided against desert because took so long to take order. Eat here often for business but will never bring family. We were celebrating daughter buying first home and it was terrible.

Frank F.

Let me start by saying the first time I had a filet mignon at firebirds (when they first opened) they totally blew me away, the butterfly cut and bacon added to the perfection. I have since visited this location a handful of times and every visit reminds me why not to waste money here. The first clue this would be a lackluster meal was the lack of silverware,napkins,salt and pepper that usually adorns a table. *I reserved a table days in advance and every other table had proper utensils But I digress it wouldn't have even been a big deal if they were provided when appetizers arrived, alas they did not and we had to eat like the savages we really are. I was with a party of 5 last night and ordered the surf and turf(7oz filet wrapped in bacon, lobster tail, baked potato). The rest of the party ordered either steak or salmon. By the time food arrived I had already asked for utensils which were quickly brought to us and I grabbed pepper from an empty table. I had to ask for melted butter for my lobster. First bite of lobster was mediocre at best, it wasn't even hot, somewhere between room temperature and cold/forgotten. The poor crustacean tasted like charcoal or what I imagine a car mechanics fingers taste like after tinkering with gasoline and other combustibles. Anyway I dipped every bite of that sucker into the salty butter which did nothing but make me look fancy and probably raise my blood pressure. The steak I ordered medium well and parts of it tasted so cold I had to remind myself this wasn't a microwaved meal at Applebees. Not sure how something can taste so burnt yet be so cold at the same time. For the record I'm a fast eater so it's not like I took 15 min to finish my lobster the steak should've still been nice and warm. Lastly the baked potato which was more like a salted rock that someone threw into the fire and added sour cream and bacon essence for shi*t$ and giggles. Needless to say I just scraped the inside after dumping the rest of my lobster butter into it, which helped me to choke it down. I'm not sure if this was just a busy Saturday and our waiter just couldn't handle the volume of peeps in the private dining area, however they didn't appear short staffed as when our group was leaving at least 4 randos standing around the different seating areas had time to say goodbye to us. ‍ Would I come here again? Probably but It's only because I'm a lazy masochist that enjoys suffering. In all honesty though you'd probably get better food from the Cheesecake Factory and save a couple bucks.

Christine S.

Classy! Everything is made from scratch in-house!!! They even butcher their own meat! Beautiful presentation and flavor! This is a must if your in the area. Clean cozy and classy and craft! Yumm!!

Donovan R.

Delicious. Get the mushroom side. Get the dry age steak. Get a salad. Get anything it's always good. I've enjoyed every meal I've had here. Cool story about the restaurants and how they all came together too. I heard they pay their cooks more money when they have a shift where they don't waste a bunch of food throughout the night.