The Ice Cream Store

6 Rehoboth Ave, Rehoboth Beach
(302) 227-4609

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kristin c.

We went for the special flavors: banana pudding, chocolate chip and cayenne chocolate- lower price at around $4.25 for large, and we liked the flavors anyway (usually close to $7 with so many combinations of flavors to choose from though). The cayenne chocolate had a little spice and chocolate pieces in it. Enjoyed it. Glad they were open when most of the stores were closed around 9pm. Store was busy but the young ladies helping customers were patient.

Shelley L.

Convenient spot to get ice cream right off the boardwalk. They have FREE sprinkles so you can go crazy with it. A huge menu and they also have some sugar free options.

James Nellis, Realtor: The Nellis Group

Great location. You can easily get a scoop and walk the beach. I was disappointed to see the store close early but I understand it is off season. There is a large variety of flavors and options.

J McGillz

Many choices! Something for everyone. The scoops are small. The medium cup is really a small cup ( in the real world ). Not a good value for what they charge.The quality of the ice cream is very good. Expect long lines in session. Many ice cream stores in the area.

Bridget F.

Always the best .. on a three day trip .. how many times do I get this ice cream ?? 3 obviously !!!!! Can't go wrong w the classics : waffle cone w better than sex , I don't give a fork, or anything w Oreos . The best !!!

Wayne W.

Soooooo many ice cream choices that you will more then likely be overwhelmed. Best part is if you are overwhelmed they have a little wheel to spin to choose what you want to get. Now what I will say the prices were a bit steep but the ice cream was well worth it in my opinion. They have free sprinkles as much as tou want to put on and a few different kinds. Their cones were great and their ice cream was better. Absolutely a highly recommend from me.

Kelly E.

I can't get enough of this ice cream, I will have 3+ scoops and not be tired of it. There are so many flavors to choose from! Always a must when going to Rehoboth

Sarah K. P.

Not sure if it was the heat or the ice cream was just that good... but we came here after biking on the boardwalk and other than the overwhelming choices this place hit all the marks! mad Max got the chocolate in a bowl and it was delicious, creamery, and cold!!! Perfect for a hot weekend treat!

Diana O.

This place is where you need to go for a sweet treat along the Rehoboth beach boardwalk. SOOOOO many flavors to choose from. My personal favorite is the key lime pie ice cream. After having it one day, I craved it and came back for more the following day. They are generous with their scoops so I had to ask them to give me less because I'm trying to lose weight. LOL. My family loved their choices as well.

jane lewis

After requesting 6 different types of chocolate ice cream, I got Java chip. So disappointing. Everything we asked for on the menu, "no we don't have that". We'll why don't you put a list out of what you actually have? Please!? False advertising here and broken ice cream promises. So we took our money elsewhere and told people in line to be ready to be disappointed and ready for 6 other options or just be sad about this, once, great place.

Amy G.

If, like me, you like unique ice cream flavors . . . this is worth fighting your way to a parking spot and then standing in line. Lots of flavor options. Nothing particularly oddly-exotic (I've eaten cricket and sauerkraut ice cream) but lots of unique combinations, including some with bacon and other less common ingredients. Heck yeah! I got the salty caramel truffle. It was fantastic. They let you add your own sprinkles. FREE SPRINKLES! Life is awesome when you have free sprinkles. Let me repeat. FREE SPRINKLES!!! Yes, it's not cheap but you're paying for almost ocean-front property, the massive number of options, the experience, and the sprinkles!!! This is worth a visit every time.

Colin Evans

Good ice cream. Unfortunately a good deal of the menu is out of stock. They gave us a menu while in line. After 6 selections weren't available, we ordered off the board. Why give me a menu with nothing available? The vacant look on the attendants face told me he was wired of hearing it. GET IT TOGETHER! A failure of management!

Jodi Rosengrant

On top of the many flavors they offer, they also have gf/df options waffle cones!? Very allergy friendly.

Angelina Kokhanovskaya

Terrible service. Unsanitary. The lines and workers spread Covid. I got banana ice cream in a cone tonight (August 9 at 10 pm) and the brunette white girl from kiosk on the left who was the only one who wasn’t wearing gloves served me my ice cream but her not wearing gloves wasn’t even the worst part- SHE TOUCHED THE CONE AND DIDN’T WRAP IT IN A NAPKIN!!! Usually if people don’t wear gloves in ice cream stores they don’t touch the cone- they take a napkin and carefully wrap it around the cone without contact.BUT WHAT SHE DID - It equals her serving ice cream to people and licking it beforehand. So gross. I threw the ice cream out. I was so shocked by the incident and the place was crowded so I didn’t say anything there and I regret not refusing to pay there because it was a waste of money, my time and you’re GUARANTEED FOOD POISONING IF YOU EAT THEIR ICE CREAM. ???So disappointed and dissatisfied with her service.

Grace Exler

The ice cream store is home to a variety of absolutely delicious ice cream flavors. From classic flavors like chocolate or vanilla to more unique flavors like “ I don’t give a fork” you simply can’t pick a bad flavor.

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