Goobers Diner

1203 N Lincoln St, Wilmington
(302) 274-2692

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michele seagraves

Fun place, good food but a bit loud for some of us. My table mate loves the fried chicken dinner, in fact he took one piece off his plate before I could snap the photo!Food: 5/5

Rhys Newcombe

Solid diner! Nothing too crazy & a lot of chrome, which fits exactly into the diner genre. Breakfast food all day, greasy fatty foods, and paying at the register (for some reason). Never too crowded and never empty, definitely recommend this place after a sporting event or a long day.

Brett Skipper

Stopped in on a rainy Sunday because it was a place we hadn't tried. The place has an old school diner vibe with lots of chrome, red leather, and back and white and black checkerboard floors. The service was friendly but slow. They may have been short staffed that day. The food was typical diner quality. No more, no less. I had pancakes with sausage, bacon, hash browns, and toast. It was all good, not great. There is a hidden gem about this place if you visit on a weekend. It's next to Goober's garage which has a pretty amazing collection of antique automobiles. If you are at the diner between 10-1 on the weekends then you can walk over and check out the collection for free. It's entirely worth it as it's an impressive collection.

Kathy Thomas

I had a garden salad with grilled chicken, unfortunately the croutons were stale. I just removed them. The salad was good. My husband ordered the chicken and dumplings, so delicious. The serving could easily feed two people. The wait staff are very personable and everyone helps each other. Will definitely be having more enjoyable meals at this diner.

Damon Pinkard

If your looking for a place to eat....look no further...This 50's style Diner, hit all the marks when looking for great place to share a meal with loved ones...Food was excellent. The desserts looked great, didnt try them but i wanted to for staff were very busy, but still made it a point to make sure we were ok. Two story, restruant with a packed house. Keep up the great work/service...

L W.

We were going to go to Kozy Korner but then saw this diner and thought it looked cute. So, we came here instead. We were immediately seated after checking in. The diner is wide and follows a bright red-and-white color scheme. The walls are made with white and red square tiles while the tile floor consists of black and white squares. The chairs and booths are all made with a vinyl material and like the restaurant, they are bright red. Next to where we sat, there is a painting of the diner's exterior. The diner is also separated into two areas by a window-like wall, with the kitchen being on the leftmost side of this wall. Hubs had Crab Benedict served with hash browns. He thought that the hollandaise sauce had too much vinegar and that the crab had quite a bit shells. But, at least we know it's real crab. The hash browns were good. Daughter ordered Shrimp and Grits, which consisted of cheddar grits, shrimp, peppers, onions, andouille sausage, and Cajun seasoning. She wanted to eat grits when she found out we were going to a diner. She said that it did not disappoint. The grits were nice and soft and the entree was hot and spicy. Lastly, I had hot cakes which was served with 2 eggs, hash browns, sausages, bacon and toast. I had the eggs over easy and requested the bananas to be infused into the pancakes. The pancakes were a little disappointing because it didn't have the fluff factor and it was kind of dense. Also, the bananas weren't infused into the pancakes as requested. Instead, it came as a side in a ramekin. The bacon was nicely well done and the sausages were large but a little overdone. I expected 2 slices of toast but it only came with one toast. Guess you have to cut the cost somewhere. There were plenty of seating when we arrived but the place filled up by the time we left. Service was friendly. Restaurant is cute but it's pretty hard to find parking when their parking lot is full. The lot is small and fits only a few cars. We parked illegally and prayed that our wouldn't get ticketed or towed. Glad we got to try the place!

Robert Britton

A fabulous foodie spot tucked away near Trolley Square on the northern outskirts of Wilmington. Great food, wonderful portions. Efficient friendly staff, and Very Clean. It’s my 1st time I’ll be back often!

Lexie N.

Good classic diner food. I've only ever had the breakfast, but it never disappoints. Exactly what you would expect from a good quality diner. Can't go wrong.

Anne G.

