4737 Concord Pike Ste 760, Wilmington
(302) 478-7763

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The staff are pleasant and know what they are doing. They are there for the customer. The food is fresh always. When it is busy you would never know. They are always cleaning and refilling the condiments.

Colin Clark

Literally sat in the drive-through for over 30 minutes trying to get a replacement soda because they messed up the first one. Not really well organized they just walk up to random cars and ask if your the persons order. Literally Any other chick fil a is better. Literally the worst chick fil a in Delaware county

L.M.G. Street Fam

Usually busy but this time there was no wait even tho even when busy is not a long wait love the grill chicken and their sauce is to die for

Anthony Ellis

By far the worse chick-fil-a I never been to. Ordered a lemonade with no ice. They have me a sweet tea. Honest mistake but why when I exchanged it. All they did was pour the tea out and poured the lemonade right in the cut. So you can imagine what my drink looked like... Never had brown lemonade. So once again I said something and all I got was a funky attitude.

Sue B

Big fan of this franchise, however, last time I got chicken nuggets they were really salty. I don't know if they've always been that way, or if I've become more sensitive to tasting the salt.I've always loved the nuggets, and of course their signature sandwich and the deluxe version are delicious.

Kim Nickle

This place is the most friendly and customer oriented place I've seen. Even when they are super busy (which is pretty much all the time), service is always prompt, correct, and with a smile. You can't beat CFA.

RP Liles

Quick run to the mall. Ordered online and it was ready for pick-up fairly quick. The food is always good.

pMichele Mitchell

Everything is good on the menu! My favorite is breaded chicken sandwich w/ ?? mayoA bit pricey WAY worth it though!!

Marissa Beltran

I just think they need at least one adult/manager to keep them focused. 15 people working the front there should never be a wait! Always packed lunch and dinner rush. Food is great though

YouB Illin

This is the only food restaurant fast food retail, any kind of store I've ever been to that is always on point. If there was such a thing for overall best store in the world Chick-fil-A would be number one gold medal not even a close second is in the realm of where Chick-fil-A is. I have never had a bad experience at any Chick-fil-A ever. End of story, period.

lora bates

Went twice , great.3rd time ordered sandwich, got salad in insteadHorrible & was charged 8.99Tried t call # listed t talk t someone but # does not allow you to to leave msgHungry, out $9.00 and ?

Msclaire1204 Frasier

Love their chicken sandwiches real chicken and not fried hard moist all the time the shakes are great and the salads grill chicken sandwiches are great too love them.

Shuriah Benson

This chic fil a is always packed and moved way faster during the pandemic when we couldn’t order inside. I waited on line for about 10min ordered 3 meals a kids meal and a chicken sandwich thry gave me my drinks first which included a milkshake by the time I got my order which was 30 + min later I was ready to go I guess led the bag missing a sandwich had to go back in thry gave it to me get home and in one of the meals was a 3ct chicken tender meal it’s only 2 . Overall this was draining .they need to pay better attention and focus on orders that came first rather than working on smaller because people were coming in after me getting orders before me .

Lori Booth

We stopped in tonight for dinner and it was beyond packed but the crew had things moving quickly to get everyone served! Even in the madness they were very polite and courteous. Bravo!!

Evan Roe

It takes forever to get your food at peak hours because they are so popular but if you order ahead it's fine.

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