China House Express

1404 Lancaster Ave, Wilmington
(302) 655-4104

Recent Reviews

Ryan Perri

Small place hiding close by me and I never have been here before. Kitchen was clean! Service was pleasant! Food was delicious. I ordered the chicken lo mein combination for lunch and it all tasted very fresh. I will definitely be back soon!

Melisa Ramirez

There is no delivery for the poor souls that want to pay in cash. Apparently, the only way to get delivery is ordering through food delivery apps like DoorDash. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

avi warlock

The wait time is ridiculous for the food. Sometimes when try to ask the cashier a question she acts as if she can't hear.Food: 5/5

Jen T

I cant believe that there's such a great Chinese restaurant this close to home. The portions are a good size and you can never get enough of General Tso's chicken. (Sometimes spicier than other times) I love the dumplings, they got the dipping sauce down pat. I'm dinging them a star only because I got shortchanged once on my change and the lady at the counter copped an attitude when I came back to retrieve it. I still eat from here, recommended.

Nathan Fordham

Decent place to get Chinese Food.

Onarres Serrano

First time calling this place, I was placed on hold then they put the phone down and I listened while they took other orders. I called again to attempt to place a pick up order and once again they sat the phone down while I listened for 10 minutes as new calls and orders came in. Whoever answer the phone has no customer service skills and is very rude. I won’t EVER try ordering from here again ?

Andrea Smith

The food is good and never a long wait

Ingrid Ocampo

I have been buying in this place for years, I am a client, but the owner sometimes has a bad attitude, she should be cordial with all her clients.

unique Lloyd

This is THE ONLY Chinese store In Wilmington that I will eat from!!! The lady who works there is always so pleasant and respectful and EVERYTIME I call she knows exactly what I want!!!!!#Thats what I call caring about your customers

Sebastian Howell

They don't deliver, even though they say they do here. Liars!

Kimberly P.

The best Chinese food in Delaware only bad thing is they close early but the best in Chinese food

Liz Vachon

Literally just left here and I have to say this is the best Chinese spot since I moved here. Wonderful service and very friendly staff. The food is tasty too! Thank you ?

Greg Adams jazz drummer

Great Food an good prices, G

Jen Perez

They are the best. Food is always fresh and the boneless spare ribs are banging!! :)

Cynthia Ruiz

This is the only Chinese restaurant I order from. They always make the food how I ask. Very pleasant customer service.

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