Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

636 67th St Cir E, Bradenton
(941) 746-7886

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Karla Hanel

I ordered the double cheese burger and home style fries. The burger was delicious but it was so large I was only able to eat half of it! The fries were great and it came with a sample of coleslaw which was yummy too. I love the items of clothing especially that they carry. One can easily get lost looking at their items.

Keith Dennis

My new favorite restaurant! Clean, very friendly staff, no to short wait times and best of all I have not had a bad meal yet. Service is always excellent. And the buttermilk biscuits are to die for...

Tami Dunkum

Love going here for breakfast. I don't like the sawmill gravy. But, I love the Bacon. Staff is always so nice.

Brian LaVassaur

Excellent food. But our waiter Troy today seemed off. Not sure if I did something or what? But the food and rest of service was great.

William Thompson

Food was great as always. Country Boy breakfast is a winner any time during the day! Service was excellent and the staff very friendly.

Tara Webster

We got the cutest salt and pepper shakers here! Girl with short hair at the cash register was super nice. She showed us Noodle the dog! Lol

Marc & Kellie Strickland

Cracker Barrel is a great consistent place to get good home cooking. We love to get breakfast any time of day. Their country store has some rare finds that make great gifts.

Donald Zeller

We have eaten at Cracker barrel for many years, both while traveling & in Florida. You can imagine my surprise when the note on handicap bathroom stall said "out of order". (I am in wheel chair) the lady next to me said "it's been out since Tuesday". I asked to speak to supervisor, the hostess called for one, but someone else came out & asked what she needed. Didn't even get to talk to supervisor. The hostess said ," well, she is tired". I asked "who?" She said "the toilet". I was so frustrated. She did not get it, should not be dealing with the public & certainly didn't make a handicap person feel any better! I would now question stopping at Cracker Barrel next time.

AlyLuz Vazquez

Hi guys it's me again, sorry it took me this long to comment... I went with my wife and our son and meant with our Pastor, David, we were celebrating my wife's citizenship. Pastor David said he always goes there and we have been but, at another location. We had a ball, the food was great as well as the service. Had a great start to a wonderful day with my family...the workers there were always friendly and smiling, thanks guys.

Mike Moore

Great meals at the Cracker Barrel restaurant! Food was great - typical southern style menu with lots of options, including the standard meal of a meat (chicken or pork or fish) and two sides as well as biscuits. The service is friendly and attentive to our needs and requests. Be sure to stop in for some shopping or a meal when you get a chance !

Joy Mislevy

Food, servers and shopping the country store.

Jennifer Bakowski

Absolutely wonderful experience. We had a party of 30 after a soccer game at the Premier Sports Complex. With just a 25 minute warning, they had everything set up and perfect. The food, service, staff, atmosphere was wonderful. Bravo to everyone who made us laugh and feel comfortable after a tough loss on the fields.

Konrad Losiak

Good service! Came during a very busy Sunday afternoon, was told the right wait time, had a good time browsing the shop. After being seated we got our food ordered in good time. Fast service once seated, honest wait staff willing to help.

Veronica Herrera

My husband and I love this place but to my disappointment I had a very negative experience tonight. I have a six year old daughter who needed the restroom really bad so not thinking anything of it I got up and took her. Sadly my husband is out of town so nobody was still at my table. I personally did not think anything of it because we still had food on the table and was planning On ordering dessert which I had let my waitress know. I get back from the bathroom only to find my entire table cleared! I am then informed by my waitress I needed to let her know next time that I’m taking my child to the restroom so they don’t clear my table. It took everything in me to not blow up at her. Instead I told her no I am not going to wait to tell you that I am taking my child to the restroom. If she has to go she has to go. I spoke to the manager and shared my experience and he was very nice and offered to take care of my meal. I paid for it myself I have no issues taking care of the bill, I was not looking for a free meal. I share so that in hopes no other mother gets treated in this manner. Service is key!!!!


WISH I WORKED AT THIS LOCATION (or wish you had locations up in Canada) you dream of well-executed, down to earth home-style cooking served promptly & competently at a competitive price, WITH great dining ambience?? Do you dream of being cheerfully greeted by an enthusiastic hostess on a busy Fri night? Do you dream about having consistent, timely table service throughout your meal/visit, by wait staff who do NOT leave/neglect empty dirty plates at your table and who diplomatically explain/anticipate possible slow food-expediting on a busy Fri night, yet managed to deliver all the food to your table, AND to the correct guests who ordered? This is no diner, drive-in or dive...Ya gotta eat here! If you have never been to a CB, don't waste any more time reading this and go/book to your nearest location. Don't be like some of us who will have to wait until our next foray south of the border :(

Scott Gardner

Good Comfort Food. Plain, simple and (usually) done right. Always good service, and the gift shop is a perfect distraction for kids. Better than 90% of chains, but not quite as good as the "real thing" - if you can find it LOL! Cracker Barrel is one of the better choices for Highway Food while traveling major Interstates. I'll give them kudos for consistency, value, tastiness, and cool rocking chairs for sale...

Joy Mislevy

Great lunch. Place was busy. Friendly server.

Juan Hernandez

Omg! First time at a Cracker Barrel and I'm hooked!! Great food! Ruben sandwich was amazing and the foil diner my cousin had was great too. Can't wait to try the breakfast food

Lisa Edington

Awesome blueberry pancakes that are gargantuan!

Zac N

Nice place and great clean bathrooms

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

636 67th St Cir E, Bradenton, FL 34208