Burrito Bandido

227 N Maryland Ave, Wilmington
(302) 652-5750

Recent Reviews

El Chingon Flores

Man they have some great steak burritos, and my kids love their steak quesadillas. Definitely recommend this place. Give it a try you we don't regret it.

Mona Martinez

The best birria taco

Ngakor M.

I visited this spot on a lunch break from work. Everyone knows I'm obsessed with tacos so I made a sharp turn when I saw a place that looked authentic. The ladies inside were so nice and the customer service is great. Let's just say I walked back into work proudly wearing my taco juices down the front of my scrubs. They were amazing! The only thing I'd complain about is the fact that tortillas were cold. But that was a small thing compared to the amazing marinated pork. I definitely recommend!!!

Kim G.

We ordered for the first time and LOVED it! 4 different burritos (the steak was his favorite, the pulled pork was mine) and each was awesome. Also ordered 2 beef tacos, which he ate right up. I liked the salsa verde and he was a fan of the red (spicy, but good!) The burritos weighed heavy, but didnt sit hard in our stomachs. Super delicious, super service, and great prices for what you get! Excited to go back!

Steve Stopyra

Awesome burritos!

David Hall

friendly staff and excellent food i so can eat at this place on a daily basis.. keep up the great work return for more..

John W.

Outstanding tacos. Nice salsa heat. Wide meat selection. Street tacos at their best by my experience. I went here often while working in the area and took my coworkers to try out our too. They were also fans.

Cole Slawson

Some of the best Mexican food in Delaware easily...The food is made with

Monica Taylor

Very nice workers and best guac in area!

Yari O

Excellent food! Service was quick and the food was delicious.

Steven McGovern

Great tacos. Family owned.

Shelly Ortiz Torres

Great good quick service. I love their tacos and guacamole.

Chyanne Dabney

Excellent! Lil spot!

Sara B.

I come here exclusively for their taco specials. I hate fake Mexican food... this is REAL Mexican. They have a full range of meats, prepared authentically, with cilantro/cebolla and some amazing green salsa. Their corn tortillas are always fresh and supple. What makes this hole-in-the-wall a rare gem is that they have a nice, tidy little sit-down restaurant in addition to selling the best tacos around. Their service is quick, so it's also a great take-out option.

Van-Tam Nguyen

This a local and privately owned Mexican restaurant. The staff is very accommodating and friendly. Food was great, truly Mexican nit Tex-Mex. They have a variety of traditional dishes, tacos and burritos. There is an abundance of soft drinks, in single serving bottles and/or cans. Who ever, if you want unsweet iced tea, you're out of luck here. It would have been nice to have unsweetened iced tea with the entree.

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