La Sierra Mexican Restaurant

58 Church St, Selbyville
(302) 436-4446

Recent Reviews

Patrick Casey

Some of the best Mexican and South American food around!

kel rod

Absolutely amazing. Authentic Mexican food, would recommend to everyone

Anne Cummings

Good food, large portions, good price.

Anne Merical

Fantastic Hispanic food. So far, everything I have ordered has been great. Price, quality and quantity is spot on!!

Melissa Williams

The food was fresh and delicious. I recommend a visit. I will return.

Mo Taleb

Great authentic food. Try the burrito. Good food and service.

Marcus Katsetos

Market selection is amazing and 2.50 Carne asada tacos are absolutely the best.

Jen Longenecker

Great food! Lots of options. Only 15 mins from our condo in Fennwick DE. The atached grocery store and butcher shop is awesome if you want to make your own tacos, empanadas etc. We will definitely be back. $38 for 4 adults 2 kids tostados, empanada platter, quesadilla platter, & 2 tacos you simply can't beat the quality for the price.


Get a burrito. They are amazing and you will never want to get one anywhere else. Good is fresh and delicious. Do not be fooled by the appearance of the place

Garcia Painters

Great prices, food was good. Central American and Mexican specialties and a tiny store that somehow holds everything you may be looking for and more.


Everything was amazing. They were really nice too! Pupusas.... Burritos... Fajitas... Platanos all of it was so good!!

Keith Sconion

An amazing experience. The best Chicharron I've ever had. Will definitely come back!

Julie Weitzel

Awesome food. Authentic Mexican food at an awesome price

DrWire HD

Omg, i just moved to Oceanview and this place is open during the virus and the food is absolutely delicioso!! Recommend to all who like real mexican food!!!

Erin McBride

This place was absolutely, hands down, the best Mexican food I think I've ever had next to home-cooking from my neighbor. We got a whole bunch of food to try and nothing disappointed! The store was pretty cool; they had pinatas and all kinds of Hispanic foods. The employees were really friendly and so were the customers who actually stopped and told us some of their favorite things on the menu. I recently started working in the area and the co-worker told me how great this place was so I brought my family to try it and could not have been happier. Such a rare gem to find in a little town! The empanadas were a household favorite and the seafood soup was mind blowing!

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La Sierra Mexican Restaurant

58 Church St, Selbyville, DE 19975
(302) 436-4446