Tasties Soul Food Restaurant

825 N Market St, Wilmington
(302) 482-2584

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Teressa Robinson

Went there twice the first time I told her to make the chicken extra golden and it was burnt, 2nd time greens were not done. The new Mexican lady can't cook. I don't know who hired her but she needs to go. I live next door so I go often and that's when the Mexican guy was cooking he did good. You're going to have a lot of complaints with her. Giving your business a low ratingParking: No parking because your located on Market Street Mall

alec royal

I went in unexpectedly which turned out to be a great idea! I order the baked chicken with doubled baked Mac & cheese & let me tell you !!! It did not disappoint! Food was fresh well seasoned & did not take long at all! I will be back

Ally B.

The service was fast. The food is amazing and their customer service was good. I have no complaints. The fried wings with Mac and cheese and rice and gravy is my go to.

Elle Wall

Nasty. Salty. Unnecessary seasonings in mac and cheese. Soggy butter bun. Very upset

Autumn Jordan

I’ve been going to Tasties in Philly for some time now and the Delaware location since it’s been open and I order certain dishes in the regular . This past weekend I ordered the shrimp Alfredo and I will say it was OVERLY SEASONED with pepper and old bay . Too much to really enjoy the pasta . Maybe the person who made it that day was a little heavy handed but it didn’t taste like it usually does .

Valerie Brown

Absolutely delicious each time I had it. First I had those perfectly made butterfly shrimp.But I really feel in love with the lollipop lamb chops. I bit that thing and was like woooo! ScrumptiousFood: 5/5

Crystal Powell

I ordered a fried chicken breast platter with yams and mac&cheese along with fried shrimp. A friend picked the order up for me. The fried chicken breast PLATTER did NOT have the chicken. I called and was asked to bring the platter back to fix the mistake. When I went back, the young man took the platter with the missing items. He asked me what my sides were again as the chicken was being made. After waiting, he gave me the food and apologized for the mistake. I got home and all they did was make the chicken and give me the same COLD sides back. I called immediately and was told "well me were closing so..." The restaurant closes at 9. I was there at 745 so there shouldn't have been an issue getting a fresh platter. I'll never buy from this restaurant again!

Terry Smith

Whoever made my shrimp platter on 12/16 at 7:37pm need a raise. Somebody grandmom was in that kitchen

Shayla M.

I checked out Tasties because I had a craving for Alfredo pasta. Tasties had several different options. I went with the shrimp Alfredo.The Alfredo was good. The serving size was enough for two.I also ordered the lemon pepper wing meal that with two sides. The wings were cooked just right. The lemon pepper seasoning was a tad bit salty, but I rather they be over seasoned.I got potato salad and Mac and cheese as my sides. The potato salad tasted like it was past its shelf life. I took one bite and was not able to eat the rest.The mac and cheese was just okay. I don't think I would try it again.

Hi There

Wings were good wanted to go back and relive the experience and of course I could not.To bad the food I had was deliciousI feel you just have to be lucky.

Danielle H.

Let me start off with the good. Everything is seasoned well and nice and hot. I like that food is cooked to order so it's fresh. The wait is never too long when you go into the store. So because of that I continue to eat there. Yup I have time today lol..... The slight problem that I do have is the customer service. On numerous occasions that I've been there the workers all seem to have attitudes. I think everyone gets frustrated at work but to be the representation of the owner you have to at least be a little friendly. Today the girl at the counter kept having me repeat my order (which was just sides) saying she was tired. Then the customer after me also was met with attitude because he was picking up an order and asked if they came with drinks. She proceeded to tell him (while rolling her eyes) that he needs to call the person who ordered. She then made that another customer show his receipt because she didn't think he paid for a drink. He did. I hope that she was just having a bad day and it's not always like that. I've been to other Tasties and had a better experience. I hated writing this but just wanted to say don't judge the attitude...judge the food (it's good!)

Sarah G.

Waited 15 mins for friend chicken breast. Came home, Opened my box, it looks like a piece of fried fish, but it's over cooked chicken not on the bone. Rubbery. Sides are good.

melody guy

I'm familiar with Tasties because I'm from Philly!! The platters are expensive but good !! I only gave them 3 stars because they had no air on in a 102 degree heat wave!!! I felt this was unacceptable not only for the customers but employees as well !!! The Philly store has Air !! The cook is frying food, so this increases the heat index inside the store!!!!! Please get your employees Air and it allows comfort for customers whole we wait for our food !!!Also Cameron provided great customers service with a smile considering how HOT the store was !!!Parking: Poor parking

Brandy Wright

Once again I was extremely disappointed I tried to chalk it up to a bad day but the last 3 times that I have gotten her food I have been disappointed so it's no reason I thought this time should have been any different $21 on a platter is to much when the food IS NOT good. Fish was dry and had fishy smell like it was old they cook fish and chicken in the same grease the mac was dry sweet potatoes was probably all I should have gotten but i was trying to support.

tawanna pool

This review is not based the food..we didn't get that far...As we are parking directly in front of the restaurant unbeknownst to us, the male sitting at a table smoking was the employee. We get out the vehicle, he walks in and goes behind the counter. I stand at the counter and he comes up. Not asking to take my order or May I help you.. I'm watching closely to see if he going to wash his hands..NOPE.. so I'm am now thinking yeah NO I can't eat here but then I am thinking of our gracious host who had good things about the place...Ok..just wait and see, after all he has not touch any food yet...maybe he will after he takes our order. I sit at the table still watching..go back to the counter and ask "Is this primarily take out ?" since he hadn't greeted us or come to get out order or bring water. Although I would know that had he said anything to us...then it happened..he grabbed an order and never washed his hands....Since I already knew he didn't it makes a difference

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