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Ashley Seaser

Brooke was amazing. She took my order made me laugh had a smile on her face the whole time. Made my sub just how I like it. More places need to have great employees like her! I will be back!

Kenneth R.

First of all let me say that I'm a fan of Primo Hoagies which is a regular stop for me. The staff at the Kirkwood Highway location are friendly and the hoagies are some of the best around. I have to say however that tonight's Primo size turkey hoagie was a disappointment. Why? Well when I first removed the hoagie from the bag it was noticeably lighter in weight then I'm used to getting. My suspicions were confirmed when I parted the bread and found very little turkey inside. Usually the portion of meat is generous. The decrease in the portion of meat was very noticeable. Lets face it, along with the great bread it's the meat (quality and quantity) that makes a Primo hoagie so special and is what you are paying for. Now this isn't the first time this has happened to me. I wrote a similar review complaining about the same thing happening to me on multiple orders two years ago, and the manager, to his credit, reached out to me showing his concern and telling me every hoagie they craft is weighed to meet a set standard. Following his response to me the portions returned to normal and I was satisfied that is until tonight. Here we go again. . I will continue to place orders, however if I continue to receive the meager portion of meat I received this evening I will probably no longer buy my hoagies at Primo and look for an alternative sandwich maker. I've included a photo of the inside of the hoagie showing how little meat was inside.

Darlene Boyd

Every time I order a crusher from here it always the same story that the person is new and forget my poppers or make a mistake with my hoagie. The owner is not available. The manager Skylar is looking for sympathy saying the person is new. It looks like the same people in there that have been there for months so they are not that new. If you are going to be working in a place like this know your product and stop making excuses that the employees are new!

Darlene Boyd

No making sandwiches as ordered

Kelly Hannon

We ordered a super large tray for a party. The subs are great, except they sent us the wrong ones, and forgot the oil and vinegar and did nothing to fix it. I did like that they individually wrapped each sub. Reached out via their feedback form and never heard from them.

Betty Smith

Called to complain about my order & the woman manager told me “we are like Subway”, you have to specify exactly what you want on your sub! Unbelievable, hell of a lot more expensive than Subway….never again Primo’s!!

Luciana Aguiar Farrington

Sandwiches are simply delicious! And the sides too! Love the Italian Hoagie, the Macaroni Salad and the Coleslaw! ?

thomas baiocco

Best subs in Delaware! Friendly staff. I wish you would open a location in Middletown so I don't have to drive so far.

Fred G (fredo58)

Best hoagie on the planet! Fair price and good service.

Hennifer K.

Weird first experience. I ordered online which is a pain in the ass. You have to basically start your life over and submit your first born child. My order said pickup at 115pm but I was in the area so I stopped in at 109pm. I figured I'll just wait and it was only two basic subs. When I entered it was three overwhelmed women cussing and bitching about making food and talking about how they should change the wait to 45 min. Ladies this isn't the Olive Garden your putting Mayo on bread.... One of the wenches sauntered over to the counter while another (whilst wearing her food gloves took out the trash then went back to making food w the same gloves). The woman asked the couple ahead of me what they wanted then was my turn. I told her a mobile order by now it's 112pm and she said your time was 115pm I said ok I'll wait 3 min? She sighed and just walked away. Was I supposed to leave the premise for 3 min? A door dash guy came in and they were rude to him as well. Another girl came in and they all came over and said hi and guess they knew her they said what do you want her reply "some food" the cashier "yea you and everyone else here" lady you work at a food place what the hell do you think we all want? Anyway I got my food and went home. The sun was 3/10 at most. The lettuce was brown and soggy, the meat not the best and the bread half stale. I wouldn't go back and honestly these women working their I don't think want to either.

JM Here

Poor customer service. Ordered 3 large subs forgot to ask them to cut them up, they wouldn't do it on pickup. Offered to pay for tray, offered to buy tray to take with me and they still would not do it for me. Clerk and manager both argued with me for longer than it would of took to cut the subs. Said they need 24hours notice for cut sandwiches. 10:30am no other customers in store. Will not purchase from them again.


This place is an absolute disaster. We ordered $100 of subs today for Father's Day, and every single one of them were messed up. To compound it, the "manager" Eddie was as rude as could be. Instead of taking accountability, he put the blame on the people that paid the money and picked up the order. He refused to correct the issue and hung up on us. He deserves yo be fired, but probably won't because this place breeds this behavior. Steer clear. Period.

Debbie Forrest

Food has been good when you get what you order. Last two times I ordered and had delivered, Items were missing twice and other items were substituted for things I am not able to eat. Not happy..


These sandwiches are EXCELLENT! As an Italian, I would know a high-quality sandwich. The Sharp Italian is definitely one of the Top 5 best sandwiches I ever had. The sandwich was very, very well made. And quick. Excellent quality ingredients put together perfectly. Very clean store, decent AC on a hot day, too! No clutter, neat and organized. No riff-raff hanging around. The storefront renovation really improves the image.However.. there was definitely a big-time negative vibe going on staff-wise.Also, the other disappointment was the rewards/perks app and website sign-up not working. Texting PRIMO to sign up didn't work, either. And the Contact Us link? Not working

phil gonesh

Very friendly with customers and they make a great sandwich.

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