Young's Sub Shop

1300 N Walnut St, Wilmington
(302) 656-0490

Recent Reviews

Fernanda Williams

Food is good but Jenny was Jenny and her food was love

Dereck Alston

This place is a peice of s***** Never open up on time ever.

Madi Rivera

Classic location will forever be Jenny's.. Food is good but Jenny was Jenny and her food was love?? I had a tuna sub out of here it was good and I would buy another.

Crystal Thompson

Very nice customer service every time I come in the store the same person there to greet me excellent tuna Subs I love eating the bread they use on there Subs I love this place!

Patrick Oldham

I have been doing a job two half blocks away from Young's, therefore I have been in there quite a bit lately. For a corner store their food is pretty good and the kid behind the counter is friendly. It seems to be much cleaner than most other corner stores in Wilmington also.

tray Charles

My first time eating here ordered two burgers mayo ketchup fried onion smh never again.. The bun was burnt the burger had no flavor (salt/pepper), tasted no mayo or ketchup it was soaked in the bun and 20 pickles... The sad part is it cost like $5 a piece for that price I was expecting a good satisfying burger so disappointed

Yemeni abn Yemeni

I eat one of the cheese burger with mayonnaise and ketchup and Fried onions .it is so delicious and what it’s just 4.75

dennis cheeks

One of my favorite corner store bodegas in the city of Wilmington. I have a few favorites that i order on the regular. Grilled hot sausage with mustard and onions, chicken salad sub, and the turkey sausage egg and cheese sandwich on wheat toast! Im getting hungry just writing this review lol! And they have awesome hours as well!

Wayne Foreman

Super awesome food

Carmen Corsey

My neighborhood quick stop!!!

Brendan Veney

Amazing food

Lillian Remsch

The sandwiches are delicious and the staff are super nice. The customer service is great.

Cy Stew

Always friendly

sharina laws

Ok subs

Lil Wayne Foreman

Delicious food

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