5609 Concord Pike Unit 7B, Wilmington
(302) 407-3331

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Samantha Malenfant

The BEST Honeygrow I’ve ever been to! This was my second time visiting and the staff are amazing. They’re always very friendly and courteous and the food is always exactly how I want it.


Hay veces que se les apaga la máquina de noodles y tardan muchísimo en entregar ordenes, una vez espere casi 1 hora por un pedido

Kimberly W.

Love the service. They were super kind and they smiled a lot upon giving me my food and were very quick to prepare it. There's plenty of seating indoors, and it seems pretty much self-serve. You order on a machine, then the order is prepared and they will call your name when it's ready. The food is pretty good and the portion it's pretty good. I was able to split it between two meals even though at first I did not seem like a lot. I like the options, and that you were able to customize the noodles. However, I wish that they would have given more protein. It was mostly carbs, but the food was good nonetheless.

Isabella Yuce

Firstly they handed the Grubhub delivery man the wrong order. Then upon receiving the wrong order we replaced the order on DoorDash and the service is terrible. My stir fry, which had tofu, had pieces of beef or steak mixed in. Obviously the ingredients are being cross contaminated and that is not safe for people who are allergic or people who are vegetarians. Then we ordered the cobblers and the container was half full. This is ridiculous!!! So expensive in the first place and they can’t even fill the container to the top like they do at all the other locations. I’ve ordered from many other honeygrow locations and this is the WORST!!! Also, ordered two sides of sauce and payed for it and didn’t get them. My boyfriends order had random ingredients thrown in that he didn’t order! Terrible service!!! Do not order from here! They do not care clearly!!

Steve Huffman

This place turns into a travesty at night. They pack up the shop way before closing and orders are wrong, they forgo ingredients, they do not provide dine in bowls several hour before closing. Really liked this place at one point, now hate the night service and won’t be going back

M C.

This will be the last time I will visit. First the portion size is small for $13. I got double chicken and it was the same amount. The amount of oil used in their stir fry is ridiculous. Way too much! I could probably squeeze out a quarter cup and I'm really not exaggerating. The establishment has gone downhill. I should have walked out when I seen the sub floor from the broken floor tiles.

Jurassic Jordan

Been here a few times and can tell you that for under 12 bucks you can get a good amount of food. Just do the build your own option. Very good food very good quality. Only leaving 4 stars as it's extremely loud inside and also music is over powering.Food: 5/5


Im obsessed with this place. My gf got me hooked and now I cant stop thinking about it

Heather Clore

I love that I can customize my own order and it's made the way I want it.I had a salad with blueberries and strawberries and it was just a perfect summer salad. It was delicious.

Divine Starr

I usually get the food delivered from here. This was my first time going in the store. I was a little disappointed just to the level of cleanliness. The kiosk needed to be wiped down. Soda machine should of been cleaned. The staff were ALL EXTREMELY NICE. The food is always good. Always! I love this store and maybe I went in when it was busy and they didn't have the chance to wipe down. I will be going back and ordering again cause they are amazing in every other way. An it wasn't filthy just cleaned up

Lindsay Haston

I ordered two stir frys for take out, one of which was sauce on the side. I paid cash. Upon arriving home, I called the location and spoke with Cindy. As I was unable to come back in for a refund, she offered for me to come back to the location within a week. This is not feasible as I work in a correctional setting in which I work shift work. She reluctantly sent me an email for a free stir fry. When I stated my frustration that a 35 dollar lunch was bungled, she said "I understand." I suppose she thought she had hung up, but she had not and I was then treated to hearing the things she was saying about me and how frustrating people are etc. This was wildly unprofessional and quite frankly I had every right to call and ask to be refunded for a 14 dollar incorrect meal.

Maria B.

Food definitely tastes great and fresh but rarely ever made how I order they always forget something, service is beyond terrible they are rude, slow and arrogant.

Allison P

I walked in to the store to pick up an order and was made to wait half an hour. If they felt like making it, they got to customers orders. I was picking up a doordash for a customer and the girl at the front was intentionally making me wait, for whatever reason I don't know. This is the rudest honeygrow I've ever been to

Katrina Arey (Croswell)

Epic salads

Tony S.

Food took 10 mins and was just ok (I had the 5 spice chicken stir fry), but the kicker was that the manager, Troy, handed me my bowl knowing they were out of scallions (I hear him say it to the cook) which costs extra money and he didn't say anything. I had to dig around my food to see that they were missing. Just felt dishonest to serve a customer something they paid extra for and not saying anything. Thanks Also the music was super loud.

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