Pickles & Chip's

1707 Foulk Rd STE A, Wilmington
(302) 478-5720

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Cindy Ruth

This is really a place you should get to go because the inside is small and more of a counter deli. The food is amazing and the prices are great. I love the italian and the ham and cheese but you really can't go wrong with any of their yummy sandwiches.Food: 5/5

Rob Correll

Regular sub was great! Fresh roll and local produce...staff was very nice.

Isaiah Mays

Always some pretty good steaks. Love the Barnyard. Prices are decent, Little on the higher side but not too high.

K. Orange

Decent, I have heard a ton about this place and finally got a chance to try it. It's good ! Not sure why it's such a difference between Philly sandwich shops and Delaware, but it just is . I'd eat here again no complaints.

john hughes

We loved this place. Family owned for over 20 years!

Edward G.

Quick courteous service, reasonably priced. Unfortunately Good for lunch only. Nice local dig.

Bill Keck

Bright, clean with longevity in roots and old school charm, rooted equally in traditional but up to date favorites, family owed familiarity centered in local community. Consistent well prepared food by experienced hands. Price is fair for elevated quality. Presently inflation has caused this to be disproportionate, so hope the costs come back down soon. Worth patronage.Neighborhood favorite and meeting place. Biz cards welcomed.

H Y.

Awesome cheesesteaks and subs. My go-tos are the pepster, which is a cheesesteak with cappicola and sweet peppers and the italian sub with prosciutto. Breakfast sandwiches are also great. I usually get the emergency room, which is a cheesesteak with eggs and sweet peppers. They close early, 3pm so plan accordingly. Call in your order cause they do get busy during peak breakfast and lunch times and wait times can get long. But it's always worth it. I prefer this place to cappriotis and its better than any cheesesteak I've had in philly and I've tried them all.

Stephanie S.

I like the food, but they're just almost impossible to get ahold of. I was never able to get ahold of them before they changed their hours and and then once I saw they changed their hours to 3pm I was like oh okay I'll call earlier.. but now I call at 12-1 and either nobody answers or it is just a busy signal forever like they've taken the phone off the hook or something. I've only been able to actually get ahold of them once in the last 3 months. Oh well ‍

Marissa A.

A small spot on foulk road but a true gem. They make the best sandwiches and hoagies! They have a custom specialty menu with interesting choices like the "kyles bufffalo banger" which is buffalo chicken fingers in a hoagie. So good!! We also love their cheesesteaks and ham&cheese. They have drinks and chips available inside. Only complaint is the hours are a little strange.

Edna Hawkins

Superb taste.

Danielle Hall

Best hoagie I've had in a while. Small shop with good food and customer service!

Janae S.

I love the breakfast sandwiches here! Fried potatoes as well! I'm plain and normally get a Turkey bacon egg and cheese on a Kaiser roll

William Hedrick

Awesome food had a cheese steak and the roll was sooo fresh it really makes the sandwich

Christopher Sinkiewicz

Every part of this story is true (from my perspective).Expectations were not met today as injustice stemmed from Chip’s policies. I would say I woke up outside my own body- staring at my helpless self as I came to. That would, however, imply any sleep at all. Still had a headache though. It was the Tuesday morning after a Saturday Christmas. It had been a fifty degree holiday but it snowed on some of us if ya catch my drift or bluff.Professionalism is always grounded in routine, after all, and I’ve been here before. My past escapades have led me to believe one thing to be true in this life. The only remedy for such an instance is a Belly Buster the next day around noon.My family’s up on Long Island, I live 5 minutes from Pickle’s and Chips. So I sat up on my Dad’s couch around 8, needing a shower and all of time to stand still for a straight forty eight. After that New York water pressure did it’s part, leaving me rejuvenated enough to feel a burst of inspired craving for the one thing I knew would set me straight.Those moments of epiphany just hit different around the holidays. Just the thought of all that cheesy goodness enveloped by the perfect sub roll. Pondering the thought of chasing runaway potatoes and reaching a point of complete fulfillment as I soldier on towards the end of a girthy, twelve inch mammoth of a cure. The expectation of the fluffiest scrambles literally kept me alive for the three hour car ride as I white knuckled it down 95 South.Fifteen minutes out and I had reached the moment I’d get to give ol’ Chip a call- the old fashioned way- and set my bellybustin’ in motion. I was at a loss for words when the other line echoed a response so disappointing I regretted my existence. We don’t serve breakfast from 11 to 1:30. *click* 12:17 flicked across my dash. Stuck right smack dab in the damn middle.Starved, ravaged and despondent I pulled into my driveway. Literally no other sandwich of any rendition or variety in the whole damn state has the medicinal properties of the combined ingredients of that gift of a creation that was now being held hostage by some other chump’s cheesesteak. And after all I’d been through. After all I’d done to get to this point. Breakfast food of the finest standard had still been relegated to the antiquated notion of time? Scoff.I’d like to conclude this rant by letting you know I have literally never left a review of any product on any space ever before. This let down was just too much to bear after the constant raising of the bar your sandwich creations have led all of us to expect. Damn you, Pickles! And, damn you, Chips! I’ll see you tomorrow.

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