New Hibachi Express

4526B Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington
(302) 999-9733

Recent Reviews

Frank Gentry

Something has changed not the same as it was a few years ago. Very sad I used to love this take out.

Yett Thomas

Love the food and the prices

Patricia D.

Awful food, very poor quality. Not fresh and the poorest quality of chicken there is. Rice was tasteless. The soy sauce was grainey!!! The worst excuse for asian food and waste of $8.00. Panda Express would have been 5 times better.


Always good food. Would have posted pictures but I couldn't wait to eat! Only complaint, I want more. !

Paris Sanchez

Firm/ hard sushi rice. Portions size of thumb nail lol

Travis Jackson

Always great dishes

Rihao Zhou

Good place. Smells good inside. Filet and chicken is banging!

Michael K.

Flies inside. Everything is dirty. Food oversalted and black pepper dumped as crazy. Taste like ingredients were not fresh. Dumped

Antoine Money

Food is amazing authentic Japanese food

Syrena Painter

The Filet, Chicken and Shrimp with thw white sauce is awsome...

Antanette Flores

Good costumer service, food is okay. Sushi is banging.

Luz blanco

Gave one star because no option for 0. Jumbo shrimp is medium at best and they charge more money but instead of 10 you get 5 LITTLE shrimp. Horrible Sushi, wasabi not fresh, rolls small and food came cold. Do not recommend!!

Rachael H.

I feel like the portions for dine in was smaller than take out. It is really hot inside the store with no blinds, no AC or fans in use. The place only had one unoccupied table that seats 4. It wasn't very clean. The sushi was sad. All 4 entrees were alright though. In our opinion, the prices don't suit the quality. They speak both English and Mandarin Chinese.

Andrew Swiatowicz

Here's how my Saturday night went. I ordered for delivery online at 9:16PM. I got a call a few minutes later saying they do not deliver to my address (no delivery restrictions are noted on their website). I said I would come and pick it up, and was told it would be ready in 15-20 minutes. When I arrived at the restaurant (15 minutes after the call), I waited 5 minutes before they told me that had not started the order yet, because they "weren't sure that we were actually coming". At this point I had already paid online and it was too late to order from another place. They were completely unapologetic about this, and made it seem like I was the crazy one for assuming that my food would be ready when I arrived. And the food was definitely not worth the hassle.

Kellie Armendariz

Good food but not great.

Christine Wrenn

In went there for take was soooooo good! I got sushi...tuna roll, California roll, cucumber roll

Michelle Anderson

Great food and friendly service.

Catherine Iacona

Not a big deal


Very friendly, even when busy.


The filet mignon express bowl was fabulous. It did not overcook during delivery. The veggies are cooked correcty. Not over or under cooked. Will definitely order from here again.

Francina Norman

Wonderful place. Wonderful staff. They know you on a personal level

Sarah Ireland

Worst customer service EVER. I ordered for delivery and they gave me a call to let me know. Without an opportunity to say, okay, I can come pick it up, she says - I am going to cancel your order and then hangs up on me... Well, she just missed a sale and she also just turned away a customer. Bad news bears.

John W.

I wish I could give negative stars. I placed a delivery order to be delivered at 7:30pm. The order arrived at 6:00. I asked the delivery driver about it and he said, "I just deliver, you have to call." So I did. I was told another order would be given to me at 7:30 because of their mistake. OK, fair enough. Then I got a call back saying they wouldn't deliver anything and it was my fault for not sending the meal back with the delivery guy (which I tried to do.) I then asked for a refund and was told they would do that. 2 hours later, I received an email from them saying it was my fault and they wouldn't refund anything. What terrible customer service. To top it all off, the food was terrible. STAY AWAY!!!

Rachael H.

I feel like the portions for dine in was smaller than take out. It is really hot inside the store with no blinds, no AC or fans in use. The place only had one unoccupied table that seats 4. It wasn't very clean. The sushi was sad. All 4 entrees were alright though. In our opinion, the prices don't suit the quality. They speak both English and Mandarin Chinese.