I enjoyed my breakfast. The Western Omelet with hashed browns was ample and arrived at the table hot. Non-stop coffee sealed the deal. Service was not overly attentive to customers walking in. Staff conversations amongst themselves seemed to be a priority to the exclusion of seating customers which prevents me from giving Goobers a five-star rating. I will visit again.

Chandra P.

Great food - and I'm a chef! They have plant based options including vegan breakfast sausage! (Don't judge us lol.) They have spacious very clean dining area, outdoor seating and even a curbside pick up window! But best of all is the extraordinary customer service! The diverse staff represents the community, they are all pleasant and serve as a team, and both times I went - the owner/manager came to our table to genuinely THANK US for patronizing and check on how our experience was going. I feel good about recommending and eating here! Enjoy!!

Alex R.

Awesome place , food was delicious and the costumer service was great. Who ever come has to check the collectible cars in the garage .

Hollie S.

Atmosphere: If you are looking for a retro and fun diner, Goobers Diner is it. The outside is a big, metallic, retro-looking diner. It's unique in the fact that it has two floors that customers can sit at. I honestly can't remember if I've been to another diner with two floors. Inside is as retro as it comes with shiny red booths, the standard diner-style tables, a full-length bar, and a few tables too. There is also an outdoor seating area where you can sit by old-school cars. How fun. One thing to keep in mind about the outdoor seating is that they have transformed several parking spaces into seating, so there isn't a lot of parking at Goobers Diner. Food: Goobers Diner is open Sunday-Tuesday from 9-3 and Wednesday-Saturday from 7-9. Interesting they aren't open earlier on Sunday. Anyway, we arrived on a Wednesday for dinner. They serve breakfast all day and have several fun and unique lunch and dinner options. Ultimately we decided to get the buffalo chicken flatbread to start, and I got the chicken and waffles as my entree. The buffalo chicken flatbread was good. There was plenty of cheese as well as buffalo chicken. It had a kick but wasn't overwhelming, and you didn't feel like it was ever "too much." I was a big fan. The chicken and waffles were one of the better chicken and waffles I've had recently. It wasn't overpowering; the chicken was perfectly breaded, while the waffles weren't soggy. The amount of soggy waffles I've had recently (like LOL, the waffle kitchen) have been gross. Anyway, my chicken and waffles at Goobers Diner was great. My entire meal was great, and I was extremely pleased with my choice. Desert: I decided to order the confetti cake to go. It called my name when I saw it while walking in. The bright pink mousse and the fun confetti sprinkles told me to get it. I was happy with my selection when I brought it to our hotel. The cake tasted good, and the frosting and mousse were perfect. I could have used more frosting, but I can always use more frosting. Service: Our waitress was extremely friendly, and our food came out fast. We were in and out of Goobers Diner within 30 minutes. It was one of the fastest meals we've had. In all, it was perfect. Cost: $ The flatbread, chicken and waffles, and confetti cake cost $30. It was a lot of food, and I think of the Jax Diner in Napa, where the chicken and waffles were $30. Overall thoughts/Would I Come Back to Goobers Diner? I enjoyed my experience at Goobers Diner, and I would definitely return. I wish they existed when we lived in New Jersey, and it's a great option if you find yourself in Wilmington.

Harrison G.

Great breakfast, nice retro vibe, friendly staff. My friend and I both had the Hot Cakes Big Breakfast - perfect if you want a little bit of everything. Highly recommend.

Bill D.

I ordered the pot roast. Pot roast is supposed to be slow cooked until it is fall apart tender. My portion was still pink in the center and as tough as shoe leather Maybe that's why it was swimming in a pool of gravy and mashed potatoes. They brought me meat loaf as a replacement. It was ok but a bit bland. The GF had fish and chips and they were fine

Dave Singer

The meat and cheese omelet with onions, mushrooms, spinach and feta was really, really great.A hard act to follow, but today's quick tour of the garage to show my visiting cousin the old favorites dating back 100+ years was up to the challenge. The latest arrivals this week included a Lucid Air and a Shelby eBike.

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