Jae Seafood by Tommy

403 Philadelphia Pike #1, Wilmington
(302) 765-2546

Recent Reviews

David L.

Even pre-Covid, there doesn't appear to be any seating. It's a seafood market that specializes in prepared combos. You can find around 15 seafood combos on their website, everything from dungeness to shrimp to snow crabs. The combos feed about 2-3 people and the higher priced ones range from $40 to $50. The veggies that come on the side needs a little revamping. The broccoli doesn't seem to pair well with the corn and the potatoes, and the garlic butter soaked into the corn too much. Or you can order steamed and seasoned blue crabs. If you need to order for dinner, you should call by around 3pm and be ready to pick up within 45 minutes or so. You can't place an order in advance.

Tai B

I called several times on my way to your establishment to place an order, but no answer. When I arrived around 5 pm, the lights turned off and door locked. You had other patrons pulling up but yet there's no sign on the door stating you were closed. After peeking through the window, I see someone and even at one point another patron knocked on your door yet no one came to offer any explanation. My biggest gripe is that you rely on business of both local and long distance customers. If you are not considerate enough to have a message on your company phone to indicate close of business then you don't deserve my hardworking money to patronize. It doesn't matter how good your seafood platters are at this point it's the principal.

Patrisha Johnson

Shame to say but I will NEVER patronize this business again due to the arrogance and disrespect encountered yesterday. Funny how many of the reviews speak so highly of the owner and of the great customer service specifically how "nice" they are. My sister was visiting from out of state yesterday, and decided what better way to bond than over 2 dz of crabs (lol). I called my normal crab place however they were out of crabs. I'm thinking, no problem, I know I another good spot in town that I've ordered from in the past. My sister called and I guess because they were close to closing the person who answered the phone answered like this: "all we have are female crabs and patters, first come first serve, bye" and rudely hung the phone up on my sister! I was shocked and thought, no....not Jae's. So I said let me call. I called and before the person could repeat the same behavior, I expressed my disappointment with the experience that my sister had encountered. I said I understand if you are about to close but it's a certain way you speak to and treat people. I expressed my disappointment with the experience and attempted to order and the person again, "unapologetically" said, "it is what it is" and hung up on me! Needless to say, it created a somber moment for my sister and I as we were both; very shocked. I work very hard for my money and I love crabs, but not to the point that I will be disrespected. Do Better!

Janique Hinson

Today I called just to find out if they had medium female crabs and the price. When the phone was answered the person was said they're doing no phone orders only walk ins . I said ok I just wanted to no if you guys had female med crabs. Response was we have crabs & hung up in my ear. I called to ask why would you hang up in my ear I wasn't rude to you. to find out it was the manager who said sorry I was busy.

Ezequiel Jordan

I get to eat here a lot since I work right next to it. I must say the service is always awesome and they keep the place well organized regularly. Rates are affordable and they serve sizeable portions.

Patta Waay

My family & I have been coming to Jae's Seafood for many years. The food is always fresh and the employees are very friendly. Thanks for always putting your customers first ❤!!

tierra stanford

Got some large crabs that was empty & he took them back & gave me way more than what I paid for & they were really good & meaty with no issues!

Kelli A.

My go-to seafood place. The trays are worth every bit the price. Staff is always friendly and food is delicious every time!!!!!

John Gardley

Food is good...customer service is not poor, but piss poor. Don't spend my money with establishments who have no people skills. Thank goodness the season is upon us too many other options. Dueces!


Great service, crabs are always tasty. Follow them on Instagram... awesome specials posted!!

Michelle Keele

Last minute decision for some crab legs but a great choice. Met the owner Tomny who was very friendly and took our order even though he was about to close. Would definitely try again

Sheena Beana

My first time eating from Jae’s my crabs

Camillia Comeaux

I come often for the delicious seafood and finally met the owner Tommy! Super nice and accommodating!! Thank you so much...I’ll be back!

Jessica Kim

I threw a party for 14 people this past weekend and getting our seafood from Jae Seafood by Tommy was THE BEST DECISION ever! We got clams, mussels, Dungeness crabs, and veggies. It was so delicious and to make it even better, the customer service you receive is the best. Our guests are still raving about how great the food was. I hands down recommend Jae Seafood by Tommy...reliable, delicious and reasonably priced! ???

Harbor Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry

Tommy the owner is awesome. Came into town and was craving blue crab. He helped me select the most fresh crabs for my family event. He truly cares to give the best seafood to his customers. The seafood platter is seasoned to perfection. Loyal customer for life!

Diana Green

Great food, friendly service and prompt orders!!! They are always seeking new customers and new ideas. Walked in off the street and haven't left yet. Fresh seafood with reasonable prices

Morgan Robbins

Me and a friend of mines went to jaes and met Tommy the owner! He was amazing and customer service was awesome! Not to mention hygiene I say that to say someone came in an couch they didn’t cover they mouth and he was highly upset due to him serving food and germs. It amazed me cause that shows that he cares about himself and others. I never write review unless something amazes me and that he did service was awesome. I will be coming to jae’d seafood a lot. When u go ask for Tommy oh and the crabs,corn, broccoli & potatoes was delicious!

