Jimmy John's

824 N Market St Ste 105, Wilmington
(302) 777-1300

Recent Reviews

Murphy Maeve

First time here and I was excited but when I got my hoagie, it looked like a mini hoagie. When I opened it, it was worse than i initially thought. Wawa ans Subway are 3 times the size for the same price. It did taste pretty good but not enough to warrant for the lack of substance. Disappointing so only 2 stars

ashley saile

We moved here recently and had been eating at a competitors. We stopped eating “theirs” because they always messed up the order. The first time I came here service was prompt, the workers were very friendly and they made sure to ask me if they got my sandwich right! It tasted great and I had a great experience!

Chris Sharrett

Horrible service never asked if I want it for here or Togo! Never give me receipts or take my name..so you stand around until you asked them for your sandwich..or you interrupting their always talking to themselves..they are totally interested on deliveries orders..not customers in the store..don’t ask for salt and pepper on ur sandwich..cause that’s way to much work..Mangers are rude say have nice day!! Sarcastically!! Never will see me in that place again!! Ur no Primos!!..

David Clapp

Pretty standard for Jimmy John’s. They will miss a couple things on occasion but staff is always friendly!

Thaddious Thomas

This place is AMAZING! The young man that greeted me suggested & sandwich that turned out to be quite tasty. I stopped to grab a quick bite & met the most nicest people working at Jimmy’s! It was such a pleasant experience & I even met Jimmy himself (see pic). The prices are great, the food is great & the owner & employees just burst with positive vibes! This is definitely one of my favorite places on market st. You may just catch me outside of Jimmy’s with my guitar & a sandwich. 15 Star

Mark Brown

Best subs in Wilmington..

Taheerah Ward

Bought to break a tooth on this hard a$$ bread.... foods so flavorless... now I remembered why I stopped eating here. I'm DONE

Tonya McNeil

I ordered the Smokin Kickin Chicken sandwich and enjoyed it. Ordered it again a week later, it did not taste the same as the first time.

Indigo Mood

Gross nasty genetic sandwich shop

Patrice Gibbs

Courteous friendly food good

corey pegram

The people were very friendly.The service was fast.

Venu Sumanth Potru

Fresh food, courteous staff, clean and well maintained place.

Dark Chld

Food was gross. Sorry not good at all

Jack Mckernan

Tell your head guy to quit supporting Trump. Black Lives Matter needs support now more than ever. even the 1920s killed less of them.

S Washington

Service was ok. My poorly made sandwich consisted of 2 slices of meat and 2 slices of cheese. It was as satisfying as a drop of water on a dying plant.

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