Alfred Basso

Very very good Food/ Must Try

Hennifer K.

We have ordered from here about four times now and I can say they are consistent. The sushi is very fresh for take out and always correct. I have gotten the shrimp hibachi and they are more than generous serving wise. I ordered the teriyaki chicken one time and I did it like it the meat was rubbery and just odd. The salmon is always on point. This last time we ordered a side of steak hibachi which was lacking I posted the pics. But all in all I would say check it out it's one of the better delivery places in the area

L Ferguson

Great food that is not weighed down with too much sauce. I really like their General Tsos chicken and Hibachi entrees.

Daniel Becker

Quality varies. Some days it’s great, some days it’s bland and dry and awful. The more popular they have become, the worse the food gets. Back in 2007, this place had better food than Hibachi the restaurant. 2018, they’re too busy to put that level of effort into the food and quality suffers. Maybe on a slow night, you will get some delicious food, but if it’s busy, don’t count on it.

Oleksandr Kvitnytskyi

Nice place and nice pricing. Nothing special and nothing bad. Everything looks clean and this place is good to order a dinner take out. Sushi was good, the only thing - rolls were small

Mario Ayala

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Bo W.

Walking into the place made me feel a little weary but I was very pleasantly surprised. On the outside it looked like your typical Asian take out place so it did not fill me with confidence but it goes to show don't judge a book by its cover. I had a ribeye steak entree and fried rice while my colleague had the shrimp and steak. The food was prepared very quickly and tasted pretty darn good. My one usual compliant with hibachi in general is they tend to over salt but I did not find this to be the case this time. The only thing that kept this place from getting a 4 is the fact that the fried rice was a little stale and out to go order did not get any napkins in the bag. Give this place a try you won't be disappointed.

Seth T.

Decent food for the cost. Came in a nice container with divided portions. Also, it was a generous portion with plenty for leftovers. Will consider ordering from this place again. My openly complaint is that it took forever for delivery. The delivery guy apologized which I appreciated. He said they were really busy. Understandable.

Jeff Newnam

I like their rice bowls and am trying a noodle bowl for the first time tonight.... Edit: The noodle bowl was not the brothy dish the online menu photo led me to believe it broth at all actually. The filet & mushroom rice bowl, however, was tasty as usual.

Asif C.

I ordered a Jumbo shrimp teriyaki with white rice. I was charged around $9 which is reasonable for jumbo shrimp. But upon opening the container, the shrimps were far from jumbo. They looked like regular prawns and not jumbo shrimp like they said. On top of that, the rice tasted hard and stale. The teriyaki didn't even taste like teriyaki. It tasted like some duck sauce mixed with some other weird stuff. I immediately threw it out and won't ever go to this place.


Two table eat-in area, so most will order take-out or delivery.Food is simple Japaneese and enjoyable. Prices are reasonable.

foreverr Khadijah!

Love this place the shusi is good. And the spring roll is great ! Nice fresh food to eat with very good prices

Meghan M.

They definitely need to upgrade and renovate the entire building but it's good for food. I like that you can see them cooking right in front of you. I would recommend sitting with a bigger group, too. If you order and another family of three orders at the same table then you are pretty much waiting longer for your food which kind of sucks but you get so much leftovers!

Ryan S.

Food is exceptional and the price is better than any restaurant on the highway. I haven't been dissatisfied yet.

Ashley J.

Food was very good and they have yum yum sauce! Super bonus. Most of the smaller Japanese on the go restaurants don't, and it's always disappointing. Good portions, fresh, light taste. Would definitely order from again and recommend if you're craving Japanese food and are looking for a quick carry out.


We stopped to carry-out dinner. This is í  Japanese cuisine restaurant although it is really take out as there is only one table. We had chicken teriyaki, general Tai's chicken. Spring rolls, Gyoza dumplings and spicy tuna sushi. No complaints on the meal. We will definitely stop back again.