Olympic Subs & Steaks

813 N Market St, Wilmington
(302) 652-4677

Recent Reviews

Deb Hawkins

Nice little hole in the wall on Market Street! The Cheesesteak I had was so good, and the staff was really nice!Food: 5/5

K David Boyer

Quality food and service. Large portions and a friendly atmosphere.Vegetarian options: Just request what you wish... Call ahead to confirm.

Robert Pierre

I have visited 5 or 6 times. Sub was always perfect. It can take a few minutes because it’s always busy. I’ll be back when I pass through town

Michelle Abraham

Anyone know if the original owners sold the business? I ask because I have not been there in years due to working out of state but, when I was working in Delaware for over 20 years, this place had the BEST WORKERS in town who were friendly and efficient workers. My last two trips here have been disappointing (to say the least) - the workers are extremely slow, seem to be very dissatisfied with their job (almost like zombies) moving around when the store is packed. FOLKS, save your money and go to Capriotti's - YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED - their service and staff are inviting!!!!

Burt T.

Really great cheesesteaks and fries. The sandwiches were filled to the max with tasty steak and the fries were fresh cut.

Matthew Martin

The sub was pretty decent with a good amount of meat. They seem to have missed the onion in both sandwiches that were ordered. Service was medium in pace, and only reasonably friendly.

Andre H.

I've never been disappointed since childhood. Great food. Pretty good prices. Only issue is prices are never stable.

Stacey Williams

This place has the worst subs. Zero flavor with all the fixing on it. Dry and way to expensive. The dine in experience is not personal, other customers hanging all around you waiting to place orders or waiting or waiting for. The employees dress like they been on the streets for days without a bath

William L Jones Jr

I’ve been coming here since the 1980s and their Cheesesteaks are still the best in Wilmington Delaware ???

David Grimaldi

I wouldnt reccommend this place if you have any dairy restrictions or food sensitivities. I only say this is because my husband and I order 2 italian subs. One...mine.. Was to have american cheese and onions on it as well as lettuce and tom...hubbies had a reg italian sub with provolone no onions just light mayo lettuce and tom....i am very very very very sensitive to cheese. I can only eat american cheese well this place marked our subs wrong. I got an italian sub with american cheese light mayo letuuce tom and onions... They put american cheese on his wrapper with onions and mine was plain...said nothing. They got the subs mixed up which is not good because of allergies and sensitivites.plus hubby hates onions......it is a good thing my husband ate first because if not i would have eaten the one that was marked wrong and wnded up in the er tonight due to stomach pain from the provolone cheese. I cannot eat it. At all!!! Just for everyone please double check to make sure they marked your food correctly if you have food sensitivity cause they didnt for us. I will be calling the store tomorrow to let them know.

Johnny Dunn

After several years the size of the large has changed. I used to live in DE in 86 but come up to see family when I leave I stop and get a 2 subs to eat now and one when I get home in NC. This time, I got one.

shikera wilson

Great quality and fresh ingredients,but the sizes do not match the high price

Dustin Delpilar

I just went there the lady gave me dirty look through window as I'm with my kid because they were closing made me feel really uncomfortable I just left I will never spend my money here ever again

Nancy Jordan

I am New to Delaware and coworker ( who knows good food ) suggested this place. However I think lunch rush hour a not handled well my LG cheese Steak barley had any Cheese and was… Sahara desert DRY DRY !! My FRIES were WET.. no utensils and no condiments…. Lunch no more sad part I could taste the potential… SMDH I had to revive it at home…

petria snow

The burger n fries will remind of the 70's & 80's when burgers were fresh & excellent to the taste

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