Pho Son Vietnamese

4015 Concord Pike, Wilmington
(302) 478-9477

Recent Reviews

Tone B.

I was on my riding up Concord Pike when I became incredibly hungry. It was just after 3pm on Sat 10/30/21. Instead of going to the Boston Market (which seemed eerily deserted) across the Pike, I spotted a "Pho" sign and decided to stop in. I ordered a very large bowl of Pho w/ white meat and a few Vietnamese spring rolls with peanut sauce. Everything was fresh and delicious. I always marvel at how consistent Pho broth tastes when you get it at a restaurant. It really is impossible to make as good of a broth at home My bill was $19. I was very pleased and satisfied. However, next time I expect to be given utensils with my meal instead of me having to get up and ask for it.

David Detweiler

Great food, just like on Washington ave in Philly.

Elisa G.

Bleeping rude. Bad customer service for takeout. I ordered off the takeout menu and was told that they don't have the first 3 things I tried to get. My total was an even amount, so I noticed the amount in the receipt was $1.01+ added. I asked if that was a charge for using a card, guy said yes. No sign anywhere telling customers that. Padding their own pockets with a surcharge and not informing customers. Shame.

Doubleocean C.

I came here two days in a row because I loved their broth. Also their service was very good. They were very attentive and friendly. They customized my order by adding extra veggies and no noodles. Definitely a great low calorie dinner. Delicious!

David L.

One of the best banh mi on 202 (second best actually). Prompt service.

Joe Davis (Chilly)

best Pho Dac Biet in Delaware. Clean flavorful broth and plenty of bovine floating around.

Isaac Lin

Great corner Pho shop. Has great smells and flavors. Grilled chicken had a little more chewy parts than expected, but not everyone goes to these for the grilled meat platters. Soup is excellent and hot.

M. Brellahan

good food but they didn't put noodles in my or another's pho service was okay

Frank Burger

Food was great, much larger portion of meat with quality cut to noodles, soup broth was great, did not taste msg, just the perfect amount of seasoningClean and with great service

Maria Rodriguez

Food was really good. The set ice was ok. They really need to get more help. Seemed like the one waiter was taking everyone's order and he really had no time to get more water or our check.

Raj Sheth

Really nice and big spot. The pho was delicious and there were many, many options and meat selections to choose from.Great spot for a quick stop, informal but still solid pho.

Jack Snyder

Good food. Hospitable people. all i have to say

Iak N.

Terrible service. Rude to customers. Way too much MSG in the soup. Waiters were not properly wearing face mask.

David C.

Amazing Vietnamese food especially so far from south Philadelphia. The broth is complex and flavorful and everything is fresh and beautiful. Great service and great price. Perfect spot for date night, perfect spot for morning recovery meal, perfect spot to get a perfect meal.

Tony N.

Went to search for a pho place somewhat close to Longwood Gardens. The pho was a little pricier but the portions were huge!!! Broth was clean and there was a generous portion of meat. We also got condensed milk iced coffee and Thai bubble tea which were pretty damn good. Our server Vivian was cool too!

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