Hasun KP

Tommy and the staff are extremely hospitable. They'll serve you with a smile, and go the extra mile for their customers. The prices are reasonable. The food looks, smells, and tastes great! The store is always clean, and organized. You can call in, or order when you arrive. The wait is never long. My opinion is that this is the best seafood store in Wilmington. I am always satisfied with the service, and food.

Kahlil Hasun

Great service! I love it here. Awesome food, and clean store.

Dana Marie

Always friendly, haven’t had a bad patter yet! This is my go to place! I love Tommy!

Lamar Jenowitz

Great service. Main reason I come here is good people and conversation. Be pleasant and they will take care of you. Best seafood spot in the area.

Tienika Kelly

The worst customer service I ever had.

MAC 53

They have amazing crabs but I have it a 3 because I had my first seafood platter and I literally had 4 shredded pieces of broccoli and bite size potatoes. So if you looking for goo crabs definitely choose them but the platters are a rip off

Malinda Carr

They have amazing crabs but I have it a 3 because I had my first seafood platter and I literally had 4 shredded pieces of broccoli and bite size potatoes. So if you looking for goo crabs definitely choose them but the platters are a rip off


Update: I bought a dozen LIVE *so I thought* crabs last night 12/27 around 5pm. 4 of the 12 were edible. 3 were dead when i took them out the bag. The remaining 5 must've been dying because they didn't put up a fight when i started taking them out the bag.

Tanya Corbin

My husband and I wanted seafood so we decided to check out Jae seafood by Tommy. We decided on cleaned large male crabs sautéed with butter and garlic and top neck clams platter. Both platter were well prepared, crabs were meaty and juicy. Great job!! We will be back

Herbie Bostwick

It was out of this world took my lady friend there and she really thanked me for hooking her up

Claudia B.

First time there, Friday (11/8) and I will go back. I called mid week and he said to wait til Friday in case he was running a special. Called Friday to order, picked up as he was bring the crabs out of the steamer. Good seasoning, good size...we will definitely go back. We'll also spread the word...these guys are great!

Corporate Momma-Chlo

Tommy the owner called me back to make sure that I was getting the best deal and threw in a little extra. He definitely goes above and beyond for a superior customer experience. My go to place for all my seafood needs!!!!!

Chloe Deedon

Tommy the owner called me back to make sure that I was getting the best deal and threw in a little extra. He definitely goes above and beyond for a superior customer experience. My go to place for all my seafood needs!!!!!

Julia Colvard-Perry

We visited Jae Seafood by Tommy on Oct 5 as we were in town from New York for a youth football game and wanted some seafood so we found this establishment. The food was delicious and priced right. I ordered a pound of Dungeness crab legs and 1 dozens of little neck clams were seasoned will. My brother and father ordered four dozen male crabs which were a nice size and delicious. We meet the owner Tommy who was very accommodating. Thank you for great service.

tanya meza

Today was my first day ordering from this restaurant. Oh my goodness, the food is awesome! It makes not sense how big the shrimp platter is. My husband and I ate a good portion of the shrimp with enough to spare! Great place!

Lajonna Purnell

Tommy and Jr they are the best when it comes to crabs the service is wonderful I got in and out didn’t have to wait a long time

Kerienne H.

Got there late on Labor Day. Was informed that the last dozen of male crabs were available and that they would be closing right after I left. I really wanted crabs so I bought them. I think next time I'll just keep driving to Maryland, as the crabs I received just weren't good. They were very modestly seasoned with old bay ( I like it caked on Maryland style) and there was very little meat to be had. Had to dig past a lot of poo and innards for mediocre meat. However, this is to be expected late in the day on a holiday.

kaitlin houghton

Jae’s Seafood has the best crabs around! Can’t beat the prices or the customer service, Tommy and Junior are the best!! 🙌

DiNesha Stephens

Tommy knows me by Nicole. But every time i call, Tommy always hooks me up, best customer service. Saturday I called right before they were closing and told him i was ten minutes away and he stayed open for me and gave me a deal on the crabs. Crabs are always cooked perfecting and has so much flavor, i wont go anywhere else . Thanks Tommy

Karen Jernigan

I love the mussels and it comes with steamed veggies! Yummy yummy yummy! Clean, great location but they only sell fried foods in the winter!😒😊😂😂

Bry Bry

Love love love Jae Seafood. Tommy is thoughtful and gives a good deal. A customer saw this seafood salad they make there but was short on funds after buying crabs and Tommy let him still have the seafood salad. Nice establishment! Good crabs!

Paula Jones

I am a review queen! I always check about a store before I visit! There were many great reviews so I decided to try them out. It was my very first time to this place, last week and I was very pleased with my order! Was upset I never knew about them even with me living in the city for years. I will be returning today! The staff is very pleasant and helpful! The only downfall is parking because it’s limited and apart of a very small lot!

Keisha McGhee

I’ve been coming to Jae’s for many years now and honestly I’ve never been disappointed. The food is always great and the staff members are friendly and respectful! They are my seafood guys!