Gobblers Kirkwood Llc

4522 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington
(302) 998-0096

Recent Reviews

John Saxton

My wife ordered 5 sandwiches tonight. 3 of the 5 were done incorrectly and, when we called to inform them of the error we were told by a very rude girl that there was nothing she could do about it. We asked to speak to a manager and were told there was none on duty and call back tomorrow. I cannot strongly enough stress to STAY AWAY from this establishment. In these tough times there are many more worthy places to take your business to.

Deborah Lattomus Webb

I’ve always loved this place but noticed the cheesesteaks getting smaller, less meat etc.. Now they’ve made a change but I don’t see a call out to it anywhere on social media or their website. Cheesesteaks now come with fried onions and mushrooms unless you opt out. I have never heard of such a thing. It’s just plain stupid. There isn’t one other sub shop that makes this default so I assume there will be consistent problems. My kids were so upset and it took an extra hour alll told for us to get dinner after having to return our subs. Yes, they made us return the cheese steak which they will undoubtedly throw in the trash!!!! Bad policies guys especially when you are pissing off loyal customers.

Tony Pineault

I ordered a medium Italian w/ everything . the sandwich had plenty of lettuce that was about it. I couldn't believe how little meat there was. very very disappointing

Cain Noir

I honestly don't know if I can or can't recommend Capriotti's.

Joyce Kane

We ordered online and was told it would be ready at 5:16. Still waiting at 6:00!

Linda Leone

slow service, disorganized shop, paid for my order, but could not wait any longer. Left without my sandwich.

Gary Martinez

Saturday at noon stand in line for five minutes with no one else inline to place an order for a cheesesteak and she looks up and says gonna be 15 to 20 minute wait we don’t enough cooks .they could’ve said that before stood in line for five more minutes but look who’s working

Mary Ruth

Thank you for your support of the 2019 Midway Little League! And great sandwiches

Al Rose

Great subs! High quality! Friendly service!

Tommy Townsley

Very good sandwich plenty of meat when I'm down that way we no it always a go to place

Lori Martin

Very good! So much better that the last time I was there! That was probably 6 months or more ago. What ever you are doing... Keep it up! Now I will be back sooner.

Stefanie Burrows

I placed an online order at 5:46 for 2 cheesesteaks, got a confirmation that it would be ready at 6:04 to pick up. It's now 6:24 and it's not even made! I stood at the counter for 10 min before the woman in front of me even acknowledging I was standing there with my 3 kids. So much for quick ordering. Doubt I'll be doing this again as much as I like the sandwiches.

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