Liquid Alchemy Beverages

28 Brookside Dr, Wilmington
(302) 438-0252

Recent Reviews

S. Bill Brown

I am not a frequent customer, but I must say that every time I do go, the staff and other customers are most friendly and helpful. Not only are their meads and ciders delicious, but the food vendors are also top notch!

Anna M

If you like mead, or you think you might like mead, or you just want to tell people you tried mead one time, this is your place. Prices are good, especially if you, like me, just want to sample everything; they sell little shot-sized servings (if memory serves) for just $1-2 each, so you can try a ton of flavors for cheap.

Raymond N.

This spot is so cute! The staff is super friendly and patient. They were doing a girl scout cookie pairing and it was delicious. I will definitely come back.

Ray N.

This spot is so cute! The staff is super friendly and patient. They were doing a girl scout cookie pairing and it was delicious. I will definitely come back.

Kimberly A.

Great little spot. Ciders were delicious and found out everything is made on site. Even had a birch beer cider. The meads were interesting We ended up buying a bottle of 302 mead. No food menu buy different food vendors on site. The night we went was a mac and cheese vendor. Definitely would return to try sample the rest of the menu. Staff was extremely courteous and helpful. They even encourage people to bring their own food which I thought is great. Prices were very reasonable. Definitely will return.

Valerie D Cubel

The best in meads and ciders, hands down! The variety in flavors will keep your taste buds asking for more. This gem is one to visit over and over again. Each season there is something new, and they try to excite their customers with variations of ingredients that most would snub their nose to trying. The place is filled with finds from your childhood and more. Check it out next time you have nothing to do, you will not be disappointed.

Mark Lambert

Liquid Alchemy is a hidden gem in the Wilmington area! I found it about a month ago and I have been back every single weekend since then. If you like meads and ciders this place is an absolute must!! They have dozens of drinks and flavours to choose from and they are constantly coming out with new concotions. Jeff and Terri the owners are incredibly kind and they are absolutey experts at their craft. I highly recommend this bar to anyone looking for a good night out at a place where drinks are good and the atmosphere is one of a kind.


Drinks were spot on and the place was very whimsically decorated which added to the atmosphere! Was there for Night Circus and it was packed inside, granted it was cold outside so it's understandable. Chill atmosphere and friendly staff made it a great visit!

John P.

This place is awesome! I am really bummed that I couldn't spend longer here. I had the Red, White, and blue mead and it was amazing!! Tons of outside seating. The owner is super cool. Very cool vibe here!!

Kate F.

Highly recommend this awesome little spot if you're up for trying something new! We wandered in on a Saturday and found the place to be fairly busy. There's plenty of outdoor seating along the side of the building, and inside they've got a bar as well as multiple barrel-tables set up with barstools. The decor was very unique and adds to the charm --- make sure you take a moment to look around and take in the decorations; BF's favorite was the giant stuffed white tiger with a wiffleball bat. (Similarly, the quirky names for their meads and ciders further suggest a great sense of humor!) We chose to sit at the bar where we were enthusiastically welcomed and offered a menu. We were helped by Jeff, one of the owners/founders, who was very friendly and extremely helpful in guiding our first adventure into mead. We were eager to try both the cider and the mead, and he encouraged us to try flights of each separately to really appreciate the flavors (which turned out to be a great recommendation). He guided us through our selection of meads for our flight, offering detailed descriptions of the meads and helping us to taste in an order that made sense. We wound up trying their Sweet Nothing (the basic, honey-forward mead), Red Cowabunga (cherry vanilla), O4 (billed as "orange juice for adults"), Black-302 (blackberry), Overly Hoptimistic (which is carbonated and reminiscent of beer thanks to the hops), and the Red-White-and-Blue (cranberry, coconut, and blueberry). They were sweet and delicious; I'd say the O4 and Black-302 were the highlights for me. After that, we switched gears to try their ciders. We did a flight of four, opting to try their Light Cide(r) (apples with honey, for a very tasty standard hard cider), Pineapple Experiment 13 (cider with a hint of pineapple), Magenta Dragon (a delicious, gorgeous light pink cider with dragonfruit, mango, and mint), and their anniversary barrel-aged Deeply Rooted (a flavorful cider with hints of root beer/birch beer that almost tasted like apple bourbon). I really enjoyed their ciders and wound up going home with a growler. I appreciated their option of a mini-growler, which feels like a more manageable amount to finish within the week. I really enjoyed our drinks and appreciated how the bartenders all made us feel like one of the regulars --- greeting us with smiles and making sure we were well- cared for. We also learned that Liquid Alchemy is making its way into more and more liquor stores, including Total Wine recently, so keep an eye out and consider supporting this local gem.

Brittany E.

They have a great selection of Mead and cider's. I really enjoyed their siders! I love the inside of the location but the outside is a little sketchy. I really enjoyed their calendar of activities.

Amy Eastburn-Escobar

Met the BBQ caterer here for our wedding. He often cooks here for Bang Bang BBQ and their food is amazing. We went inside and decided to start sampling. Well the 4 of us tried SEVERAL mead and cider options and we liked them so much we ended up buying 5 to take home. The owners were so pleasant and explained each drink we were trying. Wonderful people and a nice place to sit and relax.

Dawn Rase

Liquid Alchemy Beverages are like MAD Scientists! Their creativity is beyond the imagination! Everything there is good, the problem is trying to figure what is the best!!

Brynne B

We had never had mead before but really enjoyed the lesson on what mead was and the actual experience of trying so many varieties! Super friendly staff who knew their stuff made the experience even better. The atmosphere was cute and relaxing. We will come back to try that which we misssed today.

Karen Morales

Great place off the beaten path. Owners Jeff and Terri are amazing. This place is uniquely decorated, a great place to come and chill. There is a good amount of parking for all. No steps to enter the building and accessible to all with any challenges. The owners do allow for their guests bring their own food in from various food trucks that stop by on various days. I have seen guests come in with Sushi and they do allow you to order pizza and have it delivered all the while having your tastings and drinks. I would definitely recommend this place to those that love exploring with mead and different ciders, you will not be disappointed!

Matt Bertinato

We’ve been here multiple times, and obviously love it because we keep coming back. Their mead and ciders are both super tasty and their constant tap list and seasonal/limited releases never disappoint. The staff is super friendly and even if you’ve never had mead or cider before they take the time to tell you about their offerings and what may work with your pallet. If you’re debating going or not, just go.

Spencer Coleman

Wow! If you are in the area and are even remotely interested in ciders or meads YOU NEED TO STOP HERE! Such nice, genuine people and tasty tasty beverages. Will definitely be placing an order to ship soon!

Benny Anderson

$10 flights! Eclectic atmosphere that's very inviting and a great place for groups with a familiar friendly staff that treat you like long lost friends. They keep odd hours for a bar but after all, you should ONLY drink periodically.

Angelec D.

If you love sweet and liquor! This the place for you. So quaint like everything in Delaware, gives you a cheers vibe no matter who is bar tending. Friendly staff and open seating!

Mike McGowan

What an amazing time last night. This might be the most amazing hidden gem I have been to in years. Amazing eclectic decor - check. Unbelievable staff - check. Amazing fun drinks - check. Great food trucks - check. Fun, great vibes, and I am a regular for life!

Christopher malmstrom

We were fortunate enough to come by on a night they had music, but the mead alone will bring me back. I'm not a cider fan, but my wife absolutely loved it. This is a quaint little place in the middle of an industrial park that you won't find unless you're looking, but it's absolutely worth looking for.

Geoff Hunter

The meads are the best I've ever had. The ciders are top notch. The owners are amazing and always have time to talk. The atmosphere is eclectic, with stuff from all over the place.

Kristine K

I really liked this place, it was very relaxed and the people that worked there were super friendly coming up to us before we even sat down and chatting. The ciders were great and they had a lot to choose from with between the ciders, meads, and mixed drinks, we'll definitely be back!

