Panera Bread

5619 Concord Pike, Wilmington
(302) 477-9880

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Sharee Moses

This place used to be good but now it’s a hit or miss especially if you order carside to go. Sometimes they come out other times you may have to go in. Also make sure you check ya order on when picking up. Other than that it’s cool i guess.


I rec'd an e mail on August 22 to rteveive 1 free bagel for 7 days. The first 4 days were fine, I forgot 2 days. I went in today to receive one, gave my ph# and rude woman just kept saying, you have no rewards over n over. This was my final day to receive one, but she would not give it to me. It wasn't worth an argument, so I left. She was so rude!

Lisa F. Attix

Had to wait forever for someone to come to the counter to wait on me and then the guy who finally did wasn't at all helpful, personable or knowledgeable.As Panera's go this isn't one of the better locations.


I ordered 13 items for delivery for a business lunch. The order arrived 30mins later than requested (not the fault of the driver - they waited for 45mins at panera). When opened, two of the food items (requested by our business guests) and the 1/2gallon of lemonade were missing. How embarrassing. I called Panera, was put on hold for about 20mins. Then I was told that one of the items (a warm bowl) could not currently be made at that location. Noone had bothered to contact me to tell me when I placed the order earlier that day. They offered to refund for the missing items (too little too late) and that was it. All round a very negative experience.

Steve Eccleston

Normally we get fresh sides. Unusual for Panera to have food that has expired shelf life. We noticed it based on the taste and flipped it over to check. No manager was available in the store. I was able to get a freshly made side which tasted very fresh.

Mike Monroe

Stopped for a quick lunch. Linda ordered a full sandwich and I ordered the Take Two which included a small salad and half a sandwich. We both got drinks and chips came free with the meals. All total $28.45 for us both which seems at least $10 more then last year at this time. Definitely getting more expensive to eat out as a couple let alone if you are a family.

Suzanne Hoffmann

Did takeout soup and sandwich today during the bad weather. The service was very good and the food was prepared promptly. All In all a very nice experience.

Cat Mae

Food was good as always but the staff was so rude. An employee was literally talking about my family once they had walked out not knowing I hadn’t left yet and was grabbing napkins from the back… maybe next time wait til we’re out of the building, we were only asking about our food because we weren’t sure if we waited for a text or could just grab our food from the window. We had never been to this Panera so we weren’t sure. The staff at Concord Pike Panera should learn some customer service skills because they are surely lacking. Maybe even acknowledge customers when they walk through the door. I know it’s 7 in the morning but you are open & acting like you’re bothered & having your phone on speaker with your back turned to your customers is sincerely off putting. We’ll be sure to share this experience with others, and will definitely not return or recommend this place.


Need to work on speeding it up, which they have with the machines, but man it's still slow. Very nice and food was good though. Just get it a bit quicker in there.

A J The Traveler

Had a fantastic half sandwich/soup combo. Absolutely delicious and a perfect portion size. Very clean including the restrooms.


Clean and nicely organized cafe. The staff is friendly and professional. I enjoyed my experience here.


Had a fantastic half sandwich/soup combo. Absolutely delicious and a perfect portion size. Very clean including the restrooms.

Mohammed Ali

This new Thai Chicken soup bread bowl is pretty good and delicious. Love it.

Jaye McNeil

The parking is fair. The staff is okay. The prices are too high. The food is not great.

Sophia R.

Asian chicken Salad was ridiculous and just think I paid $12.00 for a cup of lettuce made by someone who had their hair wild with no net and no gloves on. I will not return again.

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