Lucky's Coffee Shop

4003 Concord Pike, Wilmington
(302) 477-0240

Recent Reviews

Lyfee Reeves

very very friendly environment family-orientated lovely setting fast service food was amazing looking like my new Sunday breakfast place

James Hurst Jr.

best place on the pike to get a bite

Sherese R.

I tried twice. The good, the sticky bun. My initial thought was yum, the lobster roll bun (brioche) with cinnamon, sugar, butter, pecans and raisins. Good, but won't go out of my way for it. First time ate outside during COVID restrictions. It was ok. Heard so many great things about Lucky's figured maybe I didn't order correctly. Ordered again today 9/19/21-pancakes, french toast, potatoes hash, sticky bun, grits. The grits was the best thing; I doctored them up. The pancakes were still white! Undercooked. Offered to recook them for my daughter, she declined. The French toast was mushy-undercooked. The potato hash taste like it was make with/in meat, which is not ok when you don't meat meat. Everything went in trash except the grits and cinnamon roll. Pretty disappointing. Ps: the veggie bacon in photo was made at home ;)

Adam Roush

Fantastic spot to get breakfast, typically I post a photo of the food before I eat it. I was too hungry and it looked too good and was worth every bite

David Lucente

Today at Lucky's Coffee Shop, I switched it up and ordered a breakfast sandwich. It was egg, pork roll and bacon on a bagel. I had a side order of 2 sunny side up eggs for dipping. I had a side of mozzarella sticks and home fries.

Jesse Brewer

Great service, great food. Our server was very sweet and attentive. The inside is adorable and comfortable. Went with my 12 year old daughter and had a great experience.

S B.

After my first visit and review of 6 years ago, we decided to give Lucky's another opportunity recently, and our more recent experience is vastly different than the first. They have added a stellar option to the tater tots: hashbrowns, either with onions and peppers or without, and it's a far better selection to go with their 2or 3 egg breakfasts that all now come with a choices of meats, potatoes, and bread (the biscuits are my favs). Simple - choose your egg "style" and the accompaniments; no figuring out what comes with what. The food quality has improved over all, and the staff is extremely welcoming, warm, efficient, and attentive - leading me to "over tip" if that's even possible. They have also gone to great lengths to isolate each booth in these days of COVID, creating a comfortable eating section for each booth. After well over a year without going into any restaurant, we decided to employ Lucky's as our "coming out" event, and we couldn't have been happier! In summary, this is not the old Lucky's but a newer, improved version and one that should satisfy anyone who appreciates straightforward, basic food, prepared like home, only better! I'm pleased to update and significantly upgrade my previous review - it's well earned!

Angela Trump

We have been to Lucky’s several times and it is typically our go to especially when we want some good home fries. Today we were very disappointed. My step daughter and i got the French Toast (which in the past has been good). Today it was Awful! We couldn’t pin point whether it was too many spices and what exactly was the problem. We let the server know (which we think was new) and she basically just said aww I’m sorry I’ll let the chef know. We only had about 2 bites of our food. Not only was our food not okay but she ignored us for about 45 minutes. This isn’t the typical service we receive at Lucky’s. When we went to pay we also told the front of the house and she also ignored our feedback. Did not comment on it at all. I paid the bill and left. I was very frustrated and we both left hungry.

Jessica Weirback

Got the maria burrito with some fruit. Everything was great and fresh. I'll definitely be back. I did not try the biscuit but I will the next time!

Jonathan L.

One of the worst waffles I have had. Not crispy, overly doughy and tough to chew.

Tim N.

We've been going there for about 3 years, up until about 3 months ago, it was a great place, great food outstanding attentive and friendly staff. Then there seemed to be a change in ownership/management as well as familiar wait staff. Started getting slow and less service. Well yesterday we showed up waited several minutes to get seated even though most of restaurant was empty. Then after 5 minutes no had come to check on us even though there were 3 waitresses standing and talking not helping the other two who were waiting tables. We asked hostess for service, she went to chatting wait staff, and another one came out. Not a movement, and two other waitresses looked at us and walked by. 5 minutes later we walked out disgusted. We will not return

Michel Faulkner

Great place! Friendly and good food.

Patricia Schofield

This place was great. TheService the food the place and people

Jim Bilda

Another gem in DE I have not visited, but did today. Great breakfast; I understand why it is rated highly. Servers were very good.



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