DiMeo's Pizza

831 N Market St, Wilmington
(302) 655-1427

Recent Reviews

Rich Nimchuk

It was our first time eating here and the food was great as were the staff and the place was clean and inviting.Food: 5/5

Egyptian Cotton

So my brother knows I'm a foodie and suggested this place for what he considered the "Best Pizza". While visiting the city I decided to try it. I walked in and was not greeted. I stood at the register and under a sign labeled takeout order/pick up. A women was at the counter assuming she would be taking my order and right with me. I'm a super patient person considering the fact I work in the service industry as well. The only person who said hello was the safe streets Ambassador. Finally another patron walk in and I watched as she was immediately greeted and her order taken by another worker who walked over and immediately made sure she was taken care of regardless if she was preoccupied with her phone conversation or not. I asked "will I be next?" Still not acknowledged. It wasn't race or anything social it's just the people speak to who they want and service people however they like which in my experience like they don't care for your business at all. My 7byear old enjoyed the pizza but the service left a bad taste in my mouth to even want to eat my slice. Ove tasted goof pizza but I will not pay slfor poor service just because. This is what Delaware had to stop doing-Mediocre food and poor service aren't worth it.

Ivan Mazur

I've never had his pizza. But I know with my soul, Pino can cook. Enjoy ! ?

tony marks

The two ladies who answer the phones ARE SOOO RUDE AND MEAN when trying to place an order. I called and soon as I asked did they do delivery she hung up on me. I politely called back and she had an extreme attitude that I was asking for delivery when it clearly states they have delivery available online. I was confused and asked to speak to someone else because clearly she had an attitude. Sucks because my family are PIZZA maniacs and we will never go here EVER!!!

ADrunken Ewok

Best pizza in town...always. Italian dishes are delicious as well. You can't go wrong here.

Deana Durand

Order 2 pizza and a two liter. It took 3 phone calls and 2 hours before it was delivered cold.

Diana Blakey

Excellent service, fresh food, always busy so call ahead for take out.

Shana J.

The pizza was good. We got the XL cheese pizza for $22. The sauce on the pizza is really good. We took the pizza to go but there's lots of seating in the restaurant and they offer delivery as well.

Bryan Kristekas

I love the quality of there pizzas it's a mix of traditional old family style and new age

Rachel K.

I was in Wilmington for just a couple hours on a slow Tuesday afternoon. I stopped at DiMeo's for a quick bite to eat. The vesuviana slice (bbq) was amazing and the sausage and pepperoni was also tasty. Helpful and patient staff and the place has ample seating. The area is clean and there are multiple spices to put on your pizza. I highly recommend DiMeo's!

Anderson Winters

Came into Wilmington for a wedding on a weekend. Needed lunch in a pinch. Not much options for quick takeout and glad i found DiMeos. Good pizza and sandwiches. Slices are really big.

Rhys Newcombe

The pizza bangs. Everybody knows the rules.

Allison B.

The pizza is mediocre at best, the inside was undercooked and so were the toppings. Used to be my favorite pizza place, feels like they've gone downhill.

Nancy L.

Great place to eat. Owners are nice. Staff are very nice. Clean and welcoming. The bathrooms were cleaned when I used it.

Christopher C.

Very friendly service and prompt; even for a busy Saturday evening. Called and knew my exact order and added utensils/plates, etc.

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