Ellen L

Went for the first time tonight with my son. Tried many samples of cider and mead. There are a numbers of choices to pick from and more in development. The are tasty and full of natural flavors. The décor is interesting and laid back. The location is not ideal but for a new place it works. I'd go back.

Adam Wunder

Eclectic place with some great mead and cider! My favorite was the "ground and tapped" They have a rotating schedule of food trucks that park out front. They also offer some cans of local beer too!

Radel Ablao

Great place for something different. Owner and servers are great. Atmosphere is very eclectic. Recommend the tour and the tasting all for $10. VERY AFFORDABLE.

Ariel C.

Pleasantly surprised by the selection of wine/mead and even ciders. The apple pie cider was amazing. They also had a local gentleman cater food (delicious Mac and cheese this time). Very relaxed atmosphere. The price for the drinks were reasonable however the growlers seemed a bit pricey. Will definitely be back!

Russ L

Lots of fun! Really informative tour, passionate staff, and a great atmosphere. A great way to switch things up from the "typical" tasting room. The meads and ciders were all delicious, will definitely be going back to try more!

Nico C.

Unique and tasty mead and cider made in house. I strongly suggest taking the tour to see how they make the beverages and hear about the history of mead as well. My favorite was the cider without anything added, it was refreshing and not too sweet. We will be back!

Jenny Kenney

Julian' Mac and Cheese was at LAB tonight. Delicious food and of course the always delicious ciders and meads. They are all so delicious! I can never pick just one


LOVE this place! The ciders are awesome, the staff is great, and the place is clean. If I lived up here, I’d be a regular.

Nicole J.

This is my absolute favorite hangout in Wilmington! The bartenders are knowledgeable, and the drinks and relaxed atmosphere are awesome!

John McFarlane

Relaxing atmosphere to enjoy Mead and Cider. They have a diverse selection of high quality beverages complimented by frequent food trucks and other food accommodations. I always order a bottle togo to have for special occasions, or to simply enjoy with dinner. Whether stopping by to enjoy a quick drink or joining friends and coworkers to enjoy flights, L.A.B. is a must visit location.

John F.

I have been brewing Mead for 30 years out in Colorado. This past weekend we visited family in Bear Del. They took me to a place called Liquid Alchemy Beverages to try their mead. I would say that this was the best tasting Mead ,in many varieties, that I have ever tasted, other than mine,(my opinion). The flavors were clean and crisp . Got to try a new one there just bringing out that was aged in a whisky barrel, fantastic. The staff was very informative and friendly. The establishment was clean and festive. The night we were there they had a food truck out front (Saturday). It was a great evening, will definitely go back again.

W.J. Drewen

Liquid Alchemy might not look like much from the outside, but this place is awesome. They have the best selection of meads around and their ciders are great, all made on site by the folks who staff the bar area. The owners are pretty awesome people who will gladly take some time to chat with you. Stop reading this and go visit them!

Marc Guthrie

Super friendly and helpful staff. Asked great questions to help us narrow our choices, and the Mead was superb. Can't wait to go back when the weather is nice and enjoy their outside seating.

Nikesha Mason

Coziest place, perfect for a date night. The owners are super friendly and nice. The wines were delightful. Will definitely visit again.

Gabriel Seda

Amazing selection, have between 12-16 meads. If you haven't had mead before... it's time. Don't be afraid to ask for suggestions based on your tastes. Great prices.


Had never really tried mead or hard ciders, and am not very fond of sweet beverages, but this is an experience you wouldn't want to miss. We had 2 flights of 8 different ciders and meads, all very original flavors and enjoyed tasting all of them. Would certainly recommend dropping by, if you're in the area, for a very unique experience.

Gary S

Had never really tried mead or hard ciders, and am not very fond of sweet beverages, but this is an experience you wouldn't want to miss. We had 2 flights of 8 different ciders and meads, all very original flavors and enjoyed tasting all of them. Would certainly recommend dropping by, if you're in the area, for a very unique